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New Years

2015 has been a pretty interesting year, in the Chinese proverb sense of the word. And it’ll only get… more interesting this year.

I opened an account a while ago, and I get a lot of questions about Japan. I guess there’s demand for news about Japanese politics, which I seldom discuss in this blog. I still don’t want to write about Japanese politics, even though there’s pretty interesting stuff. The recent diplomatic coup of Abe in Korea has been completely epic.

But I don’t want to discuss Japanese politics because I don’t want anybody to discuss Japanese politics. For any country which is not completely owned by the Cathedral, all publicity is bad publicity. Anything you say about Japan will make some SJW notice Japan and start arguing to convert them to progressivism. It’s bad enough already with the mainstream media and clowns like Noah Smith writing about Japan as if they knew anything. Leave Japan alone. Japan is not an example of how nice a country can be if it doesn’t obey the Cathedral. Not at all. Japan is the most progressive country on Earth, happy member of the international community. The women are feminist, trannies are free, and everybody eats a big spoonful of social justice before breakfast. So let’s stop looking at Japan, please. Hey look, a squirrel!

That said, it’s New Year. I have more readers than I used to, so here’s a repost of my 2014 New Year’s post:

A female relative called from Europe to wish me a Happy New Year.

F: “What do you do out there for New Year’s Eve?”

S: “Buckwheat noodles.”

F: “Oh. And then? Any party after count down?”

S: “Not really. Actually no count down at all.”

F: “How can you not do count down!”

S: “Count downs come from the European custom of having churches in every town with huge bells to mark the time. No churches here, so no bells. They didn’t even have clocks until recently.”

F: “That’s sad.”

S: “Actually tomorrow is the big day here. Fancy food, visit to the temple to pray for good fortune, visiting relatives, etc. What will you do tomorrow.”

F: “Oh we’ll all be horribly hangover unable to move.”

S: “That’s sad.”

One of the hardest intellectual challenges of living abroad is learning to do cultural relativism right. Probably cultural relativism started with actually knowledgeable explorers paying attention and being reasonable about what they learned: that different peoples do things in different ways, and sometimes there’s no particularly superior way. Which should be obvious. But bizarrely the idea was appropriated by the sanctimonious left as a way to stick it to their domestic rivals. Of course they deprived it of all nuance. But it shows how their brains are wired that talking about different cultures, when the context is not signaling ones enlightened tolerance in contrast to the nasty nativists, leftist just default to their real zealot selves, where everybody who is not doing the same thing they are is sad, oppressed or just nasty.

Slightly more knowledgeable people ask better questions: “do you celebrate New Years there? Isn’t it like in China?”.

Well actually it should be. Japan used to follow the Chinese calendar, which is lunar and usually starts around our early February. They also followed most of the Chinese festivals, which are set to coincide with usual agricultural events, which suited a nation of almost exclusive rice peasants. I knew that the Meiji government had abolished the Chinese calendar and adopted the Western quite early on, and the history is normally told as just one more of the Westernizing measures of the Meiji, and never gave it further thought. But on being asked again, I started thinking about it. And changing a calendar used for millennia must have been quite something. People organized their year around that calendar and its seasonal events, which were more or less fixed every year. All that changed with the new calendar. And amusingly enough, the government didn’t change the dates of the festivals to their seasonal equivalent. The Gregorian calendar runs approximately one month earlier than the Chinese equivalent, so all the festivals were suddenly done one month earlier. Now even China, and even Taiwan today use the Gregorian calendar, as they have to do business with Western countries. But they keep count of the old calendar and every year the government sets holidays to match the old calendar festivals, to avoid breaking the tradition.

Japan is often regarded as a staunchly conservative country which protects its traditions very well. One thinks the basis of time-keeping of their people would be worthy of protection too. But hey it was also important to catch up with the Western industrial powers. Maybe the Japanese elite found it necessary to go all the way, and little by little convinced their people of the need to reform, for the glory of the nation. Right?

Wrong. The Calendar was changed in January 1st 1873. But the law was only announced in December 9th 1872. And that’s in a preindustrial society without radio or modern means of communication. The people had less than a month to adapt to a wholly new calendar system. Traditionally the calendar guild used to distribute the calendars for the next year in October 1st, which means that when the new law passed, the old-style calendars for 1873 had already been made and distributed, and their production schedule had no way of producing new-style calendars on time. All their stocks were all of a sudden worth nothing. Bankruptcies and misery ensued.

OK so a whole guild was destroyed by the government, but it was for good reason, right? For the common good? Not a chance. Thankfully one of the oligarchs of the time, Okuma Shigenobu was kind enough to explain the process in his later memoirs. Usually civil servants in Japan had their salary paid annually. But in 1872 the Meiji government changed it to monthly payment. However the Chinese calendar is lunar, with 12 months. So it only has 354 days, less than a full circle around the sun. What they do is add a whole intercalary month so the calendar doesn’t drift too much from the seasons. As it happens 1873 in the old calendar had an intercalary month, so 13 months in total. That means 13 salaries for the Japanese civil service. And that’s something that the recently established Meiji government couldn’t afford. By adopting whitey’s calendar, the next year would only have 12 months. And the new calendar was to start in January 1st 1873, which coincided with December 2 of the old calendar. By changing the calendar, the month of December would disappear, so that’s another month worth of salaries they could save! 2 months in one strike, imagine that. The government loved the idea, published the law in a hurry, probably promoted the guy who came up with it. And fucked everyone else.

One piece of evidence showing that Japan didn’t really care about Westernization is that they never adopted the way Christian era to count years. Japan traditionally uses the Chinese way of counting years, the 年号, or regnal era. Say what you say about Christianity, but counting the years after his birth make an awesome Schelling point which facilitates tracking events in time. When were you born? 1980? So that’s 34 years ago. Well the ancients didn’t believe that some guy in Judaea was the son of the only one God. So how did they count their years? Well in the absence of Jesus Christ, you have to use the next awesome guy. In China, the Kings. So it was “in the 5th year of King something of Zhou…”, which isn’t as easy but it’s still manageable. Then came the unified Empire, and the martial emperor of the Han Dynasty had this great idea of naming the years himself. So every 5 years or so he would decree that from day on we are in the era of Great Start, or Awesome Light, or whatever cheesy title worthy of a teenage diary he could come up with. And all official documents were to be dated using the regnal era. It’s hard enough to remember all the rulers in the thousands of years of Chinese history. Imagine every ruler changing the era name every time he had a mood change. It’s hard to be a Chinese historian. No wonder their histories are so good.

With the Ming Dynasty the custom of randomly changing era name was abolished, and each emperor set only one era during his whole reign, and emperors are named after their era. One of the few smart policies the Ming ever made. After Imperial rule was ostensibly restored in Meiji Japan, they adopted the same rule. So Mutsuhito set the Meiji 明治 era 1868–1912, for which he is named, his son ruled over the Taisho 大正 era 1912–1926, and his grandson Hirohito ruled over the Showa 昭和 era 1926–1989. 2014 is year 26 of the Heisei 平成 era, and all official documents in Japan must be dated thus. Official forms in Japan’s date format isn’t __/__/20__. It’s H__/__/__. H for Heisei.

What’s interesting is that not only documents are dated according to government decrees. People actually have a concept of “era” and attribute things to them. Like, to refer to something old-fashioned in Japan you say “That’s so Showa”. And when complaining about the kids of today, people say “Kids born in Heisei just don’t have any respect”. I’ve heard people born in the last year of Showa (1988) talk about kids born in Heisei (1989-) like there was an impenetrable wall of difference between them. Now I can understand that in China, in the old days of the Empire, the regnal era made some sense. Say you get a really bad emperor who orders the mobilization of all food reserves and one son of every household to start a war. The war is lost and the economy devastated. Now in that situation talking about “Year 10 of the Emperor X” is quite meaningful because all years of that emperor had the common theme of general misery. A new emperor was likely to change the whole thing and usher in a new era of relatively less misery.

But as I wrote before, Japanese Emperors don’t rule, and using era names is just traditionalist signalling, and reluctance to abandon a good old Schelling point. But an era name encompassing all years from 1926-1989 can’t possibly be a useful concept. For starters Showa includes WW2, which was terrible for Japan. And even ignoring the war, as the Japanese are apt to do, Japan in 1945 has little in common with 1989. But they are all referred to as the good old Showa days. Says a lot about just how obedient the Japanese are to political power.

There’s a lot of fun in looking at the intersection of HBD, Tip O’Neill and calendars. The Islamic calendar is similar to the Chinese, with 12 lunar months, totaling 354 days. But they don’t have intercalary months, so the calendar just goes on drifting away from the seasons, 10 days every year. Which means that in every generation New Year falls in every season of the year. And yet the Egyptians had figured out a working solar calendar thousands of years ago. The Persian calendar is also quite accurate. Shows you the marvels of Islamic innovation.

Also I found amusing that India doesn’t have a common New Year. It’s not that they have different festivals, they can’t even agree on the date. Each region has its own calendar with its own starting date. And nobody gives a shit about it.

I always found it strange that the Western New Year fell in January 1st. Which is 10 days after the Winter solstice, i.e. cold as fuck. The body wants to hibernate, not to party. The Persian New Year starts in March 21, the beginning of Spring, which makes much sense. Even Chinese New Year is understandable, as it usually falls around the peak of Winter. It can’t get any colder, i.e. it’s only getting warmer afterwards. That’s a cause of celebration. But January 1st?

That comes from the old Roman calendar, which has also a quite amusing history. It seems that in the old days the calendar had only 10 months, staring in the spring equinox, and running for 304 days. Means that the 60 days before spring weren’t even counted. It’s just cold misery, so why even keep count? Stay home and drink wine, there’s nothing to do anyway.

Still not late after the founding of the city, the months of January and February were added after December. The calendar still started in March, as can be seen by the fact that September comes from Septem (7), and so on until December, from Decem (10). Now Romans seem to have counted their years by the consuls of the year. So to refer to years past you said “in the year of consul X and Y”, in a similar fashion to Chinese regnal years, except Consul’s only lasted one year. Must have been really hard to be a Roman historian. Which again explains why they were so good. That is until they came up with Ab Urbe Condita timing. Then it all went to hell.

Anyway it seems it was customary for consuls to assume their consulate with the New Year in March. Then in 153 BC they changed it to January. Now why would they do that? March makes a lot of sense, January doesn’t. Hell they didn’t even count January back in the old days. Why would they make their consuls assume office in the winter cold? To remind them of their mortality? Nothing of the sort. As always the reasoning behind the change was quite spurious. In 154 BC the Celtiberians in Spain started a revolt against Roman rule. Thing is Romans had the habit of waiting to start a war until the new consul had assumed office. Quintus Fulvius Nobilior had already been elected and was preparing the war, but he could only start it in March 153. The rebellion was looking bad, and by March it might have already been unstoppable. So what did the Romans do? Did they discard their old Schelling Point about having waiting for the new consul to start a war, forget partisanship and just send a competent general? Of course not. They changed the ancient start of the year to January 1st, so Mr. Nobilior could lead an army earlier and squash the uppity Celtiberians. All the calendars in Rome were redone to show January on top, and that was it. New Year stayed in January until the end of Rome.

Medieval Europe went its own way, and every kingdom set its own date for New Year.  Byzantium had September from a tradition that the world was created in September 1 5509 BC. Some Western countries had March 25 (the beginning of Spring, and conveniently, the Annunciation). Other chose Christmas, which makes sense when you’re actually counting the years after Christ’s birth. But most people still used the old reliable Roman calendars, and they said January 1st was New Year’s, so a party was still had. The Church kept trying to push Christian holidays as New Year until Pope Gregory XIII in his holy wisdom set up the new Gregorian calendar, starting in January 1st.

And so we are here, celebrating a new circle around the sun in this dark, cold date, because a Roman consul couldn’t wait 2 months to send an army to kill Celtiberians. O tempora, O Schelling points.

Happy New Year everyone.

Men doing their own thing

Basically means doing steroids and denying that those have any bad effect.

You’ll remember a post I did a while ago on the Chinese classical novel, the Water Margin. That’s a 14th century novel, thought to be based on the peasant rebellions that overthrew the Mongol Yuan Dynasty in China in the 1350s. So that’s 665 years ago. The novel is a historical novel of a previous rebellion in the 1110s. Rebellions are of course stories of men, and the Water Margin is an epic story of 108 men who are forced to leave society by evil men, and thus go up the mountain to do their own thing. To this day, when a man says “fuck it” and leaves polite society to do his own thing, in Chinese you say he is “forced to climb to mount Liang”, which is the hideout of the rebels in the Water Margin.

So what did these great bros do up at Liangshan? Bully each other into a signaling spiral of binge drinking, binge eating, pointless fighting and destruction of normal family life. And completely disregard for women. The only women in the novel are bros too, women fighers who can beat 100 men while handling huge spears on horseback. Those are cool. Other women are hoes, and hoes are not cool. The sheer nonsense and sometimes pure evil that the novel describes as being the honorable and manly thing to do is just amazing. One of the stories that amazed me the most was how 秦明 Qin Ming joined the gang.

Oh sorry, I forgot that Chinese names just don’t register as human to foreign ears. So let’s call him Archibald Cooper. Well Cooper was a general of the dynasty, working as chief of the garrison of Qingzhou (you’ll allow me to use the original placenames), and as such he was ordered to crack down on the hero-rebels which were hiding on the mountains. Crack down he did, and he fought them valiantly. He had a reputation for being extremely brave and reckless in battle, never losing the will to fight. But of course he was fighting the hero-rebels, and so he lost. He was captured after the battle, and taken to the rebel HQ, where he expected to be tortured and killed. But no, the hero-rebels told him they admired his reputation for honor and bravery, and wanted him to join the rebel army. Obviously he was a bro, and all bros of the world should join the rebel army.

It’s a funny argument, kinda Islamic. All moral people should be Muslim, as it’s the right thing to do. So all good people are supposed to convert eventually. Apostasy is unthinkable. Once a bro always a bro! Thus thought the medieval Chinese too. All good men are bros.

However our friend Cooper couldn’t just join the rebels after a defeat. He has sworn an oath of loyalty to the dynasty, and a bro is supposed to uphold his oaths. The rebels understood that, them being also hero-bros. So he was left to go back to his post at the garrison, just like that.

However the rebels had no intention of just letting such a good bro leave. They sent a bunch of bros, impersonating Cooper, and went on a killing rampage close to Qingzhou. The whole town around the castle was massacred and burnt, hundreds of men, women and children killed in the process. Then they shouted to the walls: I’m Archibald Cooper, and I joined the rebels! Mwahaha!

Some hours later the real Cooper arrives, and sees the carnage, not knowing what was all that about. He calls to the gates to request passage into the city, but he is of course refused. The local governor comes out and shouts to him that he is a despicable traitor, and that his whole family inside the city has been tortured and killed. The severed head of his father, wife and children are posted on pikes and shown above the city walls, for him to see.

Imagine that. You come back home exhausted after a war, and the severed head of your father, wife and children are posted on pikes. Thanks for that. Being chased out of the city, and not really knowing what had happened, he goes back to the rebel HQ to ask for help in killing the local governor, that he blames for the assault. Once he gets there, though, the rebel-bros tell them that actually… all that was their fault. They respected him so much, you know, bro, you’re so awesome, we wanted you to join us so badly, so we made this little plan, to impersonate you and make it impossible for you to go back to the garrison. We planned to get your family and take them here with us after the thing, but the gates were closed, and we just couldn’t manage. Sorry ’bout that, bro. Our intentions were good!

Imagine that. Surely Cooper took out his sword and killed everything on the spot. Right? Right? No. He fell on his knees and cried, but he understood that what is done is done, his father, wife and children are all dead and their heads are on spikes. But the real bad man is the city governor, who killed his family without checking with him. The bros who impersonated him and killed hundreds of civilians were good bros with good intentions. So after being offered the sister of one bro in marriage as compensation, he resolved to join the bro-army, and he became one of their best fighters.

Bros before hoes! And before fathers. And children. Yes, always bros.

Now of course in the 21st century we don’t have rebel armies in Liangshan, hiding from the evil dishonorable men that don’t give them the status they deserve as hero-bros. But now we have men-doing-their-own-thing. Or going their own way, whatever. Now, don’t get me wrong. I totally get the motivation. Feminism has made life completely pointless for many men. It just doesn’t pay to marry or even cohabitate. With the average woman you need to be a dark-triad psychopath in order to have her respect you. So it’s no wonder that many men just say fuck it and go climb a metaphorical Mount Liang and do their own thing. Sure, porn, movies and videogames have also made the average men have a rather excessive expectation of what a woman should be. Most men would find their young grandmothers to be short, ugly, boring and uptight, completely unworthy of courtship, yet grandpa had no qualms in marrying them. But still, modern women are unpleasant. Very unpleasant. And so men withdraw.

But what do men after withdrawal. What do men do when in the company of other men, without unpleasant and rapacious women to bother them. This is what they do. They seek manliness. They become bros, the ultimate bros. They go to the gym, they work out, they build muscle. Muscle is good, muscle is manly. So they work out some more. They compete to see who has more muscles, who is the better bro, who is more manly. They take steroids. They work out some more. The steroids get into their brains, clouding their judgment. Their testicles atrophy. They crash their cars. They become a complete nuissance to everyone. They go online and leave comments about how steroids are cool and completely harmless. How can they be bad? They make you more manly. That’s good, because being manly is good. Surely being more manly can only be better! They are bros, and that’s all that matters.

You’ll have noticed this is not at all different to how women bully themselves into being increasingly more annoying, ugly and unreasonable, because being feminist is good, surely being more feminist can only be better! Being Maoist is good, surely worshipping Mao’s mangoes is only reasonable. You get the picture.

If Sailer is onto something, and long term steroid use messes with your hormones so much you develop an uncontrollable desire to become a tranny after your 50s, all those Men Going their Own Way are gonna be a funny sight in 20 years time. At least now they can marry each other!


Good old Mencken said:

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Well, as I always say, there are no mysteries in life. Reality isn’t strange, you just have a bad model. Not that I’m innocent of that mistake. I’m known of chanting how the truth will always prevail, even when most people obviously prefer bullshit, and have always done so. I, like Mencken, like Orwell, also used to pick my brains out about why people just didn’t see what is in front of their noses. I had a habit of pointing at the truth, and it never made me any friends.

Now I know why; you just can’t make friends with the truth. It’s like trying to buy stuff without money. To catch people’s attention you need conversational currency, i.e. you need bullshit. Controversy, nonsense, whatever gets people to talk and do things. Then you can watch them talk, and do things, judge their characters according to what they say and do, and choose your friends accordingly. Compared to that, the truth is of much more limited application. If there’s a wolf, knowing there is a wolf, and that wolves are dangerous is very useful. But if there are no wolves, who the hell cares if they’re dangerous? In the absence of wolves, talking of wolves is just signaling. Say you like wolves, and you come out as an animal lover. Say you hate wolves, and you come out as a creepy animal hater. Why would you hate wolves if you’ve never been close to one? You read they are bad for farmers? Oh who cares. Cree-py.

Let’s talk HBD. HBD is even closer than wolves. We have people of all races living together in the West now. The differences are beyond obvious. We have heaps of data. Most human traits are normally distributed in a bell curve, and averages differ between any population group which has been inbreeding for long enough. That applies to races, but also to a lesser extent to social classes too.

And yet nobody cares about the data. There are two positions on HBD: nanananana-can’t-hear-you denialism. It’s all in the head, all you need is better education.

And then there’s the Nazis: whites are supreme, the whiter the better, everyone else is scum, Asians have a smaller standard deviation, everyone else sucks, even southern whites suck too frankly speaking.

And that’s all there is. Well there’s a tiny minority of people who try to actually look at the data. But Nazis outnumber us 1 million to one. And denialists are of course the state religion, and have been so forever. Even Confucianism and Islam are denialist.

For good reason of course, genetic determinism is just not a useful idea. The elite wants to sell its product, which is that access to the elite depends on culture, and by the way we happen to sell that culture, and it’s not cheap. Saying that access to the elite depends on innate talent uncovers the fact that the culture the elite sells is just an arbitrary barrier to entry into a privileged social club, and that elite status is not earned through effort, and just a genetic fluke.

And nobody benefits from knowing about HBD. The poor don’t like to hear they are fucked up because they are born that way and their children will most likely be equally fucked up. And the talented don’t like to hear that their children will likely regress to the mean and not be as talented as they are.

Nobody wins from HBD. The Nazis win from a wrong interpretation. Sure, people differ and it’s genetic. We’re the master race and we should rule the world. Or even just good old nationalism we’re not superior, we’re just special, and yes in our eyes maybe just a tiny bit better than others, so let us have our countries for ourselves at least. That doesn’t quite follow from the data. You can’t derive modern nations from their genepool. But the countries are out there, so nationalism gets people excited. It gets people to feel superior, which makes them happy, gets them to organize, get together, maybe burn a refugee camp, or threaten some cuck politician.

The truth doesn’t get anybody moving. All it goes is get people pissed and depressed. That’s why we got Nazis out there outnumbering us in 2015. Nobody likes the truth, for completely unmysterious reasons. The truth sucks. We need a lie. A good one, that gets people moving in the right direction, and with enough appeal to beat denialism. Which is not easy: denialism is not a modern progressive heresy, it’s the default opinion of all human civilizations. A stable alternative is not gonna be easy. What have we got?

The Media

I’ve been a bit harsh about France. Yes, the French are the kings of bullshit. Yes, their intellectual output over the last two centuries has been a net harm on human civilization. Yes, all things considered, the French might be better off just shutting themselves in madrassa and reciting the Koran, rather than reading Focault and Derrida.

But you can hardly blame them. The French just happened to take intellectual pursuit very seriously, and in a culture where everything is concentrated in the capital, and intellectual pursuits are given high status, market competition is going to reward the most useful and productive pieces of intellectual work. And given that inherent epistemological constraints mean that most people just can’t possibly know anything at all except a narrow area of expertise; well any popular intellectual construct must necessarily be complete bullshit. That’s what people demand: bullshit to lubricate conversation, to make people talk so that gossip comes out easily, and social alliances can be made. The French were just pioneers in the modern intellectual marketplace. And they paid dearly for it.

But they were only first, not the only ones. Any culture where people read the press, and most social conversation is based on the content on mass media is going to inevitably fall down the French path. See the mighty English. If you have a Twitter account you can do worse than follow this account:

Some samples (disable your AdBlock to see them):


Somebody needs to write an English version of Soumission.


After establishing that facts are useless, I have a lot of facts to show you.

Let us check the demographic history of the recent world. It’s pretty interesting. I spent a while gathering up figures, mostly from Wikipedia, and some sporadic Googling. As far as I can tell the figures look pretty reliable.

I recently wrote about how 37% of births in France are Africans. How many people is that? Let’s take a look at the number of live births in France.

1900 917,075
1910  828,140
1920  838,137
1930  754,020
1940  561,281
1950  862,310
1960  819,819
1970  850,381
1980  800,377
1990  762,407
2000  774,782
2010  802,224
2014  783,000

783,000 in 2014, of which 37.2 are Africans. That makes 291,276 Africans born in France in 2014, for 491,724 mostly white French. What does that mean in the long run though? I found a way of comparing birth rates to present populations, to get an idea. The average life expectancy in most of the develop world is around 80 years old. So just multiply the number of births by 80 to get the “projected population”. Of course this assumes stable number of births over 80 years, which is a very stupid assumption. But it does serve our purposes to understand what 783,000 births in a year actually mean. What would it look like if France kept having 783,000 births every year? So let’s just multiply the above chart per 80 to see what happens.

Projected Population after 80 years
1900  73,366,000
1910  66,251,200
1920  67,050,960
1930  60,321,600
1940  44,902,480
1950  68,984,800
1960  65,585,520
1970  68,030,480
1980  64,030,160
1990  60,992,560
2000  61,982,560
2010  64,177,920
2014  62,640,000

So in an imaginary world, in which 1900 birth rates had remained constant forever, France would have had a population of 73 million French. With 1950 birth rates, you get 68 million French. If 2014 birth rates were constant, in 80 years we’d have a population of 62 million. The catch is of those 62 million, 39 million are french, and 23 million are African. And of course it will only get worse.

Let’s take a look at some other countries.

Germany Births Births x 80
1900  1,944,139  155,531,120
1910  1,876,778  150,142,240
1920  932,929  74,634,320
1930  1,144,000  91,520,000
1940  1,402,258  112,180,640
1950  1,116,835  89,346,800
1960  1,261,614  100,929,120
1970  1,047,737  83,818,960
1980  865,789  69,263,120
1990  905,675  72,454,000
2000  766,999  61,359,920
2010  677,947  54,235,760
2014  714,966  57,197,280

The figures for 1900 are 1910 are somewhat misleading, as they include Poles, but still, Germany in 1900 was on truck to having a population of 155 million. As of 2014, Germany will shrink to 57 million, of which a big proportion will be Africans and Arabs (I’ll call the Turks as Arabs for dramatic effect). The rising birth rate from 2010 hints that it’s not Germans doing the breeding. So see again: a rising empire of 155 million (!) declining into a sad nation of perhaps 40-something million.

Spain Births Births x 80
1900  627,848  50,227,840
1910  646,975  51,758,000
1920  623,339  49,867,120
1930  660,860  52,868,800
1940  631,285  50,502,800
1950  565,378  45,230,240
1960  663,375  53,070,000
1970  663,667  53,093,360
1980  571,018  45,681,440
1990  401,425  32,114,000
2000  397,632  31,810,560
2010  485,252  38,820,160
2014  426,303  34,104,240

Spain’s case isn’t as dramatic as Germany, but still pretty bleak. On track for 53 million s late as 1970, not they’ll be lucky to get to 30 million.

Netherlands Births Births x 80
1900  162,611  13,008,880
1910  170,766  13,661,280
1920  192,987  15,438,960
1930  182,310  14,584,800
1940  184,846  14,787,680
1950  229,718  18,377,440
1960  239,128  19,130,240
1970  238,912  19,112,960
1980  181,294  14,503,520
1990  197,965  15,837,200
2000  206,619  16,529,520
2010  184,397  14,751,760
2014  174,507  13,960,560

The Netherlands, on track for 19 million by 1970, now perhaps half that.

United Kingdom Births Births x 80
1900  1,091,000  87,280,000
1910  975,000  78,000,000
1920  824,000  65,920,000
1930  793,000  63,440,000
1940  793,000  63,440,000
1950  962,000  76,960,000
1960  918,286  73,462,880
1970  903,907  72,312,560
1980  753,708  60,296,640
1990  798,612  63,888,960
2000  679,029  54,322,320
2010  807,271  64,581,680
2014  776,400  62,112,000

Damn, the Brits were crazy back in 1900. 87 million! No wonder they left to Australia and beyond. However the English race won’t blight the Earth any longer, as it’s barely projected to number 40 million by 2094, while South Asians and Africans take their place. I do think the English could thrive under Islam though. The English have always been a religious people. And while alcohol might be tough to forsake, it’s probably for their own good. And they’d be free to bugger boys with abandon. That more than compensates for the prohibition of beer. So cheers for Londonistan.

Poland Births Births x 80
1900  –
1910  –
1920  890,400  71,232,000
1930  1,022,811  81,824,880
1940  849,873  67,989,840
1950  763,108  61,048,640
1960  669,485  53,558,800
1970  545,973  43,677,840
1980  692,798  55,423,840
1990  545,817  43,665,360
2000  378,348  30,267,840
2010  413,300  33,064,000
2014  375,160  30,012,800

No figures for Poland before WW1, but wow, 1930 Poles were breeding like rabbits. 81 million projected! Hitler and Stalin took care of that, and the Cathedral gave the final blow. Poles will be lucky to be 30 million people at this rate. But hey, at least they’re not invaded by foreigners. Yet.

Finland Births Births x 80
1900  86,339  6,907,120
1910  92,984  7,438,720
1920  84,714  6,777,120
1930  75,236  6,018,880
1940  65,849  5,267,920
1950  98,065  7,845,200
1960  82,129  6,570,320
1970  64,559  5,164,720
1980  63,064  5,045,120
1990  65,549  5,243,920
2000  56,742  4,539,360
2010  60,980  4,878,400
2014  57,232  4,578,560

Finland had its peak in 1910, with 7.4 million projected. Now it’s down to 4.5 million. But it’s all perhaps for the best. It’s a nasty piece of real estate they got up there. One wonders how the hell did they plan to feed 7 million Finns. Unfortunately Finland is now starting to bringing Muslims into the Arctic, so they’ll have to deal with that. The Arabs may not breed that much up there. It’s cold and dark, and they don’t drink. Finns should make a documentary about miserable Arabs in the Arctic Winter, just for fun.

Hungary Births Births x 80
1900  –
1910  –
1920  249,000  19,920,000
1930  220,000  17,600,000
1940  185,562  14,844,960
1950  195,567  15,645,360
1960  146,461  11,716,880
1970  151,819  12,145,520
1980  148,673  11,893,840
1990  125,679  10,054,320
2000  97,597  7,807,760
2010  90,335  7,226,800
2014  91,150  7,292,000

The same as Poland, Hungary went crazy after WW1. All the wars and craziness of independence must have made them very optimistic about the future. Or maybe it was an Afghan style “gotta breed some more to raise soldiers to kill our enemies”. Again Communism took care of that, and US overlordship gave the final blow. Hungary today has a projected population of almost 1/3 of its 1920 peak.

Croatia Births Births x 80
1900  97,000  7,760,000
1910  99,000  7,920,000
1920  –
1930  –
1940  –
1950  95,560  7,644,800
1960  76,156  6,092,480
1970  61,103  4,888,240
1980  68,220  5,457,600
1990  55,409  4,432,720
2000  43,746  3,499,680
2010  43,361  3,468,880
2014  39,566  3,165,280

Croatia follows the Eastern European pattern. It’s no wonder the Habsburg empire was having so much trouble. The minorities were breeding so much! They were fortunate to lose to the Communists so that they all lost interest in human existence. Croatians were busy fighting for independence from Serbians, but apparently haven’t realized that for Croatia to exist it needs some Croatians. Guess the saying it’s true, the only worse thing than not getting what you want, is getting what you want.

Let’s now venture outside Europe.

USA Births Births x 80
1900  –
1910  –
1920  –
1930  2,377,000  190,160,000
1940  2,559,000  204,720,000
1950  3,632,000  290,560,000
1960  4,257,000  340,560,000
1970  3,731,386  298,510,880
1980  3,612,258  288,980,640
1990  4,158,212  332,656,960
2000  4,058,814  324,705,120
2010  3,999,386  319,950,880
2014  3,985,924  318,873,920

If I’m not mistaken the US didn’t get much immigration from 1925 to 1965, so the increase in births is staggering. By 1960 the projected population was 340 million. And that was 90% white. Alas by now white births are half the total, so about 2 million, which gives 160 million whites in 80 years.

Japan Births Births x 80
1900  1,470,000  117,600,000
1910  1,782,000  142,560,000
1920  2,105,000  168,400,000
1930  2,085,000  166,800,000
1940  2,100,164  168,013,120
1950  2,337,507  187,000,560
1960  1,627,939  130,235,120
1970  1,955,277  156,422,160
1980  1,576,889  126,151,120
1990  1,221,585  97,726,800
2000  1,194,000  95,520,000
2010  1,083,000  86,640,000
2014  1,001,000  80,080,000

Japan today is the oldest country on Earth, but the most important part is how fast the demographic transition was. In 1950 there were 2.3 million Japanese being born. That projects a population of 187 million! Well that didn’t happen. Japan is barely producing 1 million babies per year, which adds nicely to 80 million. Not bad, but of course it may get worse before it gets better. But as long as they keep the borders closed it’ll be a nice place.

Russia Births Births x 80
1900  –
1910  –
1920  –
1930  4,412,000  352,960,000
1940  3,814,000  305,120,000
1950  2,859,000  228,720,000
1960  2,662,135  212,970,800
1970  1,903,713  152,297,040
1980  2,202,779  176,222,320
1990  1,988,858  159,108,640
2000  1,266,800  101,344,000
2010  1,788,948  143,115,840
2014  1,947,301  155,784,080

Say what you will about Stalin but his subjects in 1930 were breeding like champs. 4.4 million births! That would add up to 350 million Russians. Which is sorta inaccurate, as the Russian life expectancy doesn’t get to 80 years, not by a mile, but still. Note also the very impressive recovery since 2000. Russia seems to be doing well at continuing to be Russia. And no I won’t accept that it’s all the Caucasian and Turkic Muslims doing all the breeding unless you give me their birth data.

China Births Births x 80
1900  –
1910  –
1920  –
1930  –
1940  –
1950  20,232,000  1,618,560,000
1960  13,915,000  1,113,200,000
1970  27,356,000  2,188,480,000
1980  17,868,000  1,429,440,000
1990  23,910,000  1,912,800,000
2000  17,710,000  1,416,800,000
2010  15,920,000  1,273,600,000
2014  16,870,000  1,349,600,000

Dumb people tend to ask why China did something so evil as the One Child Policy. Well by 1990 China was projected to have 1,9 billion people. And now it doesn’t. There’s still almost 17 million Chinese being born every year, so they’re doing ok. But good for Deng.

India Births Births x 80
1900  –
1910  –
1920  –
1930  –
1940  –
1950  16,832,000  1,346,560,000
1960  19,086,000  1,526,880,000
1970  25,577,000  2,046,160,000
1980  27,566,000  2,205,280,000
1990  26,388,000  2,111,040,000
2000  27,191,000  2,175,280,000
2010  27,064,000  2,165,120,000
2014  27,379,500  2,190,360,000

While China dodged the bullet, India didn’t manage to. It took the bullet squarely into their heads. Look at those figures. 27 million Indians are being born every year. Let that sink into your head for a while. Twenty Seven Million. Every Year. Now almost half of India is malnourished as it is, imagine when this kids grow up. No way India is going to raise feed 2 billion people. The famines are going to be something to behold. I wonder what Raspail thinks of these figures.

Iraq Births Births x 80
1900  –
1910  –
1920  –
1930  –
1940  –
1950  327,000  26,160,000
1960  343,000  27,440,000
1970  475,000  38,000,000
1980  571,000  45,680,000
1990  719,000  57,520,000
2000  960,000  76,800,000
2010  1,079,000  86,320,000
2014  –

While even India is keeping the births more or less stagnant, take a look at this. Iraq’s births have tripled in 60 years. Tripled. At this rate there’d be 86 million Iraqis on earth. The Tigris and Eufrates are nice but they can’t feed 86 million people. I doubt they carry enough water for 86 million Arabs to drink. Where will these people go?

Egypt Births Births x 80
1900  –
1910  –
1920  –
1930  –
1940  697,700  55,816,000
1950  904,941  72,395,280
1960  1,113,888  89,111,040
1970  1,161,539  92,923,120
1980  1,569,247  125,539,760
1990  1,687,000  134,960,000
2000  1,751,854  140,148,320
2010  2,261,409  180,912,720
2014  2,720,495  217,639,600

Well the same place the Egyptians are going to go. Egypt is insane. 2.7 million births last year. At this rate there’ll be 217 million Egyptians. They’re going to eat the pyramids. If the Muslim Brotherhood doesn’t blow them up before they do.

Nigeria Births Births x 80
1900  –
1910  –
1920  –
1930  –
1940  –
1950  1,821,000  145,680,000
1960  2,202,000  176,160,000
1970  2,081,000  166,480,000
1980  3,642,000  291,360,000
1990  4,446,000  355,680,000
2000  5,606,000  448,480,000
2010  7,000,000  560,000,000
2014  –

I won’t comment on this one. 560 million Nigerians. Hahahaha. Haha. Ha…

What’s most funny is when you compare all these figures to the actual population figures, past and present.

  India Nigeria Iraq Egypt
Actual 1900  280,912,000  16,000,000  2,060,000  8,000,000
Actual 1950  357,561,000  29,790,000  5,158,000  21,834,000
Actual 2015  1,252,000,000  173,600,000  36,632,000  88,800,000
Projected 2094  2,190,360,000  560,000,000  86,320,000  217,639,600

India had 280 million people in 1900. At this rate it will have 2.2 billion.
Nigeria had 16 million people (by British count) in 1900. At this rate it will have 560 million.

Iraq had 2 million people in 1900. 2 million! At this rate it will have 43 times as much.

Egypt had 8 million. Damn 1900 Egypt must have been a beautiful place. Now it has 88 million, 10 times as more, and at this rate it will have 217 million.

None of this will happen, of course. Something has to give. There is not enough food to feed all those Arabs, Indians and Africans. And I’m not going to feed them. I’m also quite positive that the future brown majorities in France, Germany and England are not going to feed them either. Oh, it’s gonna be fun. Utterly miserable. But fun.

Facts are useless

My post on the Chinese Cultural Revolution and Mao’s mangoes still gets a lot of traffic, which is nice. I do feel like the title wasn’t very elegant, but I wanted to make the point about ideology as “currency”. Unfortunately it didn’t get through. Let’s see if I can explain myself better.

An inspiration for that metaphor was a post by Nick Szabo (who apparently isn’t the inventor of Bitcoin. I hope at least he did become an early adopter and is now filthy rich), about the origins of currency. He talks about how humans have been collecting and making completely useless stuff such as shells or beads since way before agriculture. Money often was not only useless, it was completely harmful, like the Chinese toy swords and plows. Metal is useful. You make weapons and farming tools with them. You don’t fucking waste precious copper in making toy knives. But they did. Of course they did.

Szabo’s point is that the point of money is to be a cognitive aid for remembering favors. I did something for you, if I am not to be a sucker I’ll want to get something back from you eventually. So grab me that shiny shell you use as a wristband, so I can remember. David Graeber made a similar point on his famous book about Debt, which is pretty good if you get the fact that Graeber is a lame communist and adjust your skimming accordingly.

The problem is that this tech we use to remember favors leads us to spent huge amount of valuable labor in manufacturing shell accessories, beads, mining metal and wasting it in making coins. Whole empires were built, entire nations killed and enslaved in the process of looking for mines where perfectly good metal could be extracted to waste in making little coins with the face of a king to distribute so people can remember who made a favor to whom. That’s how it works though.

I am endlessly fascinated by this kind of evolutionary process where everybody runs around doing completely pointless stuff which nobody benefits from. Ideology is the same. See Mao’s mangoes. And see the last Republican debate. As a commenter said at Sailer’s:

Every single word thus far in the undercard debate has been about ISIS. Our obsession with this region of lunatics on the other side of the world is bizarre.

Indeed it is stupid. It beggars belief. But ISIS is not the point. The point is that you have a bunch of men in that room, and you’re supposed to make a judgment about them. You need to compare. And comparisons require a yardstick. What do we compare about them?

How tall and handsome they are? Well that works in some places. How well they dance or sing? That happens in many places too. How strong and brave they are in single combat? Lots of cultures did that too. But we don’t. We resent tall and handsome men are privileged enough in the sexual marketplace, so fuck that. Fuck dancers too, those get women also. And fuck single combat, the average voter isn’t a good fighter. We don’t want to give high status to tall, strong men with good dancing feet. That would make us feel inadequate. And with good reason, in Africa they give high status to all those men and it sucks.

Our culture gives high status to men with ideas. Everybody can claim to have good ideas. It doesn’t take good genes, nor dancing or fighting skills. Everybody can learn to parrot bullshit after a little practice. Bullshit is the most egalitarian arena, so all status contests are done in the realm of bullshit. Now bullshit requires a topic too. Remember in middle school, when a bunch of friends got together and stared asking: “What would you do if you were invisible?” Or “Batman or Spiderman?” What’s the point of those questions? Nobody’s gonna become invisible. But by asking stupid questions you get people to talk, and through their answers you get to know their character. The question doesn’t matter. The more outlandish the better. You can’t get to know people by asking them a factual question. It has to be bullshit.

And adults do the same thing. In the Cultural Revolution people liked to discuss materialist dialectics. The Republican party likes to talk National Security. Why? Did peasants in Jingzhou give a shit about Hegel? Of course not. Does anybody in the USA really care about Raqqa? No. So why won’t people shut up about it?

“You gotta talk about something!”. That’s what my mother tells me when I ask her why does she like discussing the news about stuff she absolutely has no clue about. And… that’s all there is to it. There’s a bunch of old dudes on TV, and you gotta choose one. Experience says they’re all lying their asses anyway. But you gotta choose one. And how do you choose one? You throw some bullshit topic at them and look at how they respond. Then you have something to make judgment about. How they talk. Tone of voice, body language. Logic. This guy sounds smart. Oh this guy’s a doofus. Hey this guys sounds like fun to have a beer with.

You then choose a guy who you like, or more accurately, you choose the guy because saying that you like that guy makes you look good with your friends. And you made that decision after seeing him speak about ISIS. What’s ISIS? I don’t know. Who gives a shit. I just kinda like the guy who said we should bomb them. So yeah, let’s bomb them. What, we just spent 2 trillion bombing some other guy? Who gives a shit, it’s not like I know the difference. They’re not gonna lower my taxes if I choose not to bomb someone, right? So anyway, yeah I like that bomb-ISIS guy. And that Palestinian-rights guy too. Where’s Palestine? I don’t know. Who gives a shit? But my girlfriends talks about it a lot, and I wanna look good to her.

I imagine some little nephew of Emperor Claudius asking him:

-Uncle Claudius, why in hell are we invading Britain?
=Oh, they have metal there.
-And what do we want the metal for?
=We gotta make little discs and give them to our soldiers.
-We are going to send a hundred thousand young men to their deaths in some god forsaken barbarian island because we need to make metal discs and give it to them?
-Mmm ok.

Fast forward 2000 years:

-Uncle, why are we invading Syria?
=Oh, I promised in my electoral campaign.
-Why did you promise?
=People asked me my opinion on ISIS.
-But you don’t really care about ISIS. I know, you always change the TV channel when they come up on TV.
=Yeah, but people asked my opinion, and I needed to sound tough, so I said I’d invade Syria.
-So we are going to send a hundred thousand young men to get shot at in some god forsaken barbarian desert because you needed to sound tough on TV?
-At least you’re getting some money out of this.
=Not really, but I know my advisors are.
-Mmm… ok.


Что Делать

Many of you may know that France doesn’t take statistics by race, because being French is about having French values. Or in other words, being French is what the French government says it is, so shut up already.

The French are the kings of bullshit. There’s been an academic paper doing the rounds these days, called On the Reception of Pseudoprofound Bullshit. Well, you know Pseudoprofound Bullshit? The French are kings of that. Fortunately there is also a (smaller) group of French which are serious scientists. Some of them are in the healthcare business, and they publish stats of screening for sickle-cell anaemia. Sickle-cell anaemia is a genetic aftereffect of malaria resistance in Africans, so France only screens Africans (both blacks and Maghrebians). Here’s the most recent map.


37.20% of newborns in France are of African descent. It is increasing at a rate of around 1.5% per year. That means in 10 years half of all French newborns will be of African descent. In 30 years, half of all French 20 year olds will be of African descent. I often talk about Brazilification. But even Brazil is whiter than that.

Now, France may deserve this because of their invention of pseudoprofound bullshit. I do feel a certain amount of schadenfraude. When French rightists start to pay attention to this stats, the French newspaper started running articles about how sickle-cell is a “European disease too”, and how we are stigmatizign “the disease of the OTHER (caps in original)”, and how differential screening is a “inequality of France”. Leftists of all kinds started calling for every single baby in France to be screened. It is  impossible for white kids to have sickle-cell. The purpose of screening white kids is obviously to fudge the data so that people can’t make maps about it. This will probably happen in a few years, so this map may be the last one which gives you an accurate picture of how France died.

Which again, given the contribution of France to intellectual history of the world, may not be a bad thing. But it’s not only France. One third of all babies in Britain have one foreign-born parent. Those are 2011 figures. And plenty of foreigners are not foreign-born by now. So a good approximation may be 40% of non-white babies in Britain by now. It will take less than in France to achieve 50%. In Spain, a relative backwater which most migrants only pass through in order to get further north, 25% of babies are born to foreign parents.

US readers might know that the 50% threshold was crossed around 2011



However US census count Middle-Easterners as white, so the line may have been crossed somewhat earlier. Still, the situation isn’t much different in Europe.

What is to be done? The trends are clear, we are heading to Brazilification, or something worse. Perufication? Worst case scenario is South Africa. You may think that whites will always be the elite, and living in a fancy guarded compound isn’t that bad. You get to use cheap labor! Cheap nannies and lawnmowers and all that. Yes but do not forget. Rich elites always have lower fertility. South African whites are legally second-class citizens already. Many are falling in poverty. They still have less babies than blacks. Brazil’s white population, as loosely defined as it is, is losing ground too.


So these are the odds. Do you still want to talk about the tax rate?


I’ve been writing for so time now the idea that bad things happen not necessarily because bad people are out there conspiring to do them, but because humans are, well, just a species of highly social monkeys, cooperation is difficult, large scale societies are weird, and sometimes bad things happen even when nobody really wants it that way.

In 1966 probably nobody wanted to end up worshiping mangoes as Mao’s holy fruit. And Mao himself didn’t want that to happen. But it did, because of bad incentives feeding into human’s SP cognitive process. And there are plenty of examples of the same thing happening all over our thousands of years of history. This includes of course the collapse of Western Civilization occurring just as I write this.

But you know the saying. The fact that you’re paranoid doesn’t mean that they’re not really out there to get you. Take a look at this:


Insane, right? Apparently Merkel has not had enough with the Afghan teenagers ravaging the German countryside. A million Muslims is not enough, she wants more. And she wants to not just open the doors; she wants to go out there to tell them to come! To Africa! To be fair the word “propaganda” means just advertising, it’s not necessarily associated with Goebbels alone in German, but still. Look at the faces of her audience. They’re not happy. They’re not buying this stuff at all.

But then again look at her face. At her voice. At her body language. Does she look like a woman who is convinced she is right, and has an important message to tell? Does she look like Hillary Clinton in a debate? Hell no. She sounds scared to me. Really positively terrified. She doesn’t look to be enjoying this at all. In fact she seems to have been fed some lines, and just repeating them from memory. That stuff about “90 types of jobs with shortages”. Somebody sold her that and she’s has to sell it even though she doesn’t really buy it herself. That’s what her tone of voice tells me.

An SP interpretation of the Refugee Crisis tends to be that, you know, Merkel is a braindead progressive and she wants to do the progressive thing. Certainly not lose to those perfid Swedes! She’ll bring all the Muslims and go to the history books as the glorious woman who brought multiculturalism to Germany. But that doesn’t fit with her biography at all. A recent biopic on her who did the rounds this year explicitly shows her as a machiavelian politician who has absolutely no principles whatsoever; and relies on her laser-sharp instinct to tell what is popular to go ahead and win elections. And indeed she seems very good at that. Hell, she’s been president for 10 years, and nobody really likes her that much.

So her latest enthusiasm for bringing Muslims to Germany can’t possibly be a matter of principle. She has none. Then why is she doing this? Why is she destroying her country? Look at the video again.

Now there’s two possible explanations to her uneasy demeanor. Maybe somebody told her that this refugee thing is going to cost her the presidency, that she’s gonna get demoted from the presidency, publicly disowned by her party, fired and banished to solitary retirement, where her barrenness will torment her as not even her husband bothers visiting. However she has no escape now, she must double down whatever the costs, as she has committed herself to the open borders policy, and any backtrack would be just as disastrous anyway. If she were to admit her error, some Bavarian who was critic of her from the start would come out as the winner, and become the obvious replacement for this old GDR cat woman who almost destroyed the nation because of some stupid error of judgment. Merkel is now between a rock and a hard place, and she can’t find the way of getting out of this, leading to her complete lack of confidence in the video.

Or maybe it’s not her who is putting her in this dilemma. Maybe it is something else who is forcing her into it. Someone she can’t overpower. Maybe there is a conspiracy of bad people who are behind the bad things that affect us all.

Steve Sailer has a subtly concealed them at his blog, and if I’m reading between the lines correctly, I think he means to say that, you know, maybe there is a conspiracy out there. You never know, right? Look at Turkey, it’s a mess and nobody really knows what’s going on and who is pulling the strings or how he got there. Why should it be any simpler over here?

Of course a conspiracy doesn’t really imply that there are cartoon-like evil men who do evil things just for the fun of it. Powerful people also form groups, they come up with stupid ideas to signal loyalty, they make new ideas to try to fight for status, and all that stuff produces the same social dynamics where everybody is unhappy even though nobody really wants to. The difference is that in smaller groups, the influence of individual personality is somewhat greater. An important manifestation of this principle is Jim’s Law of Committees: when decision is taken collectively, the evil and insane always win, because they never compromise, and the good and sane people have been brought up to compromise, which they do. So in this sort of dynamic, if there’s some evil, insane and stubborn old fuck who is convinced that making the all whites are potential Nazis or Gaia-killers or whatever, he might get the idea across and it can snowball on forever.

And even if he’s not around anymore, remember that all human groups organize around stupid, no, preposterous ideas as the optimal way to create cohesion and assess loyalty. And once the idea is out there in explicit or implicit form, and everybody has committed itself to it in order to signal their loyalty and get access, well the racket can snowball and go on forever.

And most people don’t even need to know. Imagine this old evil insane man made his master plan in the 1940s. He didn’t say it openly, he just said that diversity is strength, multiculturalism is good, and the economy needs new blood to do the jobs that the lazy natives won’t do. He used his evil and insane stubborness to get the idea across, and eventually is stuck. Everybody accepted the plan and went on to implement it. Two generations later, the new ruling class might still be going on with the idea without really knowing why. They just know they’ve committed themselves publicly to it, and thus it must be done, or else. And they will conspire to get it done and whatever the cost, or else their own place in the conspiracy is in danger, as is the place of any defector in any human group.

Who is doing this to you, Merkel? The American State Department? The German corporate mafia? The EU? Or just your pitiful little pride? Whichever it is, you’re still dead. Everybody hates  you and they will hate you whatever you do right now. However if you backtrack now you will get your name into history as doing the right thing.

I envy the Indians. They could curse her saying she’d be reincarnated into a filthy dog eating shit in a dump. But no, all Christian can say is she’ll go to hell. But that’s where all her friends are anyway.


Von Neumann, widely regarded as perhaps the most intelligent man who ever lived, had this to say:

It is just as foolish to complain that people are selfish and treacherous as it is to complain that the magnetic field does not increase unless the electric field has a curl. Both are laws of nature.

There’s an amazing story (H/T Candide) of a Belgian couple who for some stupid reason decided to drive across the Belgian Congo (DRC today). They documented the whole trip on this forum. The whole adventure is a great story, of course. Unless you’re like me, and can’t stop wondering why would anybody attempt such a stupid trip. Why, oh why. I mean I sorta get it if you’re a 20 something man with your buddies. But a couple on their 30s (by the look of them)? What kind of man brings a woman to such a place? It’s insane. On the other hand I find it very useful, when I show it to my wife to tell her how lucky she is of having a man without a death wish.

That said, it is an amazing read. I liked this passage the best:

Bicycle tracks are not suited for Landcruisers… so we got stuck. The villages usually had the worst obstacles. In this one village there was a big boghole filled with water. We drove in but did not see the pigs that were taking a bath so we slowed down to give them the time to get out.

Big mistake. We were stuck. The water came to the bottom of the door. This particular mudpit had a bit of a funny smell. It was the favourite place of the pigs so it probably contained a fair amount of sh*t. It sure smelled like it. The entire village gathered round us while we got out, knee deep in sh*t.

They did not offer help.

We started clearing the wheels. Josephine hurt her foot on a stick, the pain could be seen on her face. The people thought this was extremely funny and burst out laughing. This was very humiliating for Josephine and I could see the anger on her face. We looked at eachother and understood that this was not the time to get angry or start discussions with 50 or so people. We continued to work. As I bend over to clear the mud from underneath the car my pants get wet up until my ehrm.. ‘privates’.. . Once again this is the funniest thing these people have ever seen. Hilarity ensues. This was very humiliating to us.

Eventually they offered to help us if we pay them. I tell them that I do not have money. They did not move an inch.

It takes the best part of an hour to get us out. To their surprise we stop again and I get out and walk up to them. Very calmly I explain that we did not like it when they laughed at us. I asked them how they would react if they hurt themselves and we would laugh at them. The acknowledged that they would get mad at us.
I asked them if they would want us to help them if they had a problem. The acknowledged this. I said what they would think if we asked for money before we would help them. They called us racists and immediately demanded money from us.

Of course they did.