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Welcome to my blog. I am a European translator of Asian languages who writes about history, politics, and philosophy as it relates to them.

I started this blog in 2011, and since then I developed a few theories which have been influential. The background of my thought is that modern Civilization, more precisely modern Western Civilization, is on a death spiral. I try to use the insights taken from world history, the theory of evolution and pragmatic philosophy to understand why. These are some of the main ideas:

  • Humans are social animals, and religions are the way that humans build social capital so that a culture can last and prosper. The present religions aren’t doing a very good job, so we should think about developing a new one. I call this We Need a New Religion.
  • Human minds do not have rational and irrational halves. Humans have evolved to care about social status, and all our behavior is designed to maximize it. Behavior which is often regarded as “irrational” should be understood as status-seeking behavior which happens to sacrifice other more immediate concerns. All people really care is about their position among their group of peers, their Dunbar circle. I call this Status Points theory.
  • Islam in its radical will continue to grow because it is good for men. Feminism lowers the incentive for men to raise families, hence the low birth rates all across the world. Islam allows men to dominate their women, which makes it easier for the average man to raise a family, hence the higher birth rates in Muslim countries. The shock that Muslim men feel on encountering Feminism in Europe is the biggest factor in driving Muslim men to Islamic terrorism. I call this Islam is Toxic Masculinity.
  • Any group, any political body requires the loyalty of its members in order to survive. It is not easy, though, to check people for their loyalty. Besides surveillance, a common method is to force people to make costly signals, i.e. make them do things that are hard for them, which lower their status. A common way of doing this is to force people to believe absurd things. Following ancient Chinese history, I call this Point deer, make horse.
  • All religions and ideologies contain silly, even absurd ideas. These ideas impose some costs into society, but they are necessary in order to ensure the loyalty of all members of society. In good, stable times, there is a set amount of ideas one must believe, but in times of political stability, when loyalty and cohesion in the power structure is broken, new absurd ideas and practices start to appear at an increasingly fast pace, creating societal chaos and cultural destruction. I call this a Signalling spiral.
  • High IQ people are driven to big cities, lured good education and employment opportunities. However once they get there, they are drawn to a rat-race of competition for jobs and for sexual opportunities. This, added to the complete emancipation of women, leads to the best human capital in the world delaying marriage and childbirth, which results in extremely low birth rates, in some places (e.g. Singapore) with TFR’s below 1. This results in the systematic destruction of the genetic material which produces high productivity in our modern economies. Thus I refer to modern economic centers as IQ Shredders.
  • In order to sell a product, you make give something people want. In order to build a political movement, you must give people higher status than they presently have. The key innovation of industrial-era politics was Leninism, which built a movement with those who were socially deprived in traditional society due to their class; peasants, workers and foreigners, which were loyal to the Communist project in exchange for erasing the class and tribe distinctions of traditional society. In the post-industrial world, the mainstream political force, Progressivism, has build an effectively one-party regime by recruiting those who were lower status in both traditional and industrial society, ie. pre-1960 society due to their biological characteristics: unmarried women, homosexuals, people of different races. I call this Biological Leninism. Or #bioleninism.

Most of the theories above were developed not by myself alone, but are the result of many years through many years of debate and discussions with like-minded friends, discussions held in this blog and on other online and real venues. Some people call us reactionaries, others neoreactionaries, others #fullreactionaries. If you are more interested in these ideas you can reach me by email, interact with the community of commenters at this blog, or read other friendly sites, such as Social MatterThermidorOutside inJim’s, or Mencius Moldbug’s.

My writing tends to have a focus on language, on using proper and accurate terms to name things, and how unclear language tends to have political intentions behind them. I also write often about international politics, which a focus on East Asia. China is growing to be a power which can rival the global hegemony of the United States. I believe that to be a good thing, but in opinion, informed by my knowledge of the people and my readings of its history, China is very different from Western powers, and has neither the interest nor the capability to run a global empire where it exports its culture and institutions.

I personally moderate the comments on the blog. Any uncivil comment gets deleted, and its author banned.

I can be reached at spandrell -at-163●com

14 responses to “about

  1. no name August 22, 2016 at 01:29

    Looks like things between China and Japan are heating up quite seriously.
    If Japan gets back its will-to-power, that can’t be avoided.

    Meanwhile, looks like at least some of Germany’s elite are start to wonder if, perhaps and possibly and maybe, a couple of millions of Arabs getting in a short lapse of time into their country may, might, could, lead to some trouble.

    And there you have them, with their wish or will to “ban burqas”.
    I mean, brick heads, why let them settle in your country to begin with?

  2. BD August 23, 2017 at 01:12

    Your work is brilliant. Can you list your social media? Also, please get on Gab & other free speech sites.

  3. Conrad January 25, 2018 at 03:19

    I’m amazed at your understanding of both western and eastern culture. Are you ethnically Chinese? If not, how did you learn so much of the language?

    • spandrell January 25, 2018 at 09:21

      Thank you.

      I’m 100% white. I’m good at languages, and I find Chinese enjoyable. That’s really all of it.

      • Conrad January 26, 2018 at 03:37

        I’m ethnic Chinese, 1.5 generation immigrant. When I was younger I thought it was impossible to understand and appreciate both cultures. I thought people somehow just adopt one way of life and need not think about anything else. I’m beginning to understand that the fundamental unit at the level of a human being is still the same. Culture is more like a temporary equilibrium. At the basic level, as the saying goes, 天下乌鸦一般黑.

        Your latest Lenism posts have been eye opening. I am a new fan.

    • iWIsh March 12, 2019 at 01:05

      That’s what I used to wonder about, in the past.
      When I had came across enough ≥140 IQ people, I realized it was normal, for them, to learn other languages, written in other scripts than their native’s, at ages where the others can no longer learn any more.

      Say one of these people gets very involved in a topic (Hindu and Buddhist philosophy, Japanese literature, Arab thought, German philosophy, …), after a while they’ll have learned the relevant alphabet and language (some thousand words) and be in a position to read what they want to in the original idiom, which is always a better thing than reading it in translation, and even write it.

      I guess they can still learn one or two more languages (computer languages or verbal languages) when they are 50…
      I know two or three circa-160 IQ people who could learn one or two new languages without much strain when they were older than 60. Lol.

      That’s what you call real privilege, but nature is really, really classist.

  4. Conrad February 5, 2018 at 04:55

    Are you American or European? Just trying to understand how you’re so concerned about different parts of the world.

  5. gmachine1729 September 15, 2018 at 23:35

    你好,在Unz Review上黑了我的。

  6. iWish March 12, 2019 at 01:11

    Human minds do not have rational and irrational halves. Humans have evolved to care about social status, and all our behavior is designed to maximize it. Behavior which is often regarded as “irrational” should be understood as status-seeking behavior which happens to sacrifice other more immediate concerns. All people really care is about their position among their group of peers, their Dunbar circle. I call this Status Points theory.

    Ever felt curious about what an isolated, average person would behave like if shipped to the moon, with the assurance that no Earth-operated cameras were following them?
    Surely most mental mechanisms are automated, unconscious, and genetically scripted, so they would still be aware of status implications in their actions, or would they.

    I wonder if people who end up in isolation are at great risk of turning insane because all of their mental functions — the only ones they have installed — became too patently aimless, and then they don’t know what else to think, want, and act for.

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