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A sad day for diversity

And so the pozz continues to spread. Let’s see if Saudi men have any blood in their veins. Probably not. Islamism will turn out to have been just a CIA operation after all.





A while ago I argued that if modern civilization collapses, which is a possibility given the relentless action of the worldwide IQ Shredder that we call “modernity”, then humanity will never get a second chance to start industrial civilization ever again. By lack of cheap fuel mostly. We’d be stuck, at best, with a Chinese style “high-level equilibrium trap“, basically the middle ages going on forever.

To which many commenters surprised me by saying: good-riddance then. What’s so bad about the Iron Age? Men were men, women were women, children were children. Yes, no air conditioning and no antibiotics is pretty bad. But you get used to that. What you never get used to is the never ending ratchet of contemporary madness. We call ourselves reactionaries for a reason; maybe we should celebrate the forcible return to Ancien Regime technology.

I honestly don’t know what to say to that. I’ve a natural instinct to defend my current standard of living, but I can’t really argue against the fact that preindustrial societies are just much healthier. It’s not really comparable. As a datum, let me put forward this video. It comes from a channel that our resident Hindu nationalist, the good Lalit, put on my last post, on a white guy living in Burma, defending the Burmese against the attacks by the global islamoprogressive alliance. It’s a nice channel, check it out. And now look at this video of some rakhine state kids. As he says, just being kids.

Burma is not Africa. The TFR is a modest, but healthy 2.3. And interestingly enough they publish of the Marital TFR, which is extremely reasonable at 4 kids per married couple. I guess the Buddhist establishment takes care of the bachelors and spinsters.

Screenshot 2017-09-24 20.37.37

But anyone, it’s just a joy to watch children in a rural setting, where they can play around amongst themselves, unwatched by adults, unbothered by cars and buses, playing and laughing and just being there, learning to live in society. Instead of being thrown into cages (“classes”) from age 2 where they are lectured 10 hours a day on inane stuff made up by evil fat women from the government. Like we do.

Everyone would be more than glad to have 4 children in this kind of environment. They’re just much less work, children raise each other and they’re just a joy to look at. Again, I’m not eulogizing poverty, life in rural Burma isn’t easy, and the people aren’t all happy and good-natured. Poverty is harsh. But the one thing the rural poor in traditional societies do better is raising children. Which is the very thing which we, the richest societies in human history, are utterly incapable of doing. And is this inability which will bury is, likely forever.

Show this video to your mother and just watch her giggle for 18 minutes.

What’s the deal with the Rohingyas

Myanmar opened up to the West, agreed to “democratize”, and release Aung San Suu Kyi, in 2011. I blogged about it back then. The rationale between the military junta dissolving itself was that China was eating up the whole economy. 100,000 Chinese have basically colonized downtown Mandalay, so the idea was to play USG against China. Which is a pretty good idea. Kim Jong Un is playing the very same game right now. Duterte in the Philippines kinda is too. This will be basically geopolitics 101 in Asia from now on.

Westerners of course didn’t see it like that. They thought this was a great victory for Human Rights and Progress. Soros set up shop, and every American businessmen with spare change was in Yangon the very next weekend. Myanmar, The Last Frontier they called it. Plutocrats starved for yield were watering their mouths watching a new virgin country with actual possibilities of growth, i.e. with a native population with an 80+ IQ.

So what happened? Not much happened. And not much is happening right now. The generals didn’t really go away. And the democratic government isn’t quite sold on the idea of selling out the country to Cathedral-aligned plutocrats. Doing business in Myanmar is still a nightmare, and very few palefaces have managed to make a buck out of their country. So what did USG do?

The usual trick, run a divide-and-conquer worldwide media campaign. And this one was extra easy, because USG didn’t even have to pay for it. Myanmar has a problem with Muslims in Rakhine state. Why? Well there’s plenty of theories about it. Foreign jihadis infiltrating the community and attacking the Burmese army and stuff. But even if that isn’t true, which I guess it likely is true; there’s still plenty of reasons to dislike the Rohingya.

The thing is these guys are Muslims, and Muslims abroad got money. Gulf money has pretty much bought half of London, a big chunk of Paris, half the American congress, and I believe a very big chunk of worldwide media. You don’t need to watch Al Jazeera anymore, it’s the same stuff in our own Westerns tations. There’s a reason why they won’t shut up about Syria. There’s a reason why “Islamophobia” is a word. It started as marketing copy by CAIR. Surely somebody is greasing CNN and the wider fake news media. Some little example.

Muslims have money, and they like their signaling too. Muslim governments all across the world are rushing on, climbing on top of each other in order to be the one who is more vocal in defending gaymarriage the Rohingya and denouncing those evil white supremacists Buddhist supremacists in Rakhine. Erdogan is putting big money on the proejct. Politicians, even local mayors in Malaysia and Indonesia are wasting their time talking about the plight of the Rohingya.

So USG is playing along, letting the latest Muslim signaling spiral work for their own objectives. It seems to me this is a long term plan of them. They certainly make good use of Chinas crackdown of militant Islam in Xinjiang in order to make China look bad. Fortunately Myanmar seems to understand what’s going on, and it’s not apologizing. Even the yesteryear London socialite Suu Kyi, in exquisite RP of course, masterfully dodged the question and announced to the whole International Community (i.e. Bluegov and its vassals) that the Burmese government has done nothing wrong. Well done.

The 400,000 or whatever Rohingya who have fled will be able to return to their homes (what’s left of them) after a “verification process”. And you know, that stuff takes time. Wow, tons of paperwork. And Burmese bureaucrats don’t work long hours. Buddha no like that. So there you go. They can remain in Bangladesh to keep churning their 10 babies per woman.

Meanwhile Koreans and Japanese do get to make money in Myanmar. Why? Maybe because they’re Redgov vassals. A different empire for all that matters.


There’s this stereotype that says that people who apply to join the police force are the kind of people that enjoys having power and using it over others. Power is nice but not everybody is equally driven to it. But some people just love the stuff. To lord over others. Give orders. The right to be nasty. Innate bullies, so to speak. I don’t know how accurate that is, but there must be something to it.

Well, take a look at this, hat tip to Handle.

Before somebody on frog twitter publishes a copy of this video with a rhythmic BGM signing “cuck” all the time (please do it). Take a serious look at that policeman. Look at those closeup shoots. Now that physiognomic analysis is kosher again thanks to AI, take a good look at that guy. That’s the face of a man who 200 years ago would have been a priest, a clergyman. A man who gives sermons for a living. Which is a very similar job to a policeman, really. The job comes with legal privileges. It’s kinda high status, at least inside a small milieu.

I guess in order to get promoted inside a modern police force you gotta be both. You gotta enjoy bullying people with force, *and* with insufferable sermons. Stronger than you *and*  holier than you. Take that. That’s like the ultimate powerlust. The prerequisite for real power in the modern bureaucracy.

Anyway, I hope this guy is enjoying is Policepriest job in Vancouver. For when Chinese immigrants take over the half of the city, they aren’t going to give sermons on the fundamental goodness of humanity on Youtube. That’s Stuff White People Do. Stuff Anglos do, to be precise.

But maybe not; maybe the Sinocanadians just keep the nice parts of the city, and let the remaining whites be happy by giving them positions of authority over the worst parts of the country. Like the concentration camps (reducciones) the Jesuits used to run in South America to enjoy domesticating native tribals. That way race replacement could go on all over the white world and our liberals and cucks would enjoy every day of it.

State and Church

I say we need a new religion; the Western State doesn’t agree with me. They have their own, thank you.

China has its own too, and doesn’t want a new one. What it wants is to dismantle the old ones. Which is pretty much what the West has been doing. We have freedom of religion. All churches can do what they want as long as they’re progressive. Like the model-T. China finally figured out how that works. And so…

Context is China just passed new regulations about religion (in English here). The new regulations call for all religions in China (the 5 legally recognized) must do more to adapt to society and obey the government. Take proactive measures against extremism. Extremism being of course a relative term.

I want something. You want something. Say you draw a line, at one end it’s what I want, at the other end it’s what you want. If you accommodate to what I want, well you stop being you. If you try to do what you want but not too hard, then you’re a moderate. If you try very hard to do what you want and don’t care about what I want, then you’re an extremist. Quite literally so.


Chinese mosque

Again, that’s no fallacy. If you try very hard to get what you want and don’t care about what I want, well the logical end is to kill me, then get what you want. And that’s what extremists do. That’s not good, obviously, and China wants to eliminate extremism. They very wisely have chosen to do away with the charade that a country can be multicultural. It can be multiethnic, given that the ethnic groups live separately, and the government has as little popular input as possible. But multiculturalism, of which religious freedom is but a subset makes no sense. The point of having a distinct culture is to set borders to the ingroup and compete with other groups. The very point of culture is to prepare for conflict. You don’t want internal conflict in a state. That’s bad for everyone.

Which is why everyone in the West must be progressive, and everyone in China must be… “sinicized”. Chinese. Not Han, mind you. The official ideology in China is that “China” is this multiethnic utopia, of which the Han are an important, but not unique part. It’s all still quite blood and soil though, compared to the universalist blank slatism of baizuo religion. And of course Progressive infiltration of religion is a fact, but never stated overtly. De jure we have Freedom of Religion. China insists on being honest.

Fighting the bad fight

The United States is the world empire since, at least, 1991. There’s no question about that. This hegemony has started to crumble in recent years. First, China refused to surrender to the Western-supported students in Tiananmen square, in 1989. Then Russia fell, some thought for good, but since 1999 Putin rebuilt the Russian state and its sovereignty, leading to very tense relations with USG. China also waivered between accommodation to the USG led order, signing all those UN human rights treaties. But since Xi Jinping came to power in 2012, China has been in open confrontation to the American led world order.

It is no surprise that Vladimir Putin has a lot of fans in the West, as the internal enemies of USG, or its state church, the Cathedral as we call it, follow the ancient logic that your enemy’s enemy is a pretty good guy. The specifics don’t matter. There’s plenty to dislike about Putin and his regime. But he’s one of the few enemies of the world empire that USG wants to impose on Earth, and for that he deserves our respect. That he goes the extra length of opposing the very things we object about American rule, e.g. gender ideology, is the icing on the cake, changing mere respect into gratitude, even admiration. I agree with this idea, and I’m very glad Vladimir Putin exists.

Putin gets a lot of fans also because, well, he’s white. He looks like us, and comes from a fairly similar cultural background. China doesn’t get many fans. Most of the same people who hail Putin still deride the Chinese government as “Chicoms”, who are sleazy and nasty and just witchy. I mean look at those small eyes, you can’t even see what they’re thinking. That’s, well, racism, but in this blog we are understanding of racism. Racism is a natural feeling of human societies. And while racism towards, say, black Africans was subsumed by virtue signaling, racism towards Asians will never die.

For a very simple reason. As you may recall from the late Larry Auster’s First Law of Minority Relations, niceness towards NAMs is a moral command because NAMs are on average dumb and violent, i.e. uncivilized. People are naturally ill disposed towards dumb and violent people, so being nice to NAMs is a costly signal. It makes the signaler feel so much holy on her sacrifice. That’s Economics of Religion 101. East Asians though are smart and law-abiding. There’s plenty to dislike about them, of course, the stereotype of the boring Asian drone who only cares about money and takes infinite amounts of shit is often true; although there’s regional differences, and I gotta point out that Northern East Asians tend to be much cooler and less drone-like than Southeastern Chinese.

But I digress, the point is that there’s no holiness points in liking Asians. They’re ok people who do their thing, nobody has any reason to hate them. And in practice nobody hates them, East Asians get along quite well in White countries, and intermarriage rates with second-gen immigrants are very high, on both sexes. But precisely because Asians and Whites get along well, because they live together, they also compete. They get on each other’s throats. And there being no incentive to suppress natural outgroup resentment (“racism”), well haters gonna hate. For many reasons. There’s the obvious sexual tension. Even I got called a “sexpat English teacher in China” by some weirdo on reddit. Incidentally I’m married with children, I don’t live in China, and I’m not even a native English speaker. But by my talking about Asia I’m even closer to them in mindspace, so some Asian is naturally going to resent my white presence. It happens to when some Asian goes on, and some white guy tells him to go home to the Commies.

I of course think this is very unfortunate. The problem that humanity faces now is not any real conflict between Whites and East Asians. The problem humanity faces now is the probably death of advanced civilization due to South Asians, Arabs and Black Africans outbreeding Whites and East Asians. sub-90 IQ populations outbreeding 100-plus IQ populations. That’s a real and serious problem. If our civilization dies, there will be no second one. There’s no cheap coal left to jumpstart a second Industrial Revolution. If we lose our present technology, we are back to the Iron Age, forever. Probably not even that, the cheaply accessible iron ore deposits are probably gone forever too. Back to the Stone Age, folks. That’s our predicament.

It follows that Whites and East Asians should stop hating each other, as natural and understandable as that is, and fight the brown hordes together. That’s happening to some point. There’s zillions of East Asians in the West, and more whites in East Asia than, in the Middle East or Africa (not counting the colonial settlers stranded there). But there are still obstacles for an Alliance of Civilization (in the singular). First is that of course political actors have their own incentives. USG is divided in two broad factions, left-Bluegov (the State Department, academia), right-Redgov (the Pentagon). Bluegov must hate China because they want to spread their NGO human rights racket over there. Redgov must hate China because they need an enemy to scare the country into giving them more money for bombs.

Second is that, well, Asian PR is inept. Whites and East Asians have common interests, but we are still quite different, both biologically and culturally. I said that from the most deep admiration for Chinese political culture, about which I’ve written extensively and will continue to do so. But some stuff is still hard to swallow. Take a look at this.

That’s… embarrassing. I’m the sort of guy who changes channels and even stops watching a movie when something embarrassing happens. And this was tough to watch. I’m a fan of Xi Jinping, I think he’s a great guy and he’s doing a fairly good job. But hell, if he had this made he needs some PR classes. Cults of personality are bad enough, but there’s nothing lamer than a lame cult of personality.

Incidentally, Putin also has his cult of personality, which I criticized some time ago, although for different reasons.

That’s pretty embarrassing too, but the music is better and the chicks are hot, so who cares. Hail Putin.

Now, I understand why the Xinhua video is so lame. It’s basically why Asian PR is all lame. Japan’s isn’t any better, so it’s not about Communism. Well, the cult of personality has all to do with Communism. By many accounts Xi Jinping has good reason to be drumming up his own cult of personality: the remnants of the Jiang Zemin era kleptocrats are being purged, and the more they resist (they got money) the stronger the need to check for bureaucratic loyalty by forcing them to be shameless sycophants.

But the lame culture itself is a result of the reclusive nature of Asian sociability. Asians just really like small, reclusive groups. They work very well inside them, they can focus, do their thing, and calculate their status very easily. Open, universalist societies are just exhausting in comparison. That’s not exclusively Asian, of course, all biological bell curves overlap. Plenty of whites enjoy joining cults and developing wacky and cheesy culture of their own. But East Asians are patently more driven to small clique formation. Maybe it has something to do with cousin-marriage (no plagiarism here, hbdchick). Or something about pastoralism or a lack thereof, as agnostic had it.

It’s a pity that Asia can’t produce better PR. To the extent that Japan does produce any decent content (Anime, Kurosawa movies), it found plenty of friends in the West. China also has much to sell. Neoconfucian patriarchy was a pretty awesome deal for men. But alas, they don’t care about us, and they have no good reason to do so. The West also has no good reason to give a shit about Asia. But we could at least leave each other alone and focus on keeping our civilization alive. But nah, China is too big, and the closer it gets to US levels of power, the more exciting the fight becomes. And we all like a fight. Even it kills us in the process. Think of Persia and Constantinople.

Choose your side

And people ask me why I cheer for China being a great power who can stand against the US.

ETA: I see that the poster isn’t translated in the fake news peace, so I’ll do it here.

To be a good wife
A good mother
Is a women’s most important skill
Why must you squeeze your brain
Work until you’re so tired you cough up blood
Why must you compete for resources with men,
Take away their turf?

Well said. Why indeed? Who the hell enjoys working?

Not that China is putting all the weight of the state behind traditional marriage. Plenty of feminism out there, both in private and public areas. But it’s getting better. And the more evil baizuo like John Pomfret signal their disapproval, the more China will want to stick it to whitey by going back to Confucian marriage.

Which remember, had *unlimited polygamy*. And women couldn’t cut their hair. Way better than Islam, people. And they can drink and eat pork. If it only got some more traction.


Nuclear Proliferation

Just when I finished my last post saying that the US dominion over the Western Pacific will soon be over, and asked “what then…”

Comes North Korea and shoots an (alleged) hydrogen bomb. The world is startled. No, it’s the world is amazed. It’s jizzing on its pants. I can’t say I appreciate Kim Jong Un’s sense of aesthetics, but man, this guy understand strategy.


As usual, everybody is pointing at China. Please do something! You’re feeding these guys!

And what says China?

Now, Hu Xijin is just a hack, he is by no means an official spokesman. But he doesn’t say what the government doesn’t allow him to say. So it’s likely that the Chinese government thinks he has a point. In short: if we stop feeding The Kim, he’ll get pissed at us. Probably will threaten to nuke Beijing or something. Then the whole media spotlight will be on the North Korea vs. China conflict. The US nor anybody in the West will help us or give a shit about it, and man we really don’t need this shit on ourselves right now. China is kinda busy. Enough problems already. So you see this fat nuked-up hot potato here? You can have it, Gringoes.

You gotta see the genius of North Korean strategy during the last decades. They must have known exactly that China would never have an immediate incentive to do anything about them; even though China really doesn’t like them at all. So they kept tensing the cord, knowing the Americans also wouldn’t dare do anything given that Korean artillery can basically destroy Seoul (20 million people, 50km from the border) in half an hour.

So as I asked in my last post, what when the US is out of the Western Pacific? Now that North Korea has nukes, the answer seems obvious. Nuclear proliferation. First South Korea, unless they get a death wish and the local left decides to surrender and be unified under the glorious socialism of The Kim (not unlikely). But surely Japan will get their nukes. And then… Taiwan! Oh man, is China gonna get pissed at that. It would be quite interesting if Trump were to troll them by helping Taiwan get nukes and daring China to invade.

I don’t quite see South East Asia having the technical capability to get any; unless they buy/lease them from the Norks. At any rate, what’s the real problem? The typical warnings on nuclear proliferation is that “rogue agents” could hijack nukes and so something crazy, them being crazy. Of course the only people crazy enough to do that are fundamentalist Muslims. But there aren’t any of those in East Asia. It’s a 90% atheist, modernist, consumerist place.

The official historical narrative is sort of that nuclear weapons made the cost of war too big, which cut most of the nationalist warlike signaling spiral that consumed Europe from 1900 to 1945, unleashing a new era of peaceful cooperation, the EU and that crap. Hey, who knows, maybe in 100 years Kim 3rd the Fat is remembered as the harbinger of Peace in Asia.

US Empire Decline Watch

I don’t know if Duterte is serious; but if he does push away every single US military facility from the Philippines, that’s basically giving China the South China sea. All of it. Who would’ve thought that, 5 years ago?

Next step is finding some South Korean Duterte who expels all US troops from the Asian mainland. That should happen in less than 10 years, if China has any power at all. Japan would be trickier, but Okinawa is not that much of a threat. At any rate, the USG is going to lose its dominion of the Western Pacific very fast. And once that’s over…

Language is Culture

Damn, New York Times link show up automatically like Tweets now. Talk about privilege.

Anyway; you know what Gell-Mann amnesia is. You read the news, and assume what you’re reading is, well, worth reading. It’s generally accurate. Then you read something on a topic you have some expertise about, and you find that it’s worse than false. It’s completely inaccurate and misleading. It just shows how the writer has absolutely no clue of what he’s talking about. Then you realize: well, it’s some journalist who has no expertise at all except in writing jargon, of course he has no clue.

Then you go on reading more news. As my mother says, you gotta talk about something.

So the New York Times ran a story on how dialects are back in Singapore. Because they’re, you know, “vibrant”. That’s not how I would describe Hokkien, but then I did study some Hokkien, instead of taking journalism classes. The story itself is not very remarkable, besides how inept and ignorant it is. I’m tempted to just become a Chinese chauvinist and blame the anti-Chinese animus of the American establishment, now shaming Mandarin Chinese as something to be avoided. Then it would make some sort of sense. But as they say, never blame malice what is likely just stupidity.

I guess it’s just me, but I feel there’s few things more harmful than bad linguistics. Take a look at the crap the NYT is trying to pull here:

At the time of the founding of the Republic of Singapore in 1965, it was led by a charismatic and authoritarian prime minister, Lee Kuan Yew, who was a self-taught linguist. A product of the English-speaking elite who rarely spoke Chinese dialects, including Mandarin, Mr. Lee held the popular idea, discredited by linguists, that language was a zero-sum game: speaking more of one meant less mastery of another.

In short, he considered dialects a waste of the brain’s finite storage capacity when it should be filled with, above all else, English.

“He felt that since he couldn’t do it, the rest couldn’t do it,” said Prof. Lee Cher Leng, a language historian in the China studies department at the National University of Singapore, referring to Mr. Lee’s inability to fluently speak multiple languages. “He felt it would be too confusing for kids to learn the dialects.”

First of all, LKY, peace be with him, was not a “self-taught linguist”. He’s a guy who learned some languages as an adult. That doesn’t make him a linguist. This makes him a language learner. There’s billions of those across the world. Lee Kuan Yew certainly wasn’t very good at it; the ability to learn foreign languages doesn’t correlate very strongly with IQ.

Mr. Lee held the popular idea that language was a zero-sum game? No, Mr. Lee understood the commonsensical idea that your brain has limited storage capacity. Like anything else. Your brain is made of atoms. It is not made of magic. It is not made of godly dust. It is a material thing. It is, in a sense, a container of information, and information takes space. It obviously does in computers; pray tell, NYT, why the brain should have infinite capacity? It doesn’t make sense.

Now I don’t know if LKY thought of it in these terms. I think that, as a language learner, he went by experience. I guess the more time he spent practicing Mandarin, or Hokkien, or Malay, the worse his English prose got. And that’s exactly how it works. Happens to me all the time, and happens to anyone who uses 2 or more languages regularly. The more different the languages, the less commons structures they share, the more acute the problem. Again, there is no reason why it should not be so. Information takes space. It isn’t hard.

Alas, it is true that academic linguists will not tell you this, even though they probably did in the 1950s. That is not because common sense has been “refuted”. It is because since the 1960s academia has morphed into a worldwide racket of fraud and deceit. If you read this blog you already know that; economics is bogus, climate science is bogus, psychology is bogus; even more than half of medical papers are bogus. Well, surprise surprise, linguistics is also bogus. The language learning industry is huge. There’s a lot of money in telling people that the brain is made of magic dust, that they can learn whatever they want whenever they want, as long as they give you money. 3 languages at the same time? Go for it! Kids are like sponges, they can learn anything. No, they can’t.

Now of course, all human traits are distributed in a Gaussian curve. Some kids are pretty good, can learn 3 or 4 languages given some exposure. Some can’t even speak 1 language properly by the time they enter primary school. Lee Kuan Yew, who was in charge of spending Singapore’s money, realized he didn’t have money to waste, and he took what was the most rational decision: let’s focus on having everyone learn English, then let’s make some half-assed effort at teaching a “mother tongue”; mostly for political reasons, so tribalists didn’t complain. Some kids will learn the mother tongue well; most won’t. Not the government’s problem. Lee Kuan Yew was CEO and what he wanted was an efficient workforce, so English it was. And English he got. Well, kind of.

Japanese researchers, fortunately isolated from their American comrades because of their ineptitude at learning English, have long found that Brazilian immigrants in Japan often end up not bilingual, but “halflingual”. They end up speaking shitty Portuguese and even shittier Japanese. Because Japanese is hard, they don’t speak it at home, and whatever they speak at home tends to have very low vocabulary levels. So they end up sounding retarded even if they really aren’t.

You know who else sounds retarded? Singaporeans. OK, sorry, that’s overly harsh. I apologize to my Singaporean readers, I love you all. But I had to say it. With all due respect, Singaporeans in general don’t speak proper English. They speak Singlish, which is a pidgin English with a fair amount of Chinese grammar and vocabulary baked in, and a pretty weird (and what sounds to me a pretty big Indian influence) pronunciation. As you may remember, even Singapore’s prime minister, Lee Hsien Loong, by every account a 150 IQ genius, speaks what can only be described as pretty goofy English. Again, it’s not their fault, it’s just the unintended consequence of public language policy.

How did this happen? By forcing diglossia (widespread bilingualism) on Singapore. After independence most people spoke some either Chinese dialect at home, Malay or Tamil. The schools taught English, what is a foreign language to everyone. So yes, they learned, the minimum required to pass the exams, and went on with their daily lives. Given that kids spent almost more time at school than at home, eventually the exposure of English was greater than their respective languages. Let’s say a random Singaporean teen was exposed to 65% English and 35% Hokkien during their formative years. So, surprise surprise, he ended up speaking a language which is 65% English and 35% Hokkien, and so did most everyone else, with all languages and dialects getting some of their stuff in this hodgepodge lingua franca that evolved into Singlish. And once that got widespread it became almost impossible to change.

If Singaporeans speak bad English, their Mandarin is even worse. I’ve seen business owners who couldn’t even write it. Again, I don’t blame them. Chinese is hard, especially the writing system. I’m pretty sure Lee Kuan Yew was never very good at writing it. And most likely he never thought most Singaporeans would be able too. But he had two good reasons to teach Mandarin to every Chinese in Singapore. First; some talented people would learn it, and Singapore needed those people to go make business in China. And second, dialects had to be stamped out. Chinese people were extremely clannish back in the day. They still are in some parts of China. Liberals think dialects are like race, this colorful thing that adds vibrancy points to a culture. But no. Race is in your genes, you are born with that. You can’t change it. But dialect is a choice. Even if your parents teach it to you, children will forget it very soon, just as they forget everything their parents try to teach them.

Dialects survive because of a political choice. Language is a badge of loyalty; speaking Hokkien or Cantonese instead of Mandarin means that, as a child, you’ve reached the conclusion that Hokkien is more useful than Mandarin. Singapore, as all societies of Southeastern Chinese ancestry. used to be run by small dialect and family based societies, who did their thing unbeknownst to the state. Imperial China was laissez-faire about this kind of clan-based society, but Lee Kuan Yew was a legalist, and he had to crush them to impose his authority. So crush them they did. Once the clans were crushed, speaking dialect stopped working as a signal; and so the signal died. Whatever the NYT says, dialects aren’t coming back. There’s no money there, and Asia doesn’t trade in those vibrancy points which make New York housewives happy.

Why did Irish die soon after Irish independence? The signal wasn’t needed anymore. They had their own country, and God knows speaking Irish is a costly signal. Hokkien or Cantonese aren’t that costly for a competent Mandarin speaker, but they aren’t cheap either, so most likely this “dialect revival” is just 10 bored housewives who happen to eat in the same noodle joint as the NYT correspondent there. Fake news, as usual.

What the article gets right is the cultural desert that Singapore became after LKY enforced the power of the state and broke every intermediate society. There’s a lesson there: high cultural output depends on the identity of a people. It’s a political statement. It thrives on conflict. But Lee Kuan Yew would have none of that. He had a multiracial to run in a very delicate balance, and he couldn’t risk people developing a cultural identity without things spiraling out of control. He couldn’t tolerate cultural diversity; but he, cursed by the knowledge of HBD, wouldn’t allow race mixing. So he was left with a multicultural society where conflict wasn’t allowed. So the culture died. Romans stop producing good literature after the Empire. Nobody remembers the great books written by the Ottomans. And I wonder if in the future anybody will remember the Singaporeans at all.