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Toxic Arab Masculinity

I was mildly surprised to see that I was getting hits from the Inthenews subreddit. Apparently a very nice reader posted a link to my recent post on how Islam in the West creates perverse incentives for the Establishment to double down on feminism and other progressive articles of faith, knowing that the native white population will back them as a convenient Schelling point against the tribal enemy, Islam. He says my post predicted exactly the sort of psycho who killed 84 people in Nice in July 15th, and I must say that I did.

Let’s take a look at the murderer, Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel. Apparently he drunk alcohol like a sponge, smoked pot, went to nightclubs, ate pork, and didn’t give a shit about Ramadan. He was a classic low IQ hoodlum who was more than happy to enjoy the hedonism that French culture offers to all men. His close acquaintances called him a “piece of shit”. And yeah, that’s a piece of shit if I ever saw one. And I’ve seen a lot.

As tends to happen with low IQ hoodlums he did have some luck with the ladies, and was married. With three daughters. I expect having three daughters, no sons, didn’t exactly please him. Having a wife also can’t have been very fun, given his penchant for booze and nightclubs. So again, as tends to happen with low IQ hoodlums, he often beat his wife. He also couldn’t hold a job, so his wife recently divorced him.

So now you have this low IQ hedonistic hoodlum who finds himself divorced by his wife, with three daughters, who will take a large part of whatever meager income he can make as a truck driver or whatever job a low IQ hoodlum is capable of doing. Which isn’t a lot. If you’re into having fun, and Mr. Lahouaiej (French spelling really is retarded) seems to be very much into having fun, seeing yourself in debt bondage for at least two decades to a family which you can’t even enjoy; well that sucks. That sucks very much. So he went postal.

Is Islam to blame? Well, yeah. The guy did shout Allahu Akbar while running over and shooting 84 people in Nice. The equivalent low IQ hoodlum, were he a white Frenchmen, which does happen, would have probably just shot himself, in extreme cases maybe shoot his wife and then himself. Were he a Christian he most certainly wouldn’t go kill innocent people shouting Christ is Great, or Richard Dawkins is my Hero, if he were an atheist.

But low IQ hoodlums who happen to be Muslim have a different way out. They can get to the mosque, meet some of their buddies, get an intensive jihad session by some 105 IQ Arab nerd, and suddenly realize that indeed his life sucks, that he’s fucked for life, that it’s all the fault of those damn infidels, and that Allah is merciful and provides him a way to die like a hero. Just get a weapon of some sort and kill a big bunch of people. Allahu Akbar.

So yeah, Islam is to blame. Islam is a necessary condition. Is it a sufficient condition, though? Certainly not. You need to be a low-life good for nothing kind of asshole to get yourself in that sort of situation in the first place. The trick is that, as it happens, Muslims tend to come from low IQ, high-impulsiveness populations who are way more likely than native Europeans to become a low IQ hoodlum. And modern European culture produces huge amounts of low IQ hoodlums. It provides them easy sex, cheap booze, drugs of all sorts, and an individualistic and hedonistic culture that pretty much dares you to not be a hedonistic fuck. Especially France, if I may say so.

So yes, it’s complicated. But not that complicated. At any rate having Muslims around in our culture just makes it inevitable for these things to happen. And blaming Islam is a perfectly reasonable conclusion.


Given present demographic trends, that is immigration and the birth rates of different ethnic groups, the data clearly points towards what I call Brazilification, i.e. Western countries eventually getting the demographics of Brazil.

Now, Brazil as a country has a lot going for it; that with nice beaches and hot girls. But its demographics and its politics aren’t precisely one of its strengths. Nor its murder and mugging rate. For some reason Rio de Janeiro was chosen to host the 2016 Olympics, and man, the thing is not looking good.


I had thought that the Brazil government wasn’t that stupid, and that the armed forces, if only them alone, had to enjoy high status and good pay. But no, apparently the Brazil government really is that stupid. How does that look for Brazilification of the Western world?

Who knows, who knows. The French are quite fond of striking too! Right now I guess this troops are well paid; but hungry and unpaid French troops holding machine guns in central Paris; well that would be something. France doesn’t have a tradition of military coups; not since the great man. But one’s gotta eat.


Brexit has made a lot of people write about how it symbolized the end of an era of ever greater integration and trade globalization. Now the trend is broken. The Olympic games are also a very powerful symbol of globalization, and the recent games have shown also signs of breakdown; billions stolen by corruption rackets; countries left with tons of debt and useless buildings left to decay. It won’t be long until some Olympic Games really bomb it, and the whole thing is abolished for good. Now that would be a fine symbol of the end of an era.


The Clam and the Sandpiper

There’s an old Chinese saying: when the Sandpiper and the Clam fight each other; it’s the fisherman who profits just by sitting there. While in English it doesn’t make much sense, in Chinese it’s exactly 10 characters, which roll beautifully off the tongue. 鷸蚌相爭,坐收漁翁之利.


Anyway, so Britain is now in turmoil after Brexit happened against all expectations; Cameron is out, and now they gotta look for a new leader to manage what is really a fairly complicated process.

So Boris Johnson left the race; ostensibly he was “backstabbed”. A commentator in Japan said that Boris never expected Brexit to happen, and the prospect of having to go himself to Brussels to negotiate is way more work than he’s willing to do; so he bailed. I don’t know.

So now there’s this Gove guy, who is Scottish, pretty ugly, a horrible public speaker and… well, see for yourselves.

I was going to call him a cuck after watching the first half of his speech, but after this part, I suspect that an interest for the sexual pleasure of his wife is not quite what’s wrong with him. His affliction is rather more commonplace.

So this is one choice, an ugly gay Scott. There’s another choice, apparently more popular. Theresa May. She has many things going on for her; but mostly it’s just that she looks and sounds a lot like Margaret Thatcher; and that’s a good thing in Britain. So the PM post is pretty much hers.

What about her, though, is she any good? I can’t say, but I was pleasantly surprised by this.


Referendums about the EU have been run in many countries in Europe for decades; they usually turn out negative, but the vote is routinely ignored. I, and I suspect most people in Europe were convinced that even in the event of a Brexit vote, that the EU and the UK elite would conspire to null the results and just go on with business as usual.

But no, the British government is actually committed to carrying this out. So this obviously is not some popular revolt of old evil racist white people. A big chunk of the elite, big enough to carry this out to the overwhelming dismay of the permanent bureaucracy, is very much committed to Brexit.

This is a good thing, of course, but it means we should reconsider many of our assumptions about the global elite of politicians, bureaucrats and big business, and how they’re hell-bent in creating a Global Brazil with brown pluralities in all Western nations, populist politics made impossible so the elite can keep feeding us degenerate entertainment and mass produced garbage in the name of Progress.

Now of course the most elite parts of the Brexit campaign have come out to say they have no intention of limiting immigration; and that’s their prerogative. If anything they should be lauded for admitting so at this timing. But at any rate, it appears that large parts of the elite have reached the conclusion that globalist institutions are not in their interest.

It follows that we should look at exactly how this elite in-fighting is occurring; who is fighting whom? Who will be the fisherman? I’m certainly just sitting here.