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Appearing faithful

Allow me go to back to quoting Elizabeth Cashdan again.


Because men are more willing to invest in offspring when they can be assured of their paternity, women have good reason to reassure them on this score. Mothers—but not fathers!—are more likely to report that their newborn infants look just like Dad. In societies where men invest heavily in their offspring, women are more likely to behave in ways that will ensure greater paternity confidence. Dickemann argues that concern about female chastity reaches a peak in highly stratified polygynous societies, where “large numbers of beggars, outcasts, floater males, and celibates exist at the bottom while intense polygyny in the form of secondary wives, concubines, and harems occurs at the top.” Extreme concern about female chastity is adaptive for husbands in these societies not only because of high male investment but because of increased competition from a sea of unmated men with little to lose. It is noteworthy that claustration and other forms of sexual control are often enforced by women, not just by men. Clitoridectomy and infibulation, usually viewed as a form of male control over female sexuality, are performed on women by women. Mothers willingly put their daughters through these brutal procedures, presumably because without them their daughters will be unable to secure a desirable mate.


I wonder who is more annoying about securing a bride without a clitoris: the groom, the father, or the mother? Surely a mother who had her clitoris cut off with a broken bottle would be very pissed if an unmutilated bride came to her house and started moaning at the boy’s room. I’d think the groom (likely a virgin) wouldn’t care that much and only wants a nice looking bride.

And Floater males surely sounds better than incel.



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