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Many of you may know that France doesn’t take statistics by race, because being French is about having French values. Or in other words, being French is what the French government says it is, so shut up already.

The French are the kings of bullshit. There’s been an academic paper doing the rounds these days, called On the Reception of Pseudoprofound Bullshit. Well, you know Pseudoprofound Bullshit? The French are kings of that. Fortunately there is also a (smaller) group of French which are serious scientists. Some of them are in the healthcare business, and they publish stats of screening for sickle-cell anaemia. Sickle-cell anaemia is a genetic aftereffect of malaria resistance in Africans, so France only screens Africans (both blacks and Maghrebians). Here’s the most recent map.


37.20% of newborns in France are of African descent. It is increasing at a rate of around 1.5% per year. That means in 10 years half of all French newborns will be of African descent. In 30 years, half of all French 20 year olds will be of African descent. I often talk about Brazilification. But even Brazil is whiter than that.

Now, France may deserve this because of their invention of pseudoprofound bullshit. I do feel a certain amount of schadenfraude. When French rightists start to pay attention to this stats, the French newspaper started running articles about how sickle-cell is a “European disease too”, and how we are stigmatizign “the disease of the OTHER (caps in original)”, and how differential screening is a “inequality of France”. Leftists of all kinds started calling for every single baby in France to be screened. It is  impossible for white kids to have sickle-cell. The purpose of screening white kids is obviously to fudge the data so that people can’t make maps about it. This will probably happen in a few years, so this map may be the last one which gives you an accurate picture of how France died.

Which again, given the contribution of France to intellectual history of the world, may not be a bad thing. But it’s not only France. One third of all babies in Britain have one foreign-born parent. Those are 2011 figures. And plenty of foreigners are not foreign-born by now. So a good approximation may be 40% of non-white babies in Britain by now. It will take less than in France to achieve 50%. In Spain, a relative backwater which most migrants only pass through in order to get further north, 25% of babies are born to foreign parents.

US readers might know that the 50% threshold was crossed around 2011



However US census count Middle-Easterners as white, so the line may have been crossed somewhat earlier. Still, the situation isn’t much different in Europe.

What is to be done? The trends are clear, we are heading to Brazilification, or something worse. Perufication? Worst case scenario is South Africa. You may think that whites will always be the elite, and living in a fancy guarded compound isn’t that bad. You get to use cheap labor! Cheap nannies and lawnmowers and all that. Yes but do not forget. Rich elites always have lower fertility. South African whites are legally second-class citizens already. Many are falling in poverty. They still have less babies than blacks. Brazil’s white population, as loosely defined as it is, is losing ground too.


So these are the odds. Do you still want to talk about the tax rate?

10 responses to “Что Делать

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  2. With the thoughts you'd be thinkin December 16, 2015 at 13:22

    I wonder how this will all end, the only certainty I have is that it will involve a lot of tears.

    • Alrenous December 22, 2015 at 16:26

      In the end, one side will locally extirpate the other by intentional culling.

      I’m guessing some of the backwaters will become 95%+ swarthy, because America’s elites will directly oppose anyone who tries to stop it. However, when it’s America’s turn, the counter-force will do an about-face due to the survival instinct, and the white’s superior capacity for organized violence will come into play.

  3. Dan December 16, 2015 at 19:25

    “37.20% of newborns in France are of African descent. ”

    That does not seem possible.

    From Wikipedia —
    “Solis, a marketing company, recently estimated the numbers for ethnic minorities (immigrants and 2nd generation) in France in 2009 as 3.26 million Maghrebis (5.23%), 1.83 million Black people (2.94%), 1.08 million Sub-Saharan Africans and 757,000 French from French West Indies) and 250,000 Turkish (0.71%) .

    Even if these percentages are higher now, it is hard to see how you get to 37.3% of all births. Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia and Libya (the countries that are ethnically Maghrebi) have fertility rates of around 2.5 children per woman.

    My guess is that some doctors are giving these tests to everyone because they don’t know or care how to use the test. I recall seeing a major bill, paid for by insurance, for Tay-Sachs screening. My wife is Japanese.

    • spandrell December 17, 2015 at 03:37

      Some source you are using to contradict this data. Doctors are not giving the test to everyone. Leftists are actually demanding they do so.

      2.5 is still higher than the 1.5 of most Europeans. And France has welfare, which promotes fertility. Don’t forget blacks either. And Africans are younger than French. Even if Africans are only 10-15% of the population in total, they may be 20% or more of the breeding population, and they of course have higher fertility.

      Britain has admitted similar numbers, why is this figure for France so unbelievable?

      This paper details who gets screened.

  4. bomag December 16, 2015 at 22:12

    Demography is destiny, and everyone instinctively know this. Every foreigner and racial minority in the US that I get around to discussing the issue with gleefully informs me that they are going to outbreed and replace YT. The paler natives are guilt ridden and anxious to be replaced so they can unburden themselves from centuries of accomplishment and civilization building.

    I trace much of this to the video age: acres of film about poor people across the globe has stirred something in Europeans, and they are anxious to do something about it…by giving things away.

  5. Plutarch December 17, 2015 at 15:24

    Let’s examine a future world where former great countries walk away from Thomas Jefferson, Thomas Paine, John Locke, Jesus and Aquinas – the rights of individuals – and they still have the nuclear weapons developed by the former great powers. It will be self eradication completed. Doubt it? Imagine ISIS had nuclear weapons…

    • bomag December 17, 2015 at 16:54

      That’s an arc of history in other ways.

      The sailing ship, jet plane, et al has made it more possible for breeding populations to “fill the earth”; also for jihad to be spread more easily than before.

      Did the gun make it easier for the innocent to protect themselves? Or did it make it easier for the criminal to ply his trade?

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