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Monthly Archives: January 2016

Blood is thicker than water

Donald Trump has swept the American political establishment by promising to kick out 10 million immigrants and forbidding Muslims from entering the US. The refugee crisis in Europe has turned awry so fast and so dramatically (assaulting young women in New Years has to be the worst PR ever in leftist history), that nativists all over the West are ecstatic and full of energy. The time has come, it almost appears. Everybody is running to Twitter and making small scale demonstrations all over the West, to take advantage of the momentum.

Some of this outburst of energy has reach this blog. Now I’ve been critical of white nationalism for quite some time. I just don’t see it working out, and I have good reasons for it. I know my history, I know what nationalism is, how it was born, how it died, and what would it take to bring it back to life. And I just don’t see it working out. Some people accuse me of being a bourgeois snob looking down at working class whites. Others have called me a rootless cosmopolitan who just doesn’t have skin in the game.

Well, guilty as charged. But that’s putting the cart before the horses. I took my skin out of the game because I didn’t see how we’re going to win this game. So I bailed. It happened that I had a good way out. And yes, I think working class whites are retarded. But I think that of high class whites too. I’m not into sports, which makes it hard to build rapport with working class people. But I’m not into charity, or homos, or any other bourgeois signaling crap either, so I find it even harder to build rapport with most upper-middle class people. I don’t get along with anyone; it’s nothing personal. That’s why I have a fucking blog.

All that said, it’s not that I don’t understand white nationalism, or that I don’t think it’s a good idea. Stuff like this does get me excited:




It probably shouldn’t though. In the remote case that the nativist opposition won, then a nativist signaling spiral would get started in order to get to the top of the new power vacuum, and I’d probably be branded an evil rootless cosmopolitan, a rice-niger fifth columnist, a bourgeois dilettante who has belittled our glorious religion and racial theories. I’ve little to gain short term by a victory of nativism, and lots to lose.

But I can’t help rooting for a group of white thugs attacking a bunch of smelly dumb Muslims. Those guys look like me. And decades after victory, perhaps after I’m dead, when the nativist signaling spiral settles down, Europe would be free of barbarians insulting our men and assaulting our women. Imagine that.

In all honestly, I don’t see it happening. But I wish them the best of luck. Don’t listen to me fellas. Keep on fighting.

The case for voting for Clinton

Yes, Trump is lots of fun. Having Mexico build a wall makes me giggle too. Shitting on Saudi princes on Twitter is priceless. But, but, Trump may not be all that cracked up when he gets the presidency. He’s doing lots of stupid stuff too. Bombing ISIS? Come on. Pandering to conservakin voters has its backside too.

Take this:

WATCH: Planned Parenthood Capitalizes on Zika Tragedy to Promote Abortion in Latin America

Fuck yeah. That’s exactly that they should be doing. That’s perhaps the best, the most important single policy that any country on earth can be pursuing. Go promote abortion in the third world. Go limit their fertility. Don’t liberals like to talk about root causes? Well folks, the root causes of third world immigration into Europe and America is overpopulation in the third world. Wanna fix that? Then send Obama’s minions and go tell them about grrl rights and abortion. Great stuff. Please, fund Planned Parenthood. Fund it lavishly. Give it tons of money. And staff. Lots of staff. Diverse stuff. Whatever. Just send them away to preach their mission.

Having planned parenthood go to poor countries is even more important than stopping the rapefugee crisis in Europe. I’ll sign a treaty allowing 2 million refugees a year in exchange for Planned Parenthood having full authority in any refugee-sending country. In 20 years you get their TFR to 0.9. Then after they have a demographic crisis, you can send the rapefugees from Europe back home. Win-win.

So hey, vote Clinton. Shit is fubar already, Trump probably ain’t gonna help much. Crushing anti-abortion activism though could actually save the day.

What to do about Censorship

I sometimes get asked if learning foreign languages is worth it, especially if you don’t make money from them, or actually have a need for them. It’s a though question. Learning Chinese was hard. I don’t live there now, I did for a while, but most likely will never do again. Chinese upper-middle class people are leaving the country in droves, especially people with children. It certainly isn’t a very comfortable place to live with a family.

Was it a waste then? I personally don’t think so. There’s always books and movies to make it worthwhile. And China in particular is a very interesting place, which is very worth knowing about. First of all it was the first modern state in many ways. Centralized government, meritocratic bureaucracy, universal education, state-run economy. All of that was invented in China, they run it for thousands of years, and it’s not that different from what modern liberal democracies have become. I strongly think that understanding the political dynamics of ancient China is very useful to understand how Western states work today, even more so than understanding the history of the West itself. Our bureaucracies in many ways have more in common with the mandarinate in the Song Dynasty that they have to a 17th century European kingdom.

And this convergence is actually increasing. Look at this:

Facebook, Twitter, Google Collude With German Government To Censor Discussion On Immigration

As Western states give up with the pretence of democracy, representative government and free speech; as radical ideology dominates all the media and academic world, what is the West going to resemble? China, of course. Before everybody started talking about censoring “hate speech” in the Internet, the Chinese were running the Great Firewall. Before SJWs started “doxxing” people on Twitter and Tumblr, the Chinese internet was doing “human searches” and getting people shamed in public. Before Twitter became the most important place for political speech in the Internet, Weibo had 500 million users, and all sorts of political agitation was going on there.

As you’ll imagine the Communist Party wasn’t very happy with party members being shown on Weibo every other day naked with their mistresses, or drinking too much, or with solid gold watches. They also weren’t happy with extreme Maoists saying we need a new Cultural Revolution, or which Cathedral-spies talking about human rights and about how backward China is in comparison to Great America. So what the government did was a huge crackdown on political speech on the Internet. ¬†Massive censorship, banned accounts, and finally a real-name registration system. To get on Weibo or any big forum (imagine Reddit), you need to use your real name and ID number.

Given that Twitter and Facebook will soon start to censor everything white males say as racist and evil, you may be worried about what to do. Well what did the Chinese do? Leave Weibo in droves. And where did they go? To WeChat.

WeChat is a chat app, not that different from WhatsApp or many others. You may have heard of it; it’s available out of China too, they’re promoting all around the world, and it’s translated to any language. How can a chat service supplant Weibo? Well, first of all WeChat has a “moments” tab where you can post stuff like you would on Facebook. You can also run open-accounts, where people follow celebrities who post regularly.

The point is that Chinese now keep to themselves. There is no public speech. If you wanna shit on the government, you can. Everybody does it, all the time. Hell, they won’t shut up about it. But not in public. You do it with your friends, or people you can trust. WeChat gets censored too, if you start planning about how much you love the Dalai Lama, your “moment” will get deleted and police will knock to your door. But as long as you’re discrete and shit on Oobama instead of Obama, or on Seerian refugees instead of Syrians, you are safe.

So now you know: learn from the Chinese, and leave the public sphere. The government is going to kick you out anyway. All you can do is retreat to the private sphere and do what you have to do, share what you have to share. It’s OK, in many ways it’s actually better. A good video will get shared anyway. Interesting news will get passed down too. All you need is put more skin in the game.