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A modest proposal on WWG

Seems Twitter is awash with talk on what the correct reactionary attitude towards gays, trannies and other sexual deviants must be.

Social conservatives have a range of opinions about what sexual deviancy is really about. Is it a curse? Just something people do out of lust and other sinful desires (which we should stop them from doing)? Or perhaps it is somewhat inborn or unchosen, yet disgusting all the same so we should make them hide it at least so we don’t have to talk about it.

Then there’s social liberals who just think sex is rad and people should be free to have orgasms however they like have them. The right side of the internet is also full of these sort of people, even among self-styled neoreactionaries. Blowhard comes to mind. He’s even running a porn tumblr these days. Moldbug tended to avoid the topic, which is an intelligent thing to do when you live in San Francisco.

And of course progressives not only think sexual deviants should be free to do so; they must be worshipped as gods and every single fancy of them must be taught in public schools to entice primary school kids into participating eventually. Or not so eventually.

What to do? I have a proposal.

If I had to choose one, I’d call myself a social conservative. Progressives are evil and insane. Social liberals are also in my opinion misguided. Sex is not about orgasms. Ultimately it’s about reproduction. And reproduction is about whose genes get to be present in the next generation. Personnel is policy, so sex must be regulated. It has always been so, for a reason. A basic principle of all civilized societies is that sex is not about fun, and people’s mating instincts can’t be left to themselves. Farming doesn’t come naturally, agricultural civilizations less so; and so the patriarchy was invented to make it possible. That’s a matter of history, of actual fact, not of ethical speculation. And history is more important and much more interesting than ethics. If you don’t agree I don’t want to talk to you. You should get yourself in a monastery.

However social conservatives also tend to miss the facts and let themselves be fooled by moral tradition. And that’s wrong. Sexual deviancy is out there, and has always been, and wishing it out of existence isn’t going to help. Tradition is about filtering out the inconvenient parts of the past. Well we have more data now. Greeks were into banging ephebes. Romans were into abortion and dysgenics. There’s plenty of quite disturbing sexual practices in all of the Good Old Days.

The word reactionary conveys the idea that there are social arrangements from the past that are superior to those of modernity. But of course not all of them were. What modernity has, at least in comparison to the pre-Enlightenment period, is empirical science. So my proposal is:

Sexual deviants are to be objects of research. It’s much more important to understand why homosexuality happens, than it is to suppress it. It is much more interesting to find out why a army veteran chooses to chop off his dick and call himself Jessica, instead of marrying a woman and making children with her. Cognitive science has advanced a lot, and this corner of the blogosphere owns as much to it as it does to genetics research.

So my proposal is: neoreactionaries must see sexual deviants as guinea pigs. Not as friends, not as enemies, but as fascinating broken brain which must be peeked into. We want to know why some men prefer to suck cock, why the daughter of a HK billionaire goes out with an ugly dyke, why Afghanis lust after 10 year old boys, why trendy american fags have lisps. Agnostic has been publishing his thoughts on this issue, and while his methods aren’t very scientific, he has produced by himself more interesting insight than 100 Anissimovs and 500 Anarcho-papists in Twitter and all their followers combined.

So gentlemen: less ought, and more is. Let us strive to advance knowledge, else you’re just yet another member of the chattering classes. And not a very good one at that.