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Silver Linings

Cthulhu swims left, and it seems it’s approaching the internet. The volunteer thought police, now called social-justice warriors, are infiltrating a lot of internet communities and then opening the city gates for the Cathedral armies to get in and carry away the leaders to replace them with women, fags and their male slaves.

Around 5 years ago I started to notice that a lot of sports coverage on TV was now done by women, and lots of women started to come out as sports fans. I’m talking of Europe so this is soccer, basketball, formula 1 racing and that sort of stuff. I remember from my childhood that women were constantly complaining about sports being retarded, and nagging how men waste so much stuff watching sports instead of taking them out on romantic dates. Now it’s women going by themselves to the soccer stadium and yelling hooligan sons.

I didn’t like that development. It felt odd. I actually agreed with women that watching sports was retarded, and I can understand that they’d prefer their men take them out to have fun. But women watching sports didn’t make any sense to me.

Now I was never much into internet communities of any sort. I’d rather read a book or play a sport than talk endlessly about it and change my clothes to reflect my hobbies.. So I’ve not been very aware of what’s going on around internet communities during the last years.

But apparently there’s a quite simple story, mainly that women have infiltrated all the thriving communities that existed, and shortly after the social justice inquisition came in, so that now all these communities have fallen to O’Sullivan’s law, and have become Cathedral agencies to promote feminism, negro-worship and sexual deviancy. The last of these has been videogames.

Now if I should react to anything it should be videogames. I’ve been playing videogames since before I can remember. I’ve played a lot, orders of magnitude more than what is proper and healthy. Not anymore though; I lost my passion for the thing years ago, besides the odd strategy game I still have installed to kill time during some rainy weekend.

So now it appears that the “gaming journalism”, whatever that is, has been infiltrated and destroyed by a bunch of sluts who have been fucking everyone in sight in order to promote themselves, and some games they have made. I did know there’s such thing as “indie games”, and I guess it’s natural that some women have been making themselves a name in the indie side of the industry, given that it’s a rather low-investment, small-scale thing, driven much by social marketing than by the actual content. If women are good at something is social marketing, i.e. making themselves noticed by any means. It doesn’t help that men are hard-wired to notice women from 10 miles away.

And so the gaming websites out there, which were built mostly by Call of Duty or Grand Theft Auto or Nintendo fans to talk about their favourite pastime, have now become a racket full of broads and manginas talking endlessly about broads and manginas and how holy they all are. And the CoD and GTA and Mario fans have complained, only to reveal themselves as unholy demons who must be destroyed. And so videogame journalism was co-opted. And soon enough the biggest entertainment industry in the world will slowly wither away, because every single game out there without a Transgender Black Lesbian as a protagonist will be denounced as unprogressive.

A lot of men are pissed at this development, especially because videogames are very, very popular. But as I was saying the same thing more or less happened around science fiction, fantasy, sports, the military, and anything that men care about. Cthulhu swims left and everything moves with it. The laws of physics might vary in different parts or dimensions of the universe; but O’Sullivan’s law does not.

And a big part of why this is possible and resistance is futile is that: nobody gives a shit. Nobody gives a shit about “gamers”. Nor sci-fi readers, nor football fans, nor USG mercenaries. And that’s a good thing. Men shouldn’t be playing games. They shouldn’t be getting excited everytime a bunch of Africans put a ball in a basket. They shouldn’t be fighting for our sexual freedoms in Iraq. They certainly shouldn’t waste their leisure time talking about Game of Thrones.

The beatings will continue until morale improves. Women will continue to subvert and destroy any little residue of freedom and leisure that men build for themselves, the same way that NAMs will always continue to move into white neighborhoods and force people to lose their savings to flee. And that’s a good thing. Men shouldn’t feel safe and happy. Men shouldn’t have hobbies to focus on and avoid facing reality. Perhaps if women continue to destroy any community that men build, some men will come to realize the fact that women don’t belong into men’s communities. If the media continues demonizing any men that points out that social justice agitators are transparent frauds, perhaps some men will notice that the media isn’t about telling the truth.

Progressives are busy destroying what we have left of civilization. It’s a good thing that they started by depriving men of their hobbies. You don’t want men playing games when the shit hits the fan. Hopefully in 10 years Xboxes will only be available in pink, and all games will be about the journey of discovery of Transgender Black Autogynephilic Lesbians and how they learned to love Big Brother. Then perhaps a few more men will get the message.


16 responses to “Silver Linings

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  2. Van Phauc October 5, 2014 at 17:17

    Nailed it.

    And it needed to be said.

  3. Ivan October 5, 2014 at 19:42

    Maybe you are more optimistic than I am, but I doubt that the pinking of nerd culture is going to turn all those men into reactionary men of action and agency. They were into those things as a way to check out of a society that actively hates them (source: my own life). What makes you think they won’t just find a different hole to crawl into?

  4. Hazim October 6, 2014 at 12:22

    It seems likely that once the pendulum swings and the yonkers awaken, though the cathedral be in dust it will have eradicated the societal memory of Reaction. The men will be re – inventing the wheel of Reaction in the best case, devolved to feral barbarians more likely, or hunted by the despotic powers that emerge in the worst case.

  5. Candide III October 6, 2014 at 16:29

    There is much to your point, but isn’t Internet the place with the lowest exit costs anywhere? It only takes a few hundred dollars to set up a new forum in place of even a fairly well-trafficked pozzed one. 4chan /pol/ and /v/ quickly migrated en masse to and some other chans. Seeing how ‘well’ even the fight against CP is going, I doubt that SJW efforts to shut down or subvert gamer forums and the like will achieve much except nice press (isn’t that most of the point of the excercise?), and the kind of guys who play these games look too ideologically and emotionally primitive to be susceptible to leftist shaming (just read /pol/ for 10 minutes to get the idea). Attacking the game development industry itself looks more promising, but the industry has profits to worry about; they know that boobs and guns sell while tranny immigrant struggles don’t. Also, gamedev isn’t a brick-and-mortar business, you can move it anywhere with cheap internet connections, beer and pizza.

    • spandrell October 7, 2014 at 05:38

      Well the 10th time they have to exit they’ll get the message that they are The Enemy.

      And gamedevs are fucked. The industry is undergoing concentration (which makes them more vulnerable to PR attacks), and devolution into lame smartphone manipulative games. The Japanese game industry is utterly dead, and Americans are busy dismantling everything boobs-and-guns about their games. All popular games see their developers absorbed by Electronic Arts or whoever, and then the Cathedral apparatchicks come down.

      They’ll go bankrupt before doing anything unholy. If they really wanted profits they’d made erotic games with harems of 14 year old women like they do in Japan.

      • Candide III October 7, 2014 at 07:57

        Heh, you’re more optimistic in a way than I am. They may get the message, indeed /pol/ got the message, but so what? Here’s a good Ukrainian proverb for the occasion: you can’t make a bullet out of shit.

        The Japanese game industry is utterly dead

        I thought assorted eroge and dating sims were still going strong? Even I heard about Kantai Collection.

        • spandrell October 7, 2014 at 09:56

          I’m not optimistic in the sense that I think the reserve army of fat nerds is going to be of much use to my cause.

          i just think it’s good that fantasy worlds are stamped out of existence. Some proportion of “gamers” and other assorted fat nerds are of course total omegas that will never amount to anything, but there’s also a proportion of people that could actually amount for something if not given the chance of spending their lives in a world of fantasy. I was barely in the other side of that divide, fortunately.

          As I was saying the perfect is the enemy of the good. It helps to see all groups as having a normal distribution

          • Candide III October 7, 2014 at 11:35

            You’re right. Let’s hope enough bullets are sintered out of the shit — shitty as it is, shit, too, contains some iron.

          • Peter A. Taylor October 8, 2014 at 04:07

            But isn’t a fat nerd exactly the sort of person who is likely to blurt out that the emperor has no clothes, either being too social clueless to understand the consequences, or feeling that he has anything to lose? That’s useful. Maybe this is an example of what Sam Keen called “the epistemological privilege of the underprivileged”.

            Also, fantasy worlds are useful for teaching economics and doing thought experiments in alternative political arrangements.

            • spandrell October 8, 2014 at 05:46

              I have some experience in fantasy worlds, and most people aren’t exactly busy doing thought experiments on advanced economic thinking.

              It’s more about making friends without having to actually know them, feeling strong by being rewarded for mindless grinding, and sexual validation through virtual representations of beautiful women who for some reason get tingles every time they see a fat nerd.

              If the fat nerd is to do any social contribution by pointing out that the king has no clothes, he has to be out there looking at the king instead of playing videogames.

  6. Toddy Cat October 7, 2014 at 16:59

    This works geographically, as well. Middle-class Americans are running out of places to run to, and that may be a good thing.

  7. peppermint October 8, 2014 at 06:50

    what are you talking about “gaming is dead” thats stupid. Computers have never been better.

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