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Alt-psychopathic status maximizers

A while ago I called myself alt-right because hey, the God-Emperor got elected. Later, the elected has shown himself not to be much of a God, and certainly not an Emperor, and so I’ve lost my interest. And you would think everybody else had done so too, but then you wouldn’t understand politics.

I haven’t been following this very much, but apparently there’s the alt-right, and now something called the alt-lite. What is the alt-lite?

How to answer this question? I could go on doing some reading about their positions, what they believe in. But that would be missing the point. If that’s how you analize political movements then you haven’t been reading this blog properly.

The point here is that the “alt-lite” is at the left of the alt-right; but their naming suggests that they want to contest the alt-right space. So by definition, the alt-lite are entryists who want to eat up the political space of the alt-right. And to do so, they will take whatever position, they will do whatever is necessary. Because the difference between left and right is not one of “beliefs”. It is one of drive. The left are the psychopatic status maximizers. The right are those who are not. Relatively speaking, of course. So you can expect the alt-lite to be a psychopathic status maximizing version of the alt-right.

So what will they do? They’ll keep Trump support, because there’s a lot of money there. 60 million people voted for the man after all. They will tone down the Nazi stuff because there’s little to gain there. You’ll have a lot of women there. A lot of Jews. A lot of gays. A lot of fund-raising. A lot of media promotion. A lot of weird changing of positions according to what the media likes to hear at the moment.

There’s a clip here which shows a good example to where this is moving:


And you know what? They’ll probably win. Because they have way more drive than your average chap on frog-Twitter. In a fight, the guy without scruples always beats the guy with scruples. The common thing to people who have achieved something in life is greed, the drive to achieve something at whatever cost and no matter how many people you should trample over in your way. These sociopaths genes exist for a reason. They work.

Until everything goes to hell and there’s no more prosocial chumps to fool.

The Fall of Singapore’s Monarchy

It’s been a while since I last wrote about Singapore. Now that the old man is gone it’s seldom on anybody’s radar anymore. But that has changed recently. Singapore is in the news. First there’s this article by Nick Land on Jacobite, where he quotes my coinage of Singapore Singapore as an IQ Shredder, and notes how we don’t yet have a fix to perhaps the biggest problem we have.

But there’s a pretty big piece of news going on in Singapore. Big enough that the Prime Minister, Harry Lee’s son Lee Hsien Loong, is out on a charm offensive to defend his honor. Hear him speak.

Now, I intend no offense. But man, this guy is goofy. Compare him to his father’s speeches. Man, Lee Kuan Yew had an iron fist and a steel tongue. He could talk a crowd like he was Sulla on horseback. But then look at his firstbon son. Who by all accounts has a genius IQ, is tall, athletic and a very fine specimen. But he’s just goofy. Look at his inaugural smile, the lame bow with the head. And his English. How the hell does he speak worse English than his father? The accent is pretty standard Singaporean English, not that he’s bad at it or anything. But English is this guy’s first language. And he’s lived for years in the US. And yet look at him. This shows again my personal theory that language ability and IQ aren’t at all correlated. And that for people with low language ability, bilinguism is just too hard. And so you get people like the Second King of Singapore, Lee Hsien Long, who speaks goofy English and lousy Chinese.

Again, not dissing the guy. He’s probably 2 sigma smarter than I am. A legit math progidy. Just a pity that he was born in a royal household, where he has to do things that aren’t his strong suit. As the Chinese poem,

吾本西方一子 为何流落帝王家

But anyway, what’s going on in Singapore right now? We are witnessing a crisis of the monarchy. Lee Kuan Yew had 3 children. The eldest, now king (prime minister), a daughter, Lee Wei Ling, and a younger son, Lee Hsien Yang.

The younger son is just a lame prince, spent some time in the military, then was an executive, now is Chairman of the Aviation Authority. Take a look at him. He’s just your run of the mill , boring mediocre Chinese business cuck.


Things start to get interesting when you factor in his wife, Lee Suet Fern. As it often happens, if some big shot is just some mediocre boring cuck, odds are its his wife who wears the pants in the household. And the young daughter in law of Lee Kuan Yew is exactly what you’d think she would be.

There you go, a good looking, well dressed, heavily jeweled up lady. She also happens to be a big shot lawyer in Singapore. And she just looks like a scheming witch. As she should be; she didn’t marry that boring lame ass beta prince for nothing. She wanted power, status. And big earrings.

Why does this matter? Well this matter because there is another very prominent woman in the Lee royal household. The wife of the Lee Hsien Loong. The Queen of Singapore, Ho Ching. Now, go back to the top of the page and take another look at our goofy king. How do you expect his queen to be?


Everyone in Singapore says she looks like his mother. Which is a bit unfair. She’s 64 years old, she looks like an average 64 year old before feminism. She doesn’t need to look like a scheming witch covered with diamonds. But basically because everybody knows she’s the mother of all scheming witches. She was, before marrying into the royal household, already a high ranking bureaucrat. And she is the leader of Temasek, the Singaporean sovereign investment fund, managing over 300 billion dollars in assets. She has the money. The Queen controls the purse, the huge purse of the very small country of Singapore. Many say she’s the actual ruler of the country. She certainly looks more like it than her goofy husband.

Here’s a video of her in her professional capacity:


So well, right now you might imagine that this two households, the eldest and youngest sons of Lee Kuan Yew, just don’t get along very well. Which they don’t. But we’ll get to that later. Now it’s time to talk about the other child of LKY. His daughter. Daughter?



Let me put some more pictures of Lee Kuan Yew’s dear daughter. I’ll make them smaller as I don’t want anybody to choke.

Screenshot 2017-06-20 17.37.00

There ya go. This is Lee Wei Ling, daughter of Lee Kuan Yew, royal princess of Singapore. She’s 50 something. Unmarried, as you might have guessed. As it happens she’s a talented neurosurgeon. Yes, she broke the glass ceiling into this traditionally male occupation. You might have figured out why.

Now, some might say I’m being nasty about her. Nothing wrong about being ugly. But no, sorry. I don’t buy that. First of all because she needn’t be this ugly. Not at all. She looked fairly pleasant while young.

And while some say she got this nasty disease or whatever, it’s still no excuse. Being fat is, generally speaking, a choice. Looking bad is in the overwhelming majority of cases, a choice. She could just eat a bit more. She could let her hair grow a bit more. She could buy a decent pair of glasses. She could stop juicing on steroids to get thicker arms than 90% of Singaporean man. And more importantly, she could stop being a bitch and writing articles all over the state controlled media in Singapore saying that she’s hot stuff. She’s “eccentric“, is glad of “looking like a boy“, how she “chose” to be single, writes books about “being a woman” while doing everything she can to avoid looking like a woman. She just won’t shut up about how much of a victim she is because people think she got it easy by being the King’s daughter. Poor little thing. She’s the perfect example of Steve Sailer’s law of female journalism: everything a woman ever writes is advocating for social change so that come the revolution, the woman herself would be considered hotter. It just happens that she’s, by far, the ugliest woman in Singapore; probably the ugliest woman in all East Asia. And yet she’s the King’s sister, so the state media better publish her crap. If she were in the US she would’ve been arguing for her own pronouns 20 years ago. Might have called herself zorg.

You’d think she at least would be thankful to his brother who lets her keep being the worst example possible of behavior by a royal princess? Oh no. She’s been shitting on her brother publicly for years. And it all culminated last week when Lee Wei Ling and Lee Hsien Yang, brother and sister of the Prime Minister, issued a joint letter accusing the PM of using the state apparatus to harass them, to use the inheritance of the late Lee Kuan Yew to prop up the dynastic hopes for their son; and just being so much of a corrupt asshole, he and especially his wife Ho Ching, that they will go into exile right away. Here’s the letter.

The whole thing is just some lame family dispute about the house of the late LKY, which passed to his heir, but he was nagged into selling it to his brother, who wants it demolished but the government won’t do it because they want to make a museum of it or whatever. It’s pretty lame stuff. It gets pretty complicated because apparently there were 6 wills by LKY and the last one was quite different from the previous one. But you’re probably bored out of your mind already. Who gives a crap? Well Singaporeans give a crap. This sort of mind-dumbing family disputes are the plot of 99% of SEA soap operas, including Taiwan and Hong Kong. These guys just eat up this stuff. It’s pretty similar to South American soap operas; just without the hot chicks and the sex.

So anyway, this is perhaps the biggest scandal in Singapore in decades; all just a petty dispute by the very very petty characters in the royal household. For all those monarchists out there; that’s what happened to traditional monarchies. Here we have the very son of Lee Kuan Yew playing Duke of Orleans, bringing down the monarchy out of spite. And most likely not even personal spite, but just spite between their wives.

As it also tends to happen, the people at large are quite sceptic of all the scandal, and majoritarily support the King against his evil brothers. So it may still happen that the Queen gets her way and the Lee Dynasty goes on for a 3rd generation. I gotta say the crown prince, Lee Hongyi, does look like a proper king, though he denies any interest.


Or maybe it happens like countless previous times; the elite uses this scandal to dump the king, and follow up with what formally is already a Republic. So you’d get party politics and dissolve state controls on the media, and the typical signaling spirals of all democracies. The end of Singapore.

I did say that history wouldn’t be kind to Lee Kuan Yew’s legacy. But I didn’t think it would come down so fast. It is also no wonder that the old man looked so depressed in old age. What a bunch of useless brats. Especially his daughter, who lived with him until the end. He was pissed to no end at why she turned out like that. But I guess that, like so may men of action, he cared much more about his work than about his family. Reminds me of American Sniper, with Chris Kyle choosing Iraq over his family for many years. Why? Because he had a job to do. Domesticity was not for him. Well, we all reap what we sow.

Fake Science

After Donald Trump won the election, the Central Politburo of the Free Media© came up with the official interpretation of their defeat: Fake News™. People on Facebook were pasting news from shady sites saying that the Pope had endorsed Trump, and that led to Trump winning. Or something.

Now, I don’t know who came up with Fake News, but man, he struck a nerve. As a meme, Fake News is perhaps the biggest and most rapidly expanding one I’ve ever seen. It’s everywhere, the Left uses it to shit on Trump; the right uses it to shit on the Left. And not only in the West; go on any Asian internet forum and everybody is talking about Fake News this and Fake News that, translated to every language.

Now there’s a pattern to how memes expand. The same as words, really. They just serve a function. People adopt a new word usually because it fits in a mental pattern they already had, and it allows them to do something which is very useful. Some Cathedral honcho came up with Fake News for the sole reason to imply that Trump wasn’t a legitimate president; but the fact is people all over the world were already starting to understand that the news media wasn’t telling the objective truth. More often than not the media is just spinning facts in order to build a narrative for their own partisan political gain. Which is the very definition of the string “Fake News” as it is used today. CNN shits on Trump? Fake News. Fox News says something bad about the Democrats? Fake News. The NYT comes up with some corruption case about Xi Jinping’s advisors? 假新闻. Koreans come up with yet another sex slave from 1940? フェイクニュース. Somebody saw the King of Thailand fucking a dog? ข่าวปลอม.

So now that people understand what the news media is all about, and have a word to express it, it’s obvious that Fake News is here to stay. Which is a great thing; it’s quite accurate after all, even if Fake News gets thrown around to everywhere the enemy tribe says. What I don’t get is why the concept is yet to be extended to other extremely similar cases of content being sold as objective truth when it’s obviously just some story spun for political purposes. I’m talking of course of the scientific establishment. 90% of which is Fake Science. Global Warming? Fake Science. Social psychology? Fake Science. Economics? Fake Science. All of it.

Usually when some media apparatus or somebody on social media came up with some lame scientific paper and used it to justify anything, people who actually knew something about it would caution about Gell-mann amnesia. Which is a great concept to have. But it lacks the punch and ready accessibility of Fake Science. So let me propose that when any scientific article which isn’t about engineering or hasn’t been replicated n times and resulted in an actually workable and useful idea be deemed Fake Science. Just throw it around on Twitter, I think it’ll stick.




I did write a post on being cautious about extrapolating trends, but you never know.


Screenshot 2017-06-16 11.15.09

If I got my identity politics right, something just doesn’t add up here.


Years ago, when the alt-right was barely beginning to form, many Western patriots hang out at Lawrence Auster’s blog. There was one very interesting guy, called Conservative Swede. Eventually he surrendered, and I don’t know what is of him now. But he had a very interesting blog on Europe and Islam and all this stuff which now has been taken over by the alt-right and Frog twitter.

The best thing I ever read of Conservative Swede is when he wrote that Mecca will be nuked. Eventually. It just has to happen. If you had a computer simulation, and you had both Islam and nuclear power, the odds are that at some point someone is going to throw a nuke at Mecca. Islam just can’t help being violent and conflictive. Mecca is the center of Islam. And so eventually someone is going to get pissed at them and throw a nuke there. It may not even be outsiders. It might be Shi’a. It may even be some crazy Wahabbi who follows the signaling spiral to the end, and the same way the house of Muhammad was destroyed by the Wahabbis, well Mecca itself is a physical relic, so let’s burn it down. At any rate, Mecca will be nuked. It’s the inescapable conclusion of the intrinsic logic of Islam.

I recalled this argument when I was looking at this woman:

So Blair Imani is your typical black American Cathedral activist. She’s 60%+ white, around 110 IQ, she’s even kinda pretty. And most importantly, she’s loud, energetic and relentlessly self-promoting. A psychopathic status maximizer.

It wasn’t turning out that well for her, and so a couple of years ago she converted to Islam. Now you may think that’s a shamelessly opportunistic thing to do. And yeah, that’s precisely the point. But there’s also the detail that she has curly afro hair.


So by wearing the hijab, she actually looks better than before. Or at least not much worse See, this girl is smart. She’s playing many games at the same time.

My point is: the same way that Islam has an internal logic, which may or may not imply the nuking of Mecca. Progressive politics have an internal logic, which is a fall into identity politics and a war of all against all competing for victim pokemon points. Well this girl has it all. She’s black. She’s a woman. She is a “victim of sexual assault”. And she’s Muslim. And of course she’s a loud and energetic self-promoter. And she looks ok.

I just don’t see how she won’t get to be president of the United States. Or maybe not her, but something eerily similar. That’s just how the game works.

Sexual Orientation

This proves two ideas which have been part of common sense since the advent of humanity until 1960.

One is that women’s sexuality is more malleable than men’s. More psychological. Men are more physically constrained. More hard-wired, say. Which makes sense of course, because in the ancestral environment, indeed for all mammals, to achieve successful reproduction you just need to motivate the male. The female will do what it must, Melian style.

The second idea this proves is that abnormal sexual orientation is correlated with mental disease. And yeah correlation is not causation… sometimes. Sometimes it is.

Naughty May

How about making hard Brexit impossible by sheer incompetence?


That skirt is plenty naughty for a 60 year old woman, anyway.


Gender inequality in fertility

I’ve noticed people don’t wanna hear this, but I still gotta say it.

I was doing some light research to follow up on my last post. Stumbled upon this:


The writing is incredibly bad. Purposefully obfuscating. But the figures are very illuminating. Take a look at this one:
Screenshot 2017-05-31 18.04.48
TFR of German men: 1.27. That’s low.
TFR of German women: 1.67. Huh? German women are having 30% more children than German men. With whom?
With someone besides German men, of course. That’s how it works.
So now you know why:
Can’t fight Darwin.

Houellebecq on the new matriarchy

A while ago I said that France deserves to die, if only to atone for the dozens of evil intellectuals that she has inflicted on the world, from Rousseau to Derrida. That’s a bit harsh. France after all has given us Michel Houellebecq, and while he will never have 1/1000 of the influence of a crazy sodomite on drugs like Foucault, he is still the best writer in the whole world of the last 50 years, and that counts for a lot.

Apparently Monsieur Houellebecq went to Argentina to give some talks, and here’s one which got uploaded to Youtube. The talk is in French, with Spanish subtitles, both of which are quite tractable on Google translate. He talks about the current intellectual landscape of France, where everyone even half interesting is a reactionary, haunted by the left, but they don’t mind it, hold it as a badge of honor. Let me highlight the last 15 minutes.

Let me quote Tocqueville:

I want to imagine under what new features despotism could present itself to the world; I see an innumerable crowd of similar and equal men who spin around restlessly, in order to gain small and vulgar pleasures with which they fill their souls. Each one of them, withdrawn apart, is like a stranger to the destiny of all the others; his children and his particular friends form for him the entire human species;g as for the remainder of his fellow citizens, he is next to them, but he does not see them; he touches them without feeling them; he exists only in himself and for himself alone, and if he still has a family, you can say that at least he no longer has a homeland [patrie]. 

Above those men arises an immense and tutelary power that alone takes charge of assuring their enjoyment and of looking after their fate. It is absolute, detailed, regular, far-sighted and mild. It would resemble paternal power if, like it, it had as a goal to prepare men for manhood; but on the contrary it seeks only to fix them irrevocably in childhood; it likes the citizens to enjoy themselves, provided that they think only about enjoying themselves. It works willingly for their happiness; but it wants to be the unique agent for it and the sole arbiter; it attends to their security, provides for their needs, facilitates their pleasures, conducts their principal affairs, directs their industry, settles their estates, divides their inheritances; how can it not remove entirely from them the trouble to think and the difficulty of living?

This was published in 1840, in the second part of Democracy in America. I found it breathtaking. In terms of ideas, this own passage contains the whole of my work. I’d only add one thing: the individual in Toqueville at least has a friend and a family; in my universe he doesn’t anymore. So the process of atomization that he described has reached it’s final conclusion.

This passage also contains almost all of the work of Phillippe Muray. Phillippe only added one thing: that that power he described isn’t a fatherly power. He sees it as motherly power. And so the modernity announced by Muray implies the comeback of the matriarchy, in a new form, formed by the state. So the state keeps the people in a perpetual state of infancy; and the first enemy that modern society attempts to crush is virility itself.

In this sense, the evolution of France since Muray’s death [in 2006], and in particular since the socialists won the presidency, have confirmed his prophecies to an amazing degree. So much that even himself would have been surprised by, for example, the fact that France was after Sweden the second country in Europe to criminalize prostitution. I think he would have had trouble understanding it.

If I tell you my opinion, I believe that banning prostitution amounts to abolishing one of the fundamental pillars of society. It means making marriage impossible. Without prostitution as a corrective, marriage collapses, family collapses too, and then society for demographic reasons. And so banning prostitution is simply one aspect of the European suicide.

So as things stand now we can predict a great future with a rather ancient formula, which comes from the Middle Ages, the 7th century. Salafist Islam. It’s true that right now the events aren’t quite agreeing with me. But I stand by my prophecy. Because jihadism will end, people always end up tiring of carnage and suicide. The proliferation of Islam is only on its early phases, because demographics are on its side. And Europe, by not defending itself, has a suicidal attitude. And we mustn’t think it will be a slow suicide. With a fertility rate of 1.3 or 1.4, it will happen very quickly.

Given the circumstances, I think all those debates that French intellectuals are having on secularism, Islam, etc. are all completely pointless. For they ignore the only relevant factor, which is the present state of the couple and the family.