Bloody shovel

Don't call it a spade

Naughty May

How about making hard Brexit impossible by sheer incompetence?


That skirt is plenty naughty for a 60 year old woman, anyway.



4 responses to “Naughty May

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  2. rcglinski June 9, 2017 at 15:52

    The Tories should have had the guy on the right in charge:×900-noPad.jpg?1492539762

    Stunningly poor decision to call for the general election. Maybe if she had kids they would have told her what a bad idea it was.

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  4. parisian June 10, 2017 at 05:06

    Incredible that Corbyn really did make her the laughingstock. I never paid much attention to her until the last couple of days, she was only interesting at Brexit last summer, was at least like a husk of a husk of Margaret Thatcher. By today, her voice is remarkably small, dependent (hilariously) on such things as open borders between Ulster and Eire.

    Does have good figure for her age, and wears suits well, but I started noticing the tight-fitting black dresses before I even knew she’d gotten rid of so many police as Home Secy., and still wanted to embody ‘strength’. Quite sluttish.

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