Bloody shovel

The Easy Way Out


A modest proposal. Don’t take it too seriously.

Western elites are hell-bent in allowing unrestricted immigration into Europe and America. Even if they’re all ISIS operatives. Muslims are not deemed to be a threat to the progressive establishment the same way that white-nationalism is, and they’re mostly right about that.

Given present demographic trends, at this rate large swathes of the West will be Muslim in 20 years time; and again the progressive establishment will do nothing about that; because doing something about that would strengthen the hand of white-nationalists, and that directly threatens the power of the progressive establishment. So odds are for a Brazil – Mexico style situation, where a white-ish progressive elite rules over a mixed demographic of various shades of brown. Living standards plummet on average, but the elites still do great, and a white middle class which keeps the lights on still manages to make a tolerable living. But note that progressivism is still the state religion, and that means a large proportion of white people will still buy the whole package, i.e. hedonism, low fertility, feminism, the whole thing. That means dysgenic fertility goes on forever; the end of that road is South Africa.

The only way out is for whites to stop being progressive. And that means whites to stop being white. This means whites must stop being distinctly white, i.e. they must join non-whites at something so that the state can’t just point at some group (besides progressivism), find it’s white, and crack down on it because non-progressive whites are traitors and thus evil. The easy way out, as Houellebecq recently found out, is for whites to convert to Islam.

You don’t have to be good Muslims. Just tolerably good ones. Islam sucks in many ways, but on the whole it’s preferable to progressivism. Muslims get married and can control their wives. Muslims breed, and the influence of polygamy is way overhyped. Polygamy just formalizes what happens everywhere; some married men get poon on the side. Big deal. I’d rather they take a second wife rather than bang someone else’s. Still very few do so. Being a second wife is way less glamorous than being a sexy mistress who has some hope of getting the first wife dumped and replace her. Being a second wife is a sign of poverty and shame. Chinese literature is full of women lamenting having to become second wives because their parents couldn’t afford to sustain them.

Any obviously white group is going to be targeted by progressivism as being the obvious threat that it is. And, like it or not, the progressive state has the capability of crushing any attempt at subversion, and is going to have it for the foreseeable future. The only way to avoid detection is to join a non-white group, a group that the progressive state just can’t attack. Islam is much less vulnerable to progressive attack. There’s a reason it’s been around for so long. While it sucks to join a group formed by smelly Arabs and inbred South Asians; eventually the cream rises to the top. And Islam needn’t suck as badly as it does. Wahabbism is a modern fad. Muslims historically also used to drink and be merry. Once whites get some weight in Islam, naturally it’d evolve into White Islam. And the examples we have of White Islam in the Balkans are a joke. Who the hell is going to bother learn Arabic? Oh yeah praise Allah. Friday’s off. Big deal. At least we could cover up our women and tell them to stop being such sluts.

A characteristic of Islam is that it requires of the faithful to take power once it has the numbers to achieve it. A 50% Muslim country, let alone a 80% one, wouldn’t remain progressive for long. Eventually the Muslims will take over. The question is who is going to be part of that. You could remain defiant, and become a jizya paying white minority, to be squeezed and bullied forever. Or you can convert early and join the fun before the Arabs get to uppity. Ever seen the pictures of the Ottoman sultans? They’re whiter than me. Ever seen the Istanbul elite? They’re whiter than you.

So think about it. I’d certainly do so if I were 18.