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No enemies to the…

So this:


Led to this:


While Fidel Castro, murderer of tens of thousands, communist dictator which forever ruined what was a pretty nice country dies:

Fidel Castro

And a fucking ruling prime minister has this to say:


Yes, of course, I know, it’s not the same. They have power, they get to say what they want, we are not in power and gotta be careful. But the left has always been like this. They weren’t always in power. Maybe they know something about power that we don’t. Just sayin’.



So there’s a stampede of people trying to disavow and disassociate from the alt-right because Richard Spencer has gone full-Nazi. The speech is out there. It’s pretty lame. Not a fan myself. But hey, works for him. I’m sure he’s having the time of his life. Getting laid like a champ, if he’s into ladies. I’m happy he’s having fun, instead of blue-haired fat Hillary supporters having fun.

Jim has done an eloquent argument for having no enemies to the right. I have little to add to it. What I will do is talk what I know about, language. See, the alt-right isn’t a thing. “Alt-right” is a word. A word with no clear owners, no set definition. I actually recall it starting with Spencer himself; then it got a big bigger, then Hillary made it famous in her speech, with even Bannon putting it to good use. I myself too jumped into the bandwagon, if only to make a linguistic point.

But the thing with words is that you don’t get to control what their usage. People are getting out because they’re afraid that “alt-right” will be used as a buzzword for Sieg-Heil-ing Nazis, and they don’t want to be associated with that. That’s a reasonable point. Leftists in the USA call themselves “liberal”, because the word “socialist” became associated with bad things. That never happened in Europe where there are proud Socialist Parties in almost every country. Perception matters, language usage is mostly a function of habit, if the mainstream press succeeds in associating the word “alt-right” with Spencer’s LARPers through sheer repetition, the thing will stick.

So people may need a new name. But don’t forget that you won’t get to control the new name. Neoreaction was a cool name until Eternal September happened and it soon enough became associated with depressed medicated millennial monarchists. Nick Land has had more success using his fame and charisma to basically own the “NRx” brand. He gets to define it; good for him. Ownership is good. There’s a reason why intellectual trends always happened on a personal master-apprentice basis. The extreme left is always splintering into different parties, all named by some variant of Revolutionary Trotskist Democratic Action Communism or whatever.

We all need a name. “Alt-right” was a good name, and it was useful as a marker for the non-cucked right during this election. But of course a name without an owner is always going to cause the same problem: somebody stupid and vain is going to use it to do something that you’d rather they didn’t do. There’s millions of people in this earth; you just can’t stop this. Somebody will do something stupid sooner or later.

You have two options: you can not care; ignore the criticisms of your enemy, be overtly accepting of everybody to your right. Or if you do care; then you need to get a new name and own it. You need authority; a school, a school master, and a chain of command so that you can ensure that nobody does anything stupid.

And by the way some people are saying that Nazis aren’t “to our right”. But of course there are. You see, humans are pretty smart. There’s hidden wisdom in the categorization of “extreme left” and “extreme right”. Sure, the actual policy proposals of communists and Nazis (national socialists!) are fairly similar. But that’s not the point. Politics isn’t about policy. If you’ve learned anything in this blog is that people’s overt statements are just signaling positions in a personal game of status struggle.

What “extreme” means is willing to use extreme means to gain status. The extreme left is  batshit communist, feminist lesbians who argue for the extermination of men, people who are willing to use violence to get on top. The extreme right is batshit Nazi, people claiming the white race is genetically superior to all, that white men are all by birth natural conquerors and crusaders, willing to argue for the extermination of other races, people who are willing to use violence to get on top.

Character is inborn; your politics are just an avatar of that. Some people want status very very badly. Some don’t care that much. Your politics generally is a function of that and your particular identity, which drives to the camp which you find more likely to bring you status. As of me; I wouldn’t mind that Richard Spencer and his folk gained some status; I sure prefer it to blue haired lesbians and black gay men gaining status. So I won’t have enemies to my right. Just don’t ask me if I agree on what they say. I don’t think the question even makes sense.

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Keep up the pressure

Twitter these days is a joy to see. Liberals crying and moaning. And our people gloating and keeping up the pressure. Never let down people. In a war initiative is everything. Never give the enemy any breathing time. Break their morale.

Some examples.

And then of course there’s stuff like this:

The smarter leftists are deep in self-reflection, constantly wondering “how did I get this wrong? How did we all miss this?”.

I thought a new slogan to say to these people.

Check Your Signaling.

Yes, Shlomo. You lost your bets because you were busy signaling. Every time you say something stupid we’ll be there to tell you: Check your signaling. Because we know. We know you’re full of shit. And the thing is, we know you know it too. You’re a smart guy. You just need somebody to remind you. To shame you on your fawning to the elite. To shame you on your greedy status-seeking. To shame you on your signaling.

The Left is getting ready to spend 8 long years signaling how “people are afraid”, shitting on Trump day and night signaling how they are the protectors of blacks, mexicans, sexual deviants and every kind of fucked up people. They are not doing this because of any belief they hold. They are doing this because they want status. They signal holiness in order to make money and get attractive mates. That wouldn’t matter if that’s all they did; but then every once in a while they get in a position of power and they have to make good on their signaling by implementing leftist policies; leftist policies that are harmful to everyone; even themselves. Do white leftists really benefit from all the leftist policies of the last 50 years? Of course not! They are wrecking Western civilization as a whole. Matt Yglesias got beat up by black thugs and sent to a hospital. Plenty of leftist women have been raped and assaulted. Look at Germany! They don’t do it because it’s good for them long term. They do it because it makes them look good short-term.

Behavioral economics is some academic claptrap that leftists came up with to justify arbitrary government intervention. The gist is that humans are stupid, full of biases, and government needs to help them for their own good. And you know, they have a point. Humans have a bias to signal holiness, even when its harmful for them. Well, we, out of charity and love for humanity, will help them out of it. We will help them Check their Signaling, making them shut up, so that they don’t hurt themselves down the line.

Remember, this is very important. Don’t think it’s just talk. Talk is very important. Stop the signaling and soon enough they’ll stop their evil-doing. Call them out. Every single time.


It’s Happening


The thing with Divine Revelation is that it is hard to notice. But sensitive people of all stripes can and do notice what is going on. Those with heartened hearts do not see what is happening even if its in front of their noses. But those who understand the ways of the Gods can sense it even thousands of miles away.

The Minister of the Interior (!) of Israel had this to say about the American election. (H/T Vladimir)

Shas chairman and Interior Minister Arye Deri said Thursday that Donald Trump’s election could herald the coming of the Messiah due to the blow he expects the next president will strike against the “non-Orthodox Jewish hold on the US government.”

“There is no doubt that one can give thanks to God that all those who have damned the [Jewish] covenant and would wipe out Judaism, thinking they could take control over the Land of Israel here and lead reforms in order to cause destruction received their blow,” Deri said during an address to the local religious council of Ashdod.

“Their influence and the great threat they posed to us because they held [control over] the US government… They understand that this power has disappeared and we can continue, God willing, to strengthen traditional religion and Judaism, transmitted down to us from generation to generation.”

Trump’s election, he added, presages the coming of the Messianic Age.

“If such a miracle can happen, we have already reached the days of the Messiah. Therefore, we are really in the era of the birth pangs of the Messiah when everything has been flipped to the good of the Jewish people.”

Now of course, when you have a hammer everything looks like a nail. To an Orthodox Jew, every hint of Divine Intervention looks like the coming of the Messiah. Different religions saw the Flood or the birth of Jesus in different ways; it’s natural that each have their own interpretation. But only one is True. And of course, we all know that what happened on Tuesday was not the Jewish Messiah. It was the prophecy of Kek.


And the works of Kek were done through the phallic avatar we call Anthony Weiner. Who incidentally is Jewish, so perhaps Mr. Deri has a point. But anyway.


These are minor details. I’m happy for Israel’s Minister. Let us all rejoice. Praise Kek.


Schadenfraude and Reflection

You might remember that I called leftists “psychopathic status maximizers”. Look at these people. Look carefully. Do you think they “believe” in some set of values?

No. It’s all crap. We know since David Hume. We humans don’t really know anything. You can’t. You only get to be quite certain after a lot of trial and error about a very narrow area that you are good at. Everything else is signaling. And signaling is done to gain social status. Everything is crap that people say to get at you, to gain some advantage and fuck over others.

Moldbug said it well too: journalists love power. Journalists in Elizabethan England didn’t care about human rights, they cared about the Great Virgin Queen. Who was widely hated, by the way. But you’d never know because those psychopathic status maximizers just did what they had to. And all these upset leftists who are uploading their narcissist signaling to Youtube will come around if the state religion ever changes. If Trump stays in power; they will adapt. And soon enough you’d be seeing the very same people, often the same individuals saying the complete opposite things, but in the same tone of voice and with the same insufferable attitude.

Let’s start the new religion

I want to build a virtual altar to worship these two figures:


Kinda like a Chinese temple worshipping Guan Yu and stuff like that.


Those with mad Photoshop skillz who pull it off will be highly rewarded. Praise Kek.

Inscrutable are the ways of the Lord

In 1944 Jorge Luis Borges, the best writer that the American hemisphere has ever produced; wrote a short story called “Three Versions of Judas”. The gist is that Judas should be our object of worship, because only by his treason of Jesus he made the crucifixion possible; and it was that which saved humanity. So no Judas, no salvation. Blessed be him.

Well, by that logic God Emperor Trump was made possible only by the treason of Anthony Weiner. So blessed be Weiner. Praise Weiner. Praise Kek.

Does anybody have a picture of Anthony Weiner with a green froggy face? I’ll print it out and give offerings every Tuesday.

Praise the Lord



Oh boy


I’ll just leave this here before it changes.


Every time I get more Twitter hits than usual I run a Twitter search to see what are people blabbering about me. It’s usually quite interesting. See here:

Heh. See also Alfa NL, who perhaps should call himself Maurice of Orange-Nassau or any cool soldier from Dutch history, wrote a post where he very kindly called me his Final Boss. I kinda like the attention. He writes how I’m a very compelling advocate of atheism. But he believes in God, and he wants to make God’s will a part of my theories.

He is misunderstanding me, as many do. I actually get quite a lot of correspondence by sympathetic Christians telling me that I could accommodate Christianity in this or that way. The very fact that I get sympathetic Christians reading my blog should tell you that I’m no atheist. I’ve explicitly said so myself long ago. And I’ve said so with the very same argument that Alfa NL makes in his post. There’s no point to atheism. It’s completely self-defeating. I totally get that. I’ve always got that, and over the years I’ve learned what I think is the exact mechanism that makes atheism useless and religion useful.

So why be an atheist? I’m certainly not. But as a writer I can’t be a theist. Thomas Huxley was in the same conundrum when he coined the word “agnostic”, which I think is a brilliant way to put it. Being a theist would destroy all my work. It’s cheating. I want to explain things with the available evidence. Inserting god here or there while I write about history or about theories of social behavior would be just too easy. So I don’t, and I never will. No good historian does.

But if you want to believe in God, but all means don’t let me stop you. If you want to believe in the coming race-war, by all means keep on believing that we will win. Don’t let my pessimism discourage you. Incidentally titled my blog “we shall drown and nobody will save us” after a funny page on a 1930s English textbook that I found at my grandfather’s, where they taught the difference between the usage of “will” and “shall”. I thought it was a pretty accurate reflection of my views. I stand by those views. I do think we’re likely going to hell. But I don’t want you to agree with me. I probably did back in 2011, but I don’t now, now that I know, and have extensively written about, what religion and ideology, and most social behavior is all about.

Razib Khan has had a similar epiphany, his one apparently being caused by his inside exposure to academic politics in the US. Razib Khan is an awesome blogger who’s been writing on history and human biodiversity for a decade already. If we were Chinese I’d call him 師傅 master and would have to be extremely polite with him. Razib knows his facts. He knows a whole lot of them.

But nobody likes facts. Well of course some people do. Razib Khan certainly does, as I do. But why? Because we’re good at it. We’re so much better than everyone else we know that we use the comparative advantage to try go get status. But people aren’t interest in the facts I give them. Why? Because being interested will make them lose, and me win. And they don’t want me to win, of course. Well my mother does (sometimes). But some people want me to lose, they want to win themselves. In this status struggle, the facts aren’t very important. They’re only a factor inasmuch as I make them a factor because I’m good at them so I use them to get status. But if my conversation partner is adamant at being hostile to me, he’ll deny the facts with extreme ease. All of them. You’ve all seen that happen. Especially on the internet.

The old Conquest’s law argues that everybody is conservative (sticks to the facts) in what they know best. But that doesn’t necessarily imply that they talk conservative. They must act conservative, behave conservative, basically because it’s the only way to get things done. But they don’t need to talk conservative. Many around here are constantly bemused about how high IQ, high conscientiousness, by any measure high performance people can be braindead liberals when you talk to them. Well of course they are; they must be, because it’s the way to get status. Talk is also a kind of behavior. It’s social behavior. And the point of social behavior is to maximize social status. So if talking progressive is the shortest path to social status, people are gonna talk progressive. They might even act progressive; but you might have noticed that people tend to do the talk but not the walk. They proclaim the equality of all races but live in white enclaves. They proclaim their love for public education but send their kids to private schools. Hypocrisy? No, just rational behavior.

Now the question of course remains; why is progressive talk the path to social status? The assumption in the right tends to be that the left is in power so they get to write the rules. 成王敗寇. The winner gets called the king, the losers get called rebel scum. And there’s something to that; but that begs the question: how did progressives get to power? There’s something to progressivism itself that gave them an advantage, an edge.

I’ve written extensively myself; perhaps my oldest and most long-lasting insight is that the particular beliefs of progressivism aren’t contingent. They aren’t just some random stuff that got in there. The progressive memeplex evolved because it’s fit. For better or worse, talk about human equality is good social glue. It makes it easy to make friends and keep them. It also makes it easy to virtue-signal; and people like that. It makes it easy for women to claim for power; and as S.A.M. Adshead pointed out, the history of modernity is the history of the feminization of civilization. So the memes that progressives talk about (not necessarily act upon), are, in a sense, just good manners.

Note that evolution works in the margin; it doesn’t follow that good social glue necessarily results in Bruce Jenner getting his dick chopped off using taxpayer’s money. But human equality, feminism, anti-racism, all those are evolutionary fit memes; the perfect cultural viruses that Richard Dawkins suspected were behind much of human history. He didn’t quite understand the mechanism; but then again he’s no sociologist. Human society is complicated; and mere discussion of it is a social bomb. He’s finding that out recently.

If progressive bullshit, if completely absurd beliefs work because they are good social glue; do facts matter? Does the cold, sharp truth that I write about count for nothing? No, it doesn’t. It hasn’t made me any friends. Search for my name in Twitter: you’ll find everyone is saying the same thing: I’m too negative, I don’t get religion, I give people no hope. And they’re right in the general point. But I do get religion. I don’t do religion; not in this blog. But I very much get it. I’m the one who’s been telling everyone that we need a new religion. I’m just least suited man in the world to come up with one. But I’m telling you it’s a good idea.

So again; don’t let me discourage you. You wanna believe in God’s Will: go for it. You wanna believe in Kek: I think it’s a great idea. Just don’t expect me to do Kek theology or to theology about God’s will in this blog. It’s not my strong point. I don’t do bullshit. I just don’t; I’m awfully bad at it. What I’m very good at is cutting through bullshit. Which I understand is counterproductive if you’re trying to build a cohesive political group, but chill. My focus is and has been to cut through progressive bullshit; and I will continue to do so. If and when the cult of Kek or something more suitable to my purposes and those of my family and people achieves power: I for one will be the first to worship our new God and shut up all this negative truth speech.

So get working in your theology. And if you want to think of me as the enemy; be my guest. Any workable religion will have to answer all the questions I’m posing here. Think of me as a friendly sparring. But I am friendly. No enemies to the right. Not until the new dynasty is founded, of course.

And incidentally: my last post about the founding of the Ming Dynasty got people excited and all that. But do remember: the first thing Zhu Yuanzhang did after consolidating power was forbid all cults across the whole empire, and torture and murder everyone who disagreed. Manicheanism and all these Lotus Societies pretty much died forever. Oops, here I am again with my negativity. But hey, I didn’t write the history books.