Bloody shovel

Don't call it a spade


This is the US Air force in Japan, receiving their commander Donald Trump

These are freaking soldiers. Holding, to a man, holding their phones to record the speech. Like teenagers on a Justin Bieber concert. Like old housewives listening to Hillary Clinton. Fucking Soldiers of the Biggest Empire in the Fucking World. The occupation garrison in a very important vassal. Can’t even stand still like men and listen to their commander in chief.

Sad. Just sad. And Trump should be ashamed of himself for not telling them to put down their damn phones. Very sad.


Skin in the game

Choose your side, 2

Here’s one side:


Here’s the other side:


(here’s part 1)

“Women in Tech”

Follow this guy, by the way. Great stuff.

The Money is in Religion

Haven’t posted in a while, but everything’s ok. Just been busy. Worry not, my dear readers, this blog isn’t going anywhere. I might be lazy but I’m quite resilient. And I like my blog very much, so you can expect this blog to last for as long as I have fingers to type. If I go offline I’m either dead or in some hidden CIA prison for thought criminals. I expect to have good company if either of that happens.

Speaking of crimethinkers, Anatoly Karlin had a good review of the alt-internet at his blog. The conclusion is quite clear: the old far-right is quite healthy. The alt-right, defined as Kek-worship and assorted Spencerites is very small. And NrX* is just tiny. Like really tiny.

*I’ll just stop fighting the, in my opinion, lame branding and just surrender to the fact that everybody categorizes me as NrX so I might as well own it.

I’ve said it before, and others have said it before and better than I have. But that’s how it is: there is no great media revolution. Most people still get their news from TV. To the extent people get their news from the Internet, they like their mainstream stuff first, and to the extent they like edgy stuff, they like the edgy stuff that has always been around. Stormfront is still big, fellas. Or it was until a few months ago. Think about that.

This shouldn’t be something to worry about, and it should surprise anyone. For one thing, the population is getting old. Old people don’t like to change, they have their old ideas, and they’re hanging on to them. The paleo-right was a thing, a very fine thing, and these good ol’ rednecks aren’t going to jump into Richard Spencer’s wagon. Trump didn’t change anybody’s mind. He just said what his voters had been thinking for decades.

I have a blog, so I should be sad about this. I’m supposed to want to change peoples minds through my awesome writing. And to some extent I’ve achieved that; but the amount of people who are open to persuasion by strangers over the internet is, well, tiny. As tiny as the total audience of NrX. This is fine, many of these people are the smart people who might end up having some influence in the world. Neoreaction has been cited in the press, not always negatively, way more often than its numbers would warrant.

But if we look at the facts, and if I’m coherent with my writing, well the fact is most people just aren’t open to persuasion. Because there’s no reason they should be. Ideas aren’t about logic. Ideas are badges of group membership. They are Schelling points. Ideas aren’t things we hold in our “minds”; ideas are things we say. To others. For a reason. A social reason. A Dunbar reason. If saying the same things that NrX says isn’t going to make you more friends, well you aren’t going to say it. If saying what the Alt-right says isn’t going to make you more friends, well you aren’t going to say it. Ask Pax Dickinson about that.

So if the purpose of ideas is to, broadly defined, “make more (or better) friends”, it should be obvious that old ideas have an advantage there over new ideas. The easiest way to make friends with someone is to adopt his ideas. New ideas by definition have no adopters, so it’s hard to make friends with them. Of course just adopting someone else’s ideas out of the blue is also not a very smart move. It’s quite boring, and they must suspect you wanting something out of them. The way to make friends is not to make something out of people, but to offer people to make something out of you.

So the good move here is to adopt people’s ideas, but give them a little bit of spin. By doing so, you signal yourself as something which is potentially useful; but you also give people something to fall back on. If your spin ends up not working for them; they can always fall back to their old ideas, with nobody noticing. No embarrassment, no loss of status. Nothing happened here.

Let me be more concrete here. I’m actually thinking of somebody very concrete. Who? Jordan Peterson. He has mastered the “old ideas with a bit of spin” trick. I’ve been writing of Jordan Peterson’s ideas for quite some time. Back then what I did was to take them at face value; but what I want to do here is to make a functional analysis. Or as Steve Sailer says of modern journalists, to make marketing criticism. I’ve been mildly critical of Jordan Peterson’s ideas before: there’s some logical errors and unclear philosophy in his speeches. But say what you will, he is a Genius marketer. With a capital G. The guy is good. How good? His Patreon is making 67k a month. That’s how good he is. He’s making more money than the whole alt-right and paleo-right put together. And then some.

Why is he so popular? This article gives you a hint:

Bread Pilled: Jordan Peterson turning young, Western men into Christians Again

Jordan Peterson is making a fortune (in internet politics terms) because… he’s preaching. He’s preaching the Christian gospel. And that’s a very good business, especially in North America, which has a long tradition of innovative preachers. Now I’m not dissing Dr. Peterson. He’s an insanely talented preacher. He’s the best preacher I’ve heard in my whole life, and he’s better than any of the preachers I’ve read about from the past. He is really good. He preaches Christianity with bits of HBD, of the manosphere, of evolutionary psychology and pragmatic philosophy. All great stuff. But this red-pill spin is not what is making him money. There’s plenty of people preaching the red-pill, and they’re not making a dime. It’s Christianity what’s making him the money.

And why would that be? Why would preaching be so profitable? Because Christians are a thing. There’s hundreds of millions of Christians out there. Many of them aren’t happy, they suffer from the diseases of modernity we all internet dissenters write about. The war on men. Diseases of modernity which affect organized Christianity itself. Many, I’d guess most of us here also come from Christian families; but we dropped out. However not everybody is willing to take that step, for many reasons. It’s not so easy to accept that everything your family, your schools, your friends has been telling you about is a lie. Some people may have functional Christian social circles which they can’t abandon. These people will never give money to Heartiste, even if they secretly agree with them. These people, these millions upon millions of unhappy Christians need something that gives them the red-pill but lets them keep being good Christians. Jordan Peterson sells exactly that. And he’s brilliant at it.

They money, thus, is not in good ideas per se. The money is in religion. Good religion, and bad religion, they all make good money. Why? Because religions are, sticky, heavy social matter. Religions are designed to encompass one’s social circle so that one can never leave. That keeps people civilized when the religion is good, and that makes society sick when the religion is bad, as in modern progressivism. But at any rate, the way to reach the bulk of the population is not just to sell good ideas, it’s to sell a fallback. There’s a hilarious amount of ways of saying this in Chinese, who understand the point very well. “To help them keep face”. “To give them a step so that they can come down”. “To find a slope to get down from the donkey”. Nobody wants to lose status.

Any change is welcome, as long as it doesn’t make people lose status. No change is welcome, no matter how good, if people feel the process involves them losing status, even a little, even just a tiny little slight embarrassment in the short term. These of course means there’s a limit to what one can sell; you can only deviate so much from the status quo if you want people to buy in. But the power of compound interest is vast, if the will is there to keep on pushing.

A sad day for diversity

And so the pozz continues to spread. Let’s see if Saudi men have any blood in their veins. Probably not. Islamism will turn out to have been just a CIA operation after all.




A while ago I argued that if modern civilization collapses, which is a possibility given the relentless action of the worldwide IQ Shredder that we call “modernity”, then humanity will never get a second chance to start industrial civilization ever again. By lack of cheap fuel mostly. We’d be stuck, at best, with a Chinese style “high-level equilibrium trap“, basically the middle ages going on forever.

To which many commenters surprised me by saying: good-riddance then. What’s so bad about the Iron Age? Men were men, women were women, children were children. Yes, no air conditioning and no antibiotics is pretty bad. But you get used to that. What you never get used to is the never ending ratchet of contemporary madness. We call ourselves reactionaries for a reason; maybe we should celebrate the forcible return to Ancien Regime technology.

I honestly don’t know what to say to that. I’ve a natural instinct to defend my current standard of living, but I can’t really argue against the fact that preindustrial societies are just much healthier. It’s not really comparable. As a datum, let me put forward this video. It comes from a channel that our resident Hindu nationalist, the good Lalit, put on my last post, on a white guy living in Burma, defending the Burmese against the attacks by the global islamoprogressive alliance. It’s a nice channel, check it out. And now look at this video of some rakhine state kids. As he says, just being kids.

Burma is not Africa. The TFR is a modest, but healthy 2.3. And interestingly enough they publish of the Marital TFR, which is extremely reasonable at 4 kids per married couple. I guess the Buddhist establishment takes care of the bachelors and spinsters.

Screenshot 2017-09-24 20.37.37

But anyone, it’s just a joy to watch children in a rural setting, where they can play around amongst themselves, unwatched by adults, unbothered by cars and buses, playing and laughing and just being there, learning to live in society. Instead of being thrown into cages (“classes”) from age 2 where they are lectured 10 hours a day on inane stuff made up by evil fat women from the government. Like we do.

Everyone would be more than glad to have 4 children in this kind of environment. They’re just much less work, children raise each other and they’re just a joy to look at. Again, I’m not eulogizing poverty, life in rural Burma isn’t easy, and the people aren’t all happy and good-natured. Poverty is harsh. But the one thing the rural poor in traditional societies do better is raising children. Which is the very thing which we, the richest societies in human history, are utterly incapable of doing. And is this inability which will bury is, likely forever.

Show this video to your mother and just watch her giggle for 18 minutes.

What’s the deal with the Rohingyas

Myanmar opened up to the West, agreed to “democratize”, and release Aung San Suu Kyi, in 2011. I blogged about it back then. The rationale between the military junta dissolving itself was that China was eating up the whole economy. 100,000 Chinese have basically colonized downtown Mandalay, so the idea was to play USG against China. Which is a pretty good idea. Kim Jong Un is playing the very same game right now. Duterte in the Philippines kinda is too. This will be basically geopolitics 101 in Asia from now on.

Westerners of course didn’t see it like that. They thought this was a great victory for Human Rights and Progress. Soros set up shop, and every American businessmen with spare change was in Yangon the very next weekend. Myanmar, The Last Frontier they called it. Plutocrats starved for yield were watering their mouths watching a new virgin country with actual possibilities of growth, i.e. with a native population with an 80+ IQ.

So what happened? Not much happened. And not much is happening right now. The generals didn’t really go away. And the democratic government isn’t quite sold on the idea of selling out the country to Cathedral-aligned plutocrats. Doing business in Myanmar is still a nightmare, and very few palefaces have managed to make a buck out of their country. So what did USG do?

The usual trick, run a divide-and-conquer worldwide media campaign. And this one was extra easy, because USG didn’t even have to pay for it. Myanmar has a problem with Muslims in Rakhine state. Why? Well there’s plenty of theories about it. Foreign jihadis infiltrating the community and attacking the Burmese army and stuff. But even if that isn’t true, which I guess it likely is true; there’s still plenty of reasons to dislike the Rohingya.

The thing is these guys are Muslims, and Muslims abroad got money. Gulf money has pretty much bought half of London, a big chunk of Paris, half the American congress, and I believe a very big chunk of worldwide media. You don’t need to watch Al Jazeera anymore, it’s the same stuff in our own Westerns tations. There’s a reason why they won’t shut up about Syria. There’s a reason why “Islamophobia” is a word. It started as marketing copy by CAIR. Surely somebody is greasing CNN and the wider fake news media. Some little example.

Muslims have money, and they like their signaling too. Muslim governments all across the world are rushing on, climbing on top of each other in order to be the one who is more vocal in defending gaymarriage the Rohingya and denouncing those evil white supremacists Buddhist supremacists in Rakhine. Erdogan is putting big money on the proejct. Politicians, even local mayors in Malaysia and Indonesia are wasting their time talking about the plight of the Rohingya.

So USG is playing along, letting the latest Muslim signaling spiral work for their own objectives. It seems to me this is a long term plan of them. They certainly make good use of Chinas crackdown of militant Islam in Xinjiang in order to make China look bad. Fortunately Myanmar seems to understand what’s going on, and it’s not apologizing. Even the yesteryear London socialite Suu Kyi, in exquisite RP of course, masterfully dodged the question and announced to the whole International Community (i.e. Bluegov and its vassals) that the Burmese government has done nothing wrong. Well done.

The 400,000 or whatever Rohingya who have fled will be able to return to their homes (what’s left of them) after a “verification process”. And you know, that stuff takes time. Wow, tons of paperwork. And Burmese bureaucrats don’t work long hours. Buddha no like that. So there you go. They can remain in Bangladesh to keep churning their 10 babies per woman.

Meanwhile Koreans and Japanese do get to make money in Myanmar. Why? Maybe because they’re Redgov vassals. A different empire for all that matters.


There’s this stereotype that says that people who apply to join the police force are the kind of people that enjoys having power and using it over others. Power is nice but not everybody is equally driven to it. But some people just love the stuff. To lord over others. Give orders. The right to be nasty. Innate bullies, so to speak. I don’t know how accurate that is, but there must be something to it.

Well, take a look at this, hat tip to Handle.

Before somebody on frog twitter publishes a copy of this video with a rhythmic BGM signing “cuck” all the time (please do it). Take a serious look at that policeman. Look at those closeup shoots. Now that physiognomic analysis is kosher again thanks to AI, take a good look at that guy. That’s the face of a man who 200 years ago would have been a priest, a clergyman. A man who gives sermons for a living. Which is a very similar job to a policeman, really. The job comes with legal privileges. It’s kinda high status, at least inside a small milieu.

I guess in order to get promoted inside a modern police force you gotta be both. You gotta enjoy bullying people with force, *and* with insufferable sermons. Stronger than you *and*  holier than you. Take that. That’s like the ultimate powerlust. The prerequisite for real power in the modern bureaucracy.

Anyway, I hope this guy is enjoying is Policepriest job in Vancouver. For when Chinese immigrants take over the half of the city, they aren’t going to give sermons on the fundamental goodness of humanity on Youtube. That’s Stuff White People Do. Stuff Anglos do, to be precise.

But maybe not; maybe the Sinocanadians just keep the nice parts of the city, and let the remaining whites be happy by giving them positions of authority over the worst parts of the country. Like the concentration camps (reducciones) the Jesuits used to run in South America to enjoy domesticating native tribals. That way race replacement could go on all over the white world and our liberals and cucks would enjoy every day of it.

State and Church

I say we need a new religion; the Western State doesn’t agree with me. They have their own, thank you.

China has its own too, and doesn’t want a new one. What it wants is to dismantle the old ones. Which is pretty much what the West has been doing. We have freedom of religion. All churches can do what they want as long as they’re progressive. Like the model-T. China finally figured out how that works. And so…

Context is China just passed new regulations about religion (in English here). The new regulations call for all religions in China (the 5 legally recognized) must do more to adapt to society and obey the government. Take proactive measures against extremism. Extremism being of course a relative term.

I want something. You want something. Say you draw a line, at one end it’s what I want, at the other end it’s what you want. If you accommodate to what I want, well you stop being you. If you try to do what you want but not too hard, then you’re a moderate. If you try very hard to do what you want and don’t care about what I want, then you’re an extremist. Quite literally so.


Chinese mosque

Again, that’s no fallacy. If you try very hard to get what you want and don’t care about what I want, well the logical end is to kill me, then get what you want. And that’s what extremists do. That’s not good, obviously, and China wants to eliminate extremism. They very wisely have chosen to do away with the charade that a country can be multicultural. It can be multiethnic, given that the ethnic groups live separately, and the government has as little popular input as possible. But multiculturalism, of which religious freedom is but a subset makes no sense. The point of having a distinct culture is to set borders to the ingroup and compete with other groups. The very point of culture is to prepare for conflict. You don’t want internal conflict in a state. That’s bad for everyone.

Which is why everyone in the West must be progressive, and everyone in China must be… “sinicized”. Chinese. Not Han, mind you. The official ideology in China is that “China” is this multiethnic utopia, of which the Han are an important, but not unique part. It’s all still quite blood and soil though, compared to the universalist blank slatism of baizuo religion. And of course Progressive infiltration of religion is a fact, but never stated overtly. De jure we have Freedom of Religion. China insists on being honest.