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All politics are identity politics

Said Matt Yglesias. Who, while being a disgusting piece of grease, is more candid than most other apparatchiks. Which is useful in understanding what leftists, or a particular set of leftists from a particular ethnic group, are thinking about. See this other recent example:

Mmm why would he say that?


There, FTFY.

If you’re into memes this guy makes the same point.

How to Win

Is this guy ever wrong?

That said, no enemies to the right.

Public Shit Tests

Will he pass the test? What’s the proper way to do it? Modern politics requires having public PUAs who can manage this sort of stuff.

Feminist Nationalism doesn’t work

So Viktor Orban gave a speech recently. It’s quite something. Let me quote.

A country the size of Hungary – not the size of Germany or the United States, but similar in size to us – can only be strong if there is robust majority national ownership in the strategic industries which determine its fate. This wasn’t the case in Hungary before 2010. Now, however, we can say that there is clear majority national ownership in the energy sector, the banking sector and the media sector. If I had to quantify this, I would say that in recent years the Hungarian state has spent around one thousand billion forints on repurchasing ownership in strategic sectors and companies which had previously been foolishly privatised.

Mmm… yeah, that makes sense. So Orban has been buying back strategic industries from, I assume, foreign corporations. Well done, man.

For a country to be strong, demographic decline must be out of the question. At this point in time, this is Hungary’s Achilles heel. A country which is in demographic decline – and, to put it bluntly, is not even able to sustain itself biologically – may well find that it is no longer needed. A country like that will disappear. Only those communities survive in the world which are at least able to sustain themselves biologically; and let’s be honest with ourselves, Hungary today is not yet such a country.

Good point again. And extra points for honesty. This man is a consistent nationalist. He knows what he wants and he knows what needs to be done.

We must also admit that on demographic issues – the creation and growth of families – the hands of the government of the day are tied. This is because no policies of any kind can decide whether or not there will be children in a community, whether children are being born into families – and if so, how many. This is because only women can make such decisions. Things will be what women decide them to be.

And maybe that’s the problem. Thought about that, Mr. President? He then goes on to brag about he’s taking money from Soros to give it to Hungarian women. Who don’t want it and refuse to breed nonetheless. Hungary’s president knows what he wants; what he doesn’t know is how to achieve it. He has absolutely no clue. He gives a great speech on why nations are good and how to make sure our nations can survive. What ethnic identity is and why it matters. And yet he openly admits his own nation is dying; he even mentions why it’s dying, and yet refuses to do anything about it.

Mr. Orban, you’re doing it wrong. None of that matters until you fix that little part I bolded for you. France will not be French, Italy won’t be Italian, and even Hungary won’t be Magyar if you don’t stop giving women the power to decide how many and whose children are born. Physical borders won’t fix that. Closing down Soros’ propaganda racket won’t fix it. And don’t get me wrong, I strongly admire Orban for doing what he’s been doing. But it will all be for naught if he doesn’t go to the end. If you want nationalism to work, you need the whole package. And that means 1848 sexual mores too.

ETA: Just some background data to understand how bad the demographics are in Hungary.

Year Population (x1000) Births Deaths Population growth TFR
1980 10 707 148 673 145 355 3 318 1.92
1981 10 700 142 890 144 757 -1 867 1.88
1982 10 683 133 559 144 318 -10 759 1.78
1983 10 656 127 258 148 643 -21 385 1.73
1984 10 619 125 359 146 709 -21 350 1.73
1985 10 579 130 200 147 614 -17 414 1.83
1986 10 534 128 204 147 089 -18 885 1.83
1987 10 486 125 840 142 601 -16 761 1.79
1988 10 443 124 296 140 042 -15 746 1.78
1989 10 398 123 304 144 695 -21 391 1.78
1990 10 374 125 679 145 660 -19 981 1.84
1991 10 373 127 207 144 813 -17 606 1.85
1992 10 369 121 724 148 781 -27 057 1.76
1993 10 357 117 033 150 244 -33 211 1.68
1994 10 343 115 598 146 889 -31 291 1.64
1995 10 329 112 054 145 431 -33 377 1.57
1996 10 311 105 272 143 130 -37 858 1.45
1997 10 290 100 350 139 434 -39 084 1.37
1998 10 267 97 301 140 870 -43 569 1.33
1999 10 238 94 645 143 210 -48 565 1.29
2000 10 211 97 597 135 601 -38 004 1.31
2001 10 198 97 047 132 183 -35 136 1.31
2002 10 165 96 804 132 833 -36 029 1.31
2003 10 129 94 647 135 823 -41 176 1.28
2004 10 108 95 137 132 492 -37 355 1.28
2005 10 088 97 496 135 732 -38 236 1.32
2006 10 072 99 871 131 603 -31 732 1.35
2007 10 056 97 613 132 938 -35 325 1.32
2008 10 038 99 149 130 027 -30 878 1.35
2009 10 022 96 450 130 350 -33 972 1.33
2010 10 000 90 335 130 456 -40 121 1.26
2011 9 985 88 049 128 795 -40 746 1.24
2012 9 932 90 269 129 440 -39 171 1.34
2013 9 909 88 689 126 778 -38 089 1.34
2014 9 877 91 510 126 308 -34 798 1.41
2015 9 823 91 690 131 697 -40 007 1.44
2016 9 790 93 100 126 900 -33 800 1.49

Hungary has been losing population for 37 years straight. 37 years. With no end in sight. It has lost a million people, around 10% of the population since 1981. And to add insult to injury, there’s this little map over here:

That’s the Gypsy student population per province.

So this underscores a bit of the urgency that Hungarians feel about Third World immigration. They really can’t afford even a little of it. The country is in very dire straits. And it will continue to get worse until they understand that surrendering the very core of their society to the whims of their women is the root of their problem.


Moving right

Context here is that Han Chinese are 45% of the population there but only 22% of births. Modern people find it bothersome to raise families when living surrounded by hostile Muslims.

The Chinese at least understand the problem.

What’s killing the West

I wrote a long time ago that what unites the dissident right, the “glue” for lack of a better word, was opposition to feminism. The catholic reactionaries, the Moldbuggian neoreactionaries, the manosphere and all those other guys out there around 2013; we all had little in common. We thought most of the others were crazy or deluded. But we all shared a common idea that women don’t belong to political society; and that women having equal or higher status than men was what was breaking the social fabric in the civilized world. It just breaks all incentives to mate and raise children, saps all motivation to pursue excellence and be contribute to society.

Now of course this reactionary sphere was quite small. And since Trump it has been completely overshadowed by the alt-right; if fortunately it hasn’t died out. And it hasn’t because the alt-right is basically feminist nazism. Essentialist Nationalism? Check. Down-with-the-plutocrats Socialist economics? Check. Gas all the Jews? Check. But hey, Ivanka is our Aryan princess! Laura Southern is so cool and smart! The French Front National is run by a woman. The German AfD is run by a woman. Having women commanding men just shows it to those evil mud Muslims.

You’re doing it wrong. Aesthetics is important. It’s an underrated motivation for men’s actions. Yes, a 20 year old white woman with long hair can be a lovely thing, and it looks so much more worth defending than those ugly fat Muslim women in black bags. But that’s not the point. The point is that Western men aren’t actually doing anything to defend their civilization against an invasion by millions of foreign men. You might say it’s because their governments won’t allow them, and there’s a point to that. But the vast majority of white men don’t even show any will to resist. They still overwhelmingly support leftist politics.

Western men aren’t actually doing anything to defend those cute white girls from being harassed by Africans or Muslims because they don’t own them, and they have no prospect of ever owning them. So of course they don’t fight. They just go on following the latest leftist fad, hoping for some mainstream status, so they can get some money and maybe some short-term sex relationship. Those who dislike leftism overwhelmingly choose to enjoy the decline poolside. Nobody is going to risk their skin in order to protect the right of their women go to Iran to take Instagram pictures larping on what used to be a most respectable male profession.

I’ve been writing a lot about rhetoric and why it’s important. And yes, nationalism, even racism makes for better rhetoric, a better sale than The Patriarchy. But as important as rhetoric is in aiding coordination by synchronizing people’s status signaling behavior; at a more basic level there are systemic incentives without which people just won’t work. And men just won’t work to defend feminsm. They may say they will. But they won’t do it.


Trump is cool. Race is important. But sex is much, much more important.

Liu Xiaobo

Liu Xiaobo is dead. Who the hell is Liu Xiaobo?

A pyschopathic status maximizer from Northeast China. Or may I say a high-IQ status-greedy sociopath. Or a shameless self-promoter taking money from USG to undermine his own nation?

Or in one word: an activist. Liu Xiaobo was a student activist from the 1980s. The 1980s were a very delicate time in China. Mao was dead. Deng Xiaoping had opened up the country. The old order was shattered; and when a country is in disorder, the status-hunters smell weakness. They saw blood. And so they started agitating. Writing articles on how backward China was. How utterly rotten and corrupt and just smelly it was, compared to the utopia in the West. Western governments obviously encouraged the agitation. They gave money and resources. This agitation culminated in the 1989 Tiananmen protests. Liu Xiaobo was there, showing his teeth, ready to destroy the government and take their place. To gain the supreme status he knew he deserved. Everybody thought that the government would fall, and a new state would have to be built on Western standards. A new state led by themselves, of course.


But no, that didn’t happen. The little old man had a pair, and he sent the tanks. Most of the psychopathic status maximizers fled. But Liu Xiaobo didn’t. The guy isn’t just some run of the mill leftist activist. He’s a stubborn son of a bitch. He stayed, doubled down on his writing about how China is bad and corrupt and evil and nasty and everything Western is honey and spice and everything nice. He was sent to jail, again and again. And while he went abroad every now and then to pick up some Western money, he always returned to China. He just couldn’t believe that China wouldn’t bow down to his majesty and just hand him the status he deserves. Surely these evil pigs won’t send me to jail again?! Not when I have USG behind me?

To jail he went. He was given a damn Noble Peace prize. To jail he went. China doesn’t care. Well, China cares more than it should. China has signed all those bogus Human Rights Treatises. But they just wouldn’t release Liu Xiaobo. This guy is evil. This guy wasn’t just some prog activist; he was a traitor of comical proportions. The guy was just surreal. Even some Western leftists, at the Guardian no less, just couldn’t believe how big a traitor this guy was. See some things he said:

In a 1988 interview with Hong Kong‘s Liberation Monthly (now known as Open Magazine), Liu was asked what it would take for China to realize a true historical transformation. He replied:

“[It would take] 300 years of colonialism. In 100 years of colonialism, Hong Kong has changed to what we see today. With China being so big, of course it would require 300 years as a colony for it to be able to transform into how Hong Kong is today. I have my doubts as to whether 300 years would be enough.”[31][33]

This comment by itself just lost him all the local support he could have enjoyed just by being propped up by Western propaganda. How could you call for the colonization of your own country? 300 years! This guy is insane. Just how much of a Western stooge was he?

Known for his pro-West stance, Liu once stated in an interview: “Modernization means whole-sale westernization, choosing a human life is choosing Western way of life. Difference between Western and Chinese governing system is humane vs in-humane, there’s no middle ground… Westernization is not a choice of a nation, but a choice for the human race” [24]

You’d have to go to Stormfront to find this kind of hyperbole even this side of the world. A Western life is a human life. Everything else is not barbaric; it’s not even human. Ok dude, you’re gonna make a lot of friends that way.

He also faulted a television documentary, He Shang, or River Elegy, for not thoroughly criticising Chinese culture and not advocating westernisation enthusiastically enough: “If I were to make this I would show just how wimpy, spineless and fucked-up [weisuo, ruanruo, caodan] the Chinese really are”. Liu considered it most unfortunate that his monolingualism bound him in a dialogue with something “very benighted [yumei] and philistine [yongsu],” the Chinese cultural sphere. Harvard researcher Lin Tongqi noted that an early 1990s book by Liu contains “pungent attacks on the Chinese national character”.

So China is wimpy and fucked-up, the West is this awesome utopia; but the guy was monolingual? What the hell? Oh wait. This isn’t about logical consistency. This isn’t about careful thought on the issues. This is a guy who just saw that the Communist Party had loosen his grip on Chinese society and wanted to crack a wedge into the system so he could come up with more status than he had. And he chose to worship the West because that was the zeitgeist: Communism was collapsing everywhere, and the West was way stronger. So odds are the West would sponsor him some time or another. And voila, USG gave him millions. For which the guy was grateful. 2,000 years of Confucianism don’t go away so easily. Chinese intellectuals know to be loyal.

in his article Lessons from the Cold War, Liu argues that “The free world led by the US fought almost all regimes that trampled on human rights … The major wars that the US became involved in are all ethically defensible.” During the 2004 US presidential election, Liu warmly praised George Bush for his war effort against Iraq and condemned Democratic party candidate John Kerry for not sufficiently supporting the US’s wars:

[T]he outstanding achievement made by Bush in anti-terrorism absolutely cannot be erased by Kerry’s slandering … However much risk must be endured in striking down Saddam Hussein, know that no action would lead to a greater risk. This has been proven by the second world war and September 11! No matter what, the war against Saddam Hussein is just! The decision by President Bush is right!

Liu also published a 2004 article in support of Bush’s war on Iraq, titled “Victory to the Anglo-American Freedom Alliance”, in which he praised the U.S.-led post-Cold Warconflicts as “best examples of how war should be conducted in a modern civilization.” He wrote “regardless of the savagery of the terrorists, and regardless of the instability of Iraq’s situation, and, what’s more, regardless of how patriotic youth might despise proponents of the United States such as myself, my support for the invasion of Iraq will not waver. Just as, from the beginning, I believed that the military intervention of Britain and the United States would be victorious, I am still full of belief in the final victory of the Freedom Alliance and the democratic future of Iraq, and even if the armed forces of Britan and the United States should encounter some obstacles such as those that they are curently facing, this belief of mine will not change.” He predicted “a free, democratic and peaceful Iraq will emerge.”[29]

Unwavering support for the War on Iraq. He the Noble Peace Prize winner. Why? Convictions? Or because Bush was paying his salary?

At any rate, the guy is dead. Inside China. All the Bluegov empire (“the international community”) pressure didn’t work. Now I don’t know who coordinates this kind of operations, but guys, if you want to have influence in China. You’re doing it wrong. Finding a complete asshole like this guy just won’t get you any popularity in China. Or anywhere else, really. I mean just look at the guy and his… wife. Or something.


The US has the most advanced marketing PR apparatus in the whole world. They know how to promote stuff. Why are they so inept when it comes to political influence abroad? A hot teenage girl or a smooth homo could actually accomplish a lot of progressive agitation in China today. But nah, Bluegov keeps picking up these ugly sociopath nerds who offer themselves to them. Well, you reap what you saw.


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Doing it wrong 

A 10% cap would be reasonable. Alas China is no stranger to wasteful signaling spirals. Here’s hoping they put a stop to the education bubble madness. 

Bluegov watch