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Patriarchal Sexual Law

We live in a world of sexual license. Sexual freedom we could say. You can sleep with whoever you want and neither state authorities, nor most people, will interfere with your sexual life. You can even engage in the most unnatural, disgusting and disease-inducing activities; but criminal law just has nothing against you.

This alone is a sign that the patriarchy doesn’t exist anymore. Patriarchies are systems in which all women belong to a man; the husband after marriage, the father before that, or the head of the household if she’s a servant of some sort. Women have this uncanny ability to make men want to have sex with them, and at the same time prefer to have exclusivity in that matter. Not to mention the potential for disease or childbirth. So naturally their legal guardians had to take care that women, i.e. their property, was not captured by other men to have sex with them without proper compensation. As such, law regulating sex in the pre-modern period where every bit as complicated, and as harsh, as laws regulating finance and property in our day.

Imperial Chinese law on marriage is a lot of fun, but most interesting are their laws on fornication. Fornication belonged to criminal law, ever since the very first complete legal code on compiled during the early Tang Dynasty in 624, which has remained to us as the 唐律疏義 tánglü shūyì. More importantly, rape was understood as fornication + force, a more serious crime but nothing really different. The difference is stark between a legal code which lasted pretty much intact for 1300 years, and our present day of female supremacy, when rape has been reinterpreted every few years as the single most heinous crime that can be committed, while at the same time requiring no standards of proof.

What follows is a translation of the legal code of the Qing dynasty (1644-1911), the 大清律例 dàqīng lülì, tome 33. I have the book but you can find the text in Wikisource.

犯姦 Fornication

1. 凡和姦杖八十 . Any fornicator gets 80 strokes of the big stick.

zhang was a big wooden stick with a flat surface, the worst of two available corporal punishments. It was normally applied to the buttocks or the back. If done strongly it could kill a fit man after 50 strokes or so. The traditional maximum was 200, so it was usually never applied that strongly. Bribes to the executioner in advance helped make him feel weak that day.

At any rate, 80 strokes for peaceful, consensual fornication is a lot of strokes. 80%+ of the sex going on in any modern society is fornication. Think about that.


有夫者杖九十.  If there’s a husband, 90 strikes.

Obviously any consensual fornication with a woman with a husband is morally worse than if the woman is single, so you get 12% more strikes of the big fat wooden bat.

刁姦者[無夫有夫]杖一百. Seducers get 100 strokes, whether the woman has or does not have a husband.

– 刁姦 supposedly meant getting to fornicate on false pretences; the man (or woman, I guess) getting to seduce the other part by lying about its attractiveness or something. 100 strokes to you for lying. –

強姦者絞. Rapists [literally “forced fornicatiors”] get hanged. Not immediately, most death penalties were done after review on autumn. But rapists got hanged, period.

未成者杖一百流三千里. Attempted (but unfulfilled) rape  gets exile to 3,000 li away.

– A li was a bit more than 500m during the Qing (set at 576m around 1900), so about 1,700km away. –

凡問強姦須有強暴之狀婦人不能掙脫之情亦須有人知聞及損傷膚體毀裂衣服之屬方坐絞罪 This is commentary to the law: “All cases of rape require proof of violence, and proof that the woman couldn’t get away. Also they need someone in the know (i.e. a witness) and damage to the skin [of the victim] as well as her clothes, in order for the penalty of hanging to be valid.”

若以強合以和成猶非強也. If intercourse starts as forced but ends as consensual then [it means] it wasn’t forced”.

– Important point here. Very important point. Again this is commentary later added to the law. I wonder what case(s) prompted this to be added.-

如一人強捉一人姦之行姦人問絞強捉問未成—-流罪””If one man forcibly captures [a woman] and another man rapes her, the rapist gets hanged. Attempted rape gets exile”

又如見婦人與人通姦見者因而用強姦之已係犯姦之婦難以強論依刁姦律  If a man sees a woman fornicating, and because of that rapes her, it’s unfair to argue it’s rape, and so it’s sentenced as “seduction”. So rape of a fornicator gets you 100 strokes of the rod, not the death penalty. Hey, she was in the market after all.

姦幼女十二歲以下者雖和同強論. Fornication with a girl below 12 years old gets treated as forcible (rape), i.e. hanged, period. Not unlike what Anglo countries call “statutory rape”.

其和姦刁姦者男女同罪. In case of consented fornication and seduction, men and women get the same penalty.

姦生男女責付姦夫收養. If fornication results in a birth, the male fornicator must raise the child.

姦婦從夫嫁賣, 其夫願留者聽. If the female fornicator is married, her husband can sell her to someone else, or keep her if he so chooses.

若嫁賣與姦夫者姦夫本夫各杖八十婦人離異歸宗財物入官 If she is sold to the male fornicator, the fornicator *and* the cuck husband each get 80 strokes of the big stick. The woman is sent back to her father and her property is impounded by the government.

強姦者婦女不坐 Raped women have no punishment.

若媒合容止[人在家]通姦者各減犯人[和刁]罪一等 . People who promote or provide lodgings for fornication get the same punishment as fornicators, with one degree less. So 70 strokes of the big stick instead of 80.

[如人犯姦已露而代]私和姦事者各減[和刁強]二等 . People who, knowing fornication took place, do not denounce it to the authorities and instead helps the parties reach a private agreement, get the same punishment, with two degrees less. So 60 strokes of the big stick.

*This part is important*.

其非姦所捕獲及指姦者, 勿論. If someone claims there was fornication but didn’t actual caught them in the act, there is no crime.

若姦婦有孕[姦婦雖有據而姦夫則無憑]罪, 坐本婦. If a female fornicator is pregnant, she alone is punished. After alone, there is proof of her deed, but not of the man’s.

– Again, you needed proof, which wasn’t easy to come by. –

After the main articles come some further detailed regulations.

一 、凡職官及軍民姦職官妻者 , 姦夫、姦婦女並紋監候 . If a public official or military man fornicates with the wife of a public official, both male and female fornicator hang.

若職官姦軍民妻者,革職,杖一白的決. If a public official fornicates with the wife of a military man, he is fired and gets 100 strokes of the big stick, [maximum penalty]. In this case the sentence had to be executed, he couldn’t evade it with money (as normal penalties could).

姦婦枷號 一 個月,杖 一 百. Fornicating military wife must carry the cangue for a month, and 100 strokes of the big stick.


– The cangue was a square made of wood with a hole for the head, or sometimes the hands, which people couldn’t get off. It’s basically a very funny way of making everyone know you’re a criminal. In this case a huge slut.


其軍民相姦者,姦夫 、 姦婦各枷號 一 個月,杖 一 百. If two military people fornicate, they get the cangue for one month, and 100 strokes of the big stick.

其奴婢相姦,不分 一 主,各主,及軍民與官員,軍民之妾婢相姦者,姦夫姦婦各杖一百. If two servants fornicate, whether they belong to the same master, or have different masters, as well as when military men fornicate with the concubine of a military men or a public official,  both fornicators get 100 strokes of the big stick.

– Note that simple fornication between free people was 80 strokes. –

凡有輪姦之案,審實,俱照光棍例,分別首從定擬. For cases of gang rape, after investigating the truth, officials must follow the Thug Regulations, and sentence separately the leader of the gang and the followers.

– The Thug Act being apparently Qing Dynasty official jargon for a special law for hoodlums and petty gangsters that the dynasty set up pretty early on. A principle of that law was to punish gang leaders with immediate beheading, and followers with deferred hanging. I guess the idea was to get the followers to rat on each other with the hope of having their death sentence annulled before Hanging Season started in the fall. –


The following article was about 雞姦, literally “chicken fornication”, which my dictionary tells me means “sex between men”. That I think is matter of another post.

My classical Chinese isn’t perfect and my legalese is even worse, so if there’s any error please let me know. But I think my translations are decent. I hope you get the gist of the law. Sex happens within marriage; period. If you must fornicate, at least take care that nobody knows or cares.

The Wars of the Sexes

What do Bronze Age Pervert and Brett Kavanaugh have in common?

Not a lot. One is a nudist bodybuilder, a tropical Nietzsche who wants to burn the cities and reduce women to breeding stock. The other is a pasty Irish Catholic Yale graduate who was pretty much a virgin until his marriage at age 40, and to this day can’t help crying like a girl when referring to the women “friends” during his life who gave him the slightest amount of attention.

Imagine these two guys in the same room. Would they get along? I don’t think so. And yet here we are, in this strange world where not only BAP, but millions of people in and outside the internet defending this Irish cuck and his all-female team of legal clerks. So what’s going on?

Let’s talk about the Women Question (WQ). The WQ is the realization among a few select men of intelligence that female emancipation has been a complete and utter disaster for civilization. What started rather innocently with giving limited economic rights to women (having a bank account, inheriting property) has spiraled in less than two centuries into a full fledged war of the sexes, making life miserable for hundreds of millions. And most importantly, depressing the birth rate of the most valuable people on earth.

It used to be that genes for better strength and health, for higher intelligence, for physical beauty, made you leave more offspring, while the unfortunate carriers of genes that made you unhealthy, ugly or stupid were unable to reproduce themselves. Well not anymore. The best people on earth today are all, thanks to the open sexual market of all against all (the extension du domain de la lutte of Houellebecq’s first novel) brought by female emancipation, squeezing themselves into big global cities, competing for status in a non-stop rat race which makes family formation impossible. They thus fail to have babies to inherit their precious genes, wasting them into these massive IQ shredders which dominate the modern world. I called them IQ shredders as IQ is the most pressing concern (no IQ no electricity, folks), but it’s really shredding all the genes of excellence that mother nature has spent millennia making for us.

This is not exactly a race thing, as it’s genes for excellence themselves which are being wasted in the global status rat race. It’s not just Indians or Africans outbreeding Whites. It’s the worst blacks and the worst Indians outbreeding the best of their kind. The first ethnic group to literally go extinct due to feminism won’t be any European people: it would be the Parsis, long the highest-performing ethnic group in the whole of India. They are actually going extinct because their women would rather take PhDs than make babies. And they do that because women don’t actually like most men. Women are wired to like the top 10-20% of men, “top” meaning bigger, stronger and more violent. It’s how it works in most mammals, you can’t argue with 500 million years of evolution. Hate the game, not the player.


If you think this doesn’t concern you, you’re wrong. The whole Western world is slowly morphing into having the demographics of Brazil, roughly half white, half black. But Brazil itself is shedding its best people. The next step there is South Africa, 10% white. But again we know what’s going on with South Africa and their planned dispossession of its white population. You know what comes after South Africa? The endgame is Haiti. If feminism isn’t stopped and reversed, the whole world will be Worldwide Haiti (WWH). Now think of that.

So what do we do? Opposition to feminism has a long history, but as feminism advanced from demanding equal rights to achieving effective supremacy, more and more men are noticing what’s going on, and are growing apprehensive at the dispossession of the male sex and the likely coming of Worldwide Haiti. I see four kinds of reaction to late-stage feminism.

  1. Surrender. Marry, have children, live a life of enforced domesticity, take the risk of your wife destroying your life unilaterally on a whim, taking your assets and your children. Maybe you’re lucky and you get a good woman. Or maybe you actually enjoy domesticity.
    It’s not an ideal solution for most men, it doesn’t solve the evil of feminism; but it does produce children, so credit where it’s due, we should thank the sacrifice that these men do for the future of our peoples.
  2. Quit. Men going their own way (MGTOW). The Japanese innovated here, as usual. In 2-chan they call live as a beta man today (80%+ of men) “playing in hard mode”. What do you do if you just can’t beat the game in hard mode? You quit and run a different game, of course. You buy a pillow with your favorite anime character of a 14 year old nymphomaniac with H-cup tits and a 10-inch waist and proclaim her your wife on your favorite internet forum.
    Not a solution, and really fucking disgusting on times. Withdrawal from the sexual market tends to make people into ambiguous freaks. At any rate it doesn’t help at all. This is a “you can’t fire me, I quit” kind of move. If you couldn’t get laid anyway, you aren’t quitting the sexual market, you have been fired. Withdrawing into a fantasy world, while an understandable instinct in some cases, doesn’t affect the sexual market equilibrium in the slightest. Betas are just invisible to women anyway, getting out of sight just makes it easier for them.
  3. Play the game. When playing a game in hard mode, some people quit. Some people take the challenge and master it. In the sexual game, they learn Game. Seduction techniques. Become an alpha, what women want. You read Heartiste, go on learning how to pick up women. Pump and dump. It’s a risky game to play, but rewards are high. If the man is so inclined it might lead to a successful taming of a woman and the production of good children. In other cases it leans to decadence and long-term misery. It’s not an ideal solution, in that it doesn’t quite solve feminism, and in fact provokes women into further escalating their demands for supremacy in order to rein down on men. Remember, women don’t want “good men”. They went the statistical “best men”. They just want the top 20% alphas. Faking an alpha is a short terms solution that only leads women to recalibrate their algorithms to come up with a new 20%. But hey, as pointless as it often is, as a man I can only respect the man who takes up the challenge and beats the game in hard mode.
  4. Now I don’t know how to call this strategy. I could just call it the BAP strategy. Or the Mishima strategy. Maybe call it Retreat, Regroup and Entice. Strategic Withdrawal. Or Sexual Cannae. Perhaps the best name would be the Mannerbund Strategy. Ever since the Industrial Revolution broke the equilibrium of the sexes in the civilized world, and brought men into the cities and into wage labor, plenty of people have deplored the effect this had on men, becoming effeminate and weak. Amusingly many of those who complained have been homosexual, as the leaders of the German Wandervogel in 19th century, or Mishima in 1960s Japan, or Jack Donovan in present America. This makes sense; homosexuals like real, strong men, even more so than women do, give their higher sex drive. While Bioleninism has been taking care of homosexuals of late, in a purely sexual way, homosexuals are the biggest victims of the dispossession of men and state-mandated effeminacy since the 1800s.

Of course not all of the strategic withdrawalists have been homosexuals; Nietzsche obviously comes to mind. At any rate, their idea is that men should recover their masculinity, go back not to pre-industrial times, but to the heyday of manhood, the culture where were not only in charge, their were heroic, and even beautiful. Ancient Greece. The Greeks just didn’t saw much of a point in women, for them men were just perfect, got things done, were fun to be with, and were beautiful to see even. Women were annoying and not even that good looking. So what Greek fans argued is that, if women are gaining power and annoying men, men should withdraw, live together, form mannerbunds and do their own manly things. Have fun and stop caring about women at all.

That’s fine and all. And in the 1920s and 30s, these male aesthetes were in some way responsible for the uber-manly fascist movements in Europe. The Nazis, and especially their armed forces, the SA, were full of crypto-homos such as Ernst Röhm. And they carried the day; Europe was this close to fall into communist horror, and it was only the handsome paramilitary armies of the post-Wandervogel boys that saved Western Europe from communism. So cheers to them. Homos saved Europe from communism once because they found mass rallies of armed muscular men arousing. And… then they were purged, with long knives. Cheers to that too.

While mannerbunds sound like real fun, they’re not quite clear on how that solves the feminism problem. Well yes, Mannerbunds are different from omega MGTOWs in that the latter are invisible to women anyway, but the former, by the sheer size and hardness of their abdominal muscles, have a way of making women crazy

But still, getting women horny doesn’t solve the issue of producing quality babies if you don’t actually go through the trouble of impregnating them. Which you can’t in any civilized country, not if you want to stay in the mannerbund, given women’s legal power to enforce serfdom to the genetic father of any of her babies.

While I sympathize with the idea, and hope history remembers me as the man who provided the theoretical justification for destroying IQ shredders and salting the land, for better or worse, we don’t live in the Bronze Age anymore, and omegas married to their pillows are likely to be more useful at Razing the Cities through their knowledge of programming or nuclear engineering than Mannerbund Aesthetes with expertise in ancient art history.

The question remains, though: what can we do? How do we prevent Worldwide Haiti? Bring back the patriarchy? A subset of strategy 1, marriage, is trying to recreate a patriarchy inside an isolated society. A well known example is the Benedict Option, by religious-shopper Rod Dreher. The idea is that people should isolate from mainstream progressive society and try to pull a medieval Benedictine hill monastery kind of trick, and do their own thing in blessed isolation. A long but insightful review of the book by veteran blogger Handle can be found here

The Benedict Option is a really misleading naming for what should have been plainly called “The Amish strategy”. Because that’s what you need to keep your women in control. The Amish have a patriarchy alright. They even get progressive journos sent to document how evil and patriarchal they are. But they are left alone, for some reason. Doesn’t mean any neo-Amish movement starting from scratch would be. And that’s assuming any woman born in our feminist supremacist society would actually join in. The Amish are already there, after all, and nobody’s joining them.

The patriarchy only evolved in places where the local ecology made necessary the hard labor of men for survival. Places where women couldn’t feed themselves. Places with cold winters. Places where you needed granaries to store food for the winter, and men to guard those granaries from enemy peoples. In those places men got to rule, because what were women going to do anyway? They would starve and freeze without a man.

And so a system was set where every single women was subject to a man, either her husband or her father. Sexual access to women (and her labor, which was often quite useful at home) required a lifelong contract, or else. Now some patriarchies allowed polygamy. Europe didn’t. But the general point that women were subject to men was respected; and that was what kept most men with skin in the game, willing to contribute their productive labor to society at large.

That was just a function of the economy. There’s plenty of places where women can feed themselves without men. Warm, tropical places. You don’t have patriarchies in those places, unless a northern tribe conquered them and kept it by cultural inertia. You never get a matriarchy, women are never physically strong enough nor organized enough to rule over men. But you do get matrilineal and matrilocal societies: places where women do their thing, feed themselves, fuck who they want, and interact with men mostly on the women’s terms. The Chinese call one of these matrilineal hill tribes as having 走婚, walking marriage. Because the women live all with their womenfolk, sex happens when a man walk to the woman’s house, screws her, and then leaves. The kid belongs to the mother’s house, the couple can break at each other’s whim (though there’ll plenty of nagging and gossip in the village), and the guy may or may not feed the child depending on how much of an asshole he is. He usually is.

That’s how society worked in much of Africa and Southeast Asia; women lived in their own villages, fed themselves. Men live with other men, have their cool mannerbund where they dress up and decorate themselves and work out and fight a lot, come and go to women’s villages now and then to exchange food and sex. Of course it’s not that easy going; it’s heavily ritualized with festivals and ceremonies and so on, and sex pairings are supposed to be exclusive unless something goes wrong. The late Henry Harpending had a great writedown of this sort of societies, and how men and women relate to each other in the absence of a pressing need for marriage, as in winter societies.

That’s where we’re moving now. That’s the sort of society that arises when women can feed themselves. Of course our societies today are much worse than that. During the transition to a female-centered society, women want to have it both ways: they want the freedom of a tropical society, but they also want the amenities of a patriarchal civilized society. Every day they see their standard of living dropping as men refuse to marry them and pay for women’s lifestyles, women nag and cry about how evil men are. Well, that’s how it works. You can get to chase Chad to your heart’s content. You already do, and it’s been a thing in tropical societies for tens of thousands of years. But what you don’t get is to chase Chad and get Dad to pay for it.

Matrilineal societies have reasonable fertility rates, even today, so the total collapse of sex relations in modern civilized societies is probably more a function of the slow motion breakdown of the patriarchy and women knowing they’re screwed either way, than just a function of female choice. Women do like babies. They just want to have yours. And they want to travel too. And have a career. Aah! I can’ even.

Can we go back to a patriarchy? We could. I guess the Mannerbund proponents envision a small army growing steadily, first a dozen kids, then one hundred, then one million, then revolting, razing the cities, conquering the world. That would work.

Absent that, though, capitalism is here to stay, female labor is 90% bullshit but still 10% useful. Most importantly, food is cheap. Women can feed themselves either way. They didn’t like the patriarchy, they won’t go back without force; force that men just don’t have the organizational power to apply. The alphas are having a lot of fun, after all. A solution would be to flank the female army and come up with some technological innovation that made frontal engagement unnecesary. Embryo selection and CRISPR could again, in a few decades, produce quality babies without having to fix sex relations. Artificial wombs could make Brave New World a reality. Worldwide Haiti could be avoided, good babies produced and neither men nor women would have to cope with lifelong marriage, which let’s be honest, 80% of men nor women don’t really enjoy.

That’s assuming that advanced civilization stays in a more or less stable way. In that case the  breakdown is here to stay. If some big fat SHTF moment happens, if there’s widespread collapse, then all bets are off. An old school patriarchy would have the upper hand there. But it would have to be solid, have a strong religion behind it. A new religion, perhaps.