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World War T in Japan

I thought I might as well focus this blog in showing how East Asia is as fucked up by progressive norms as everywhere else.

The best way to understand this is to read the Japan Times, AKA the official paper of the Cathedral occupation forces. But that’s likely to get you depressed. I don’t read it either, just stumble upon some news stories once in a while.

This one is big: Osaka court approves adoption of 3 year old boy by a single transexual.

That’s right, some dude had sex change surgery, changed his legal identity to a woman (that’s legal here), and adopted an abandoned boy. He applied for approval and it was granted! Think about that for a second.

There are two clues to this story. One is that Osaka is the hotbed of everything crazy and evil in the Japanese government. Besides being the biggest center of organized crime, Osaka houses the only real criminal slum in the country (Airin). It is also home to 100k+ Koreans, who have a strong hold of the local welfare payment system, so they get a lot of free money.

Osaka’s local administration is so corrupt, there are stories of Chinese organized crime bringing old people to Japan under false pretenses of being left-over babies from WW2, applying for housing and benefits, and being granted upon arrival, no questions asked. The welfare pimps get a cut on it (presumably giving a cut to the local bureaucrats), and business goes on.

The second is that the highest density of leftism in Japan is in the legal system. It’s of course nowhere close to the West; most judges are still quite conservative, the death penalty is still on force and applied consistently, police and prosecution get a (sometimes too much) free hand in prosecuting people. But then there’s the Japanese Federation of Bar Associations which is a Cathedralist front if I ever saw one. Fortunately Japan never had a Warren court.

The Japanese attitude towards sexual deviants is quite interesting. On one hand the homosexual community per se is pretty much non-existent. There is no religious based antipathy against sodomites, but there is practically no gay community, and sodomites, while existing, are quite discrete. They are not shown on TV and have little to zero media exposure.

Who does get exposure is transvestites, mutilated or not. There are several famous cross dressing dudes, some so famous they are making millions in product promotion! For some reason the Japanese find transexualism amusing, but have a revulsion towards sodomy between men. If you want to take the D in the ass, you might as well pretend to be a woman. I guess it’s understandable.

What is not understandable is giving cross-dressers legal identity as women, letting them marry, and adopt children. Note that the adopted child is a 3 year old boy. I wonder if transexuals or homos ever adopt daughters.



27 responses to “World War T in Japan

  1. peppermint April 4, 2014 at 05:38

    the death penalty is still on force and applied consistently

    an African-American raped and murdered an Irish-American in Japan two years ago, and was sentenced to five to ten years in prison. Well, maybe they wanted to respect the typical sentencing in the home country of the people involved?

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  3. B April 4, 2014 at 10:40

    I thought the samurai were mostly homos after the grecoroman mode (ephebophiles.) Japanese told me. Not true?

    • spandrell April 4, 2014 at 10:47

      The actual Samurais yeah. That era stopped 400 years ago though.

      • B April 4, 2014 at 10:56

        And the rest of the people didn’t emulate?

        How did it stop?

        • spandrell April 4, 2014 at 11:26

          I’m no expert, but I think the end of the wars brought peace, a commercial economy, and urbanization, filled with good brothels all around the country. So warlords didn’t live surrounded by samurais anymore, and now had plenty of access to good women anyway.

          • Handle April 4, 2014 at 13:05

            Makes a certain case for the ‘economic determinism of sexual behavior’. When there aren’t enough women around (prisons, the navy, boarding schools, warlord camps), heterosexual men will turn to each other to relieve their overwhelming biological impulses. They will then go on to try and justify, rationalize, and normalize that embarrassing activity by creating normative cultural institutions that support the practice, usually devolving into institutionalized pederasty. You’ve got the Afghans today, Turks at the time of WWI (see Lawrence of Arabia’s book), Greeks in ancient times, etc.

            But as soon as the sexual balance is restored, guys who swung both ways in prison go back to strict heterosexuality. Over time, most people able and preferring to partake in biologically normal heterosexuality makes that the new cultural norm, strongly supported by Haidt-Rozin coordinating moralization.

            It seems pretty clear that there’s a spectrum between homosexuality-by-necessity and hard-coded (or Cochran-germ) biological homosexuality, and also a role for culture and formative experiences in childhood. But we are supposed to forget history and our dark humor prison jokes and say that people are born one way or the other and always only have and act on those impulses, and culture cannot matter to this, only to our attitudes concerning it.

            Well, nuts. That’s bunk.

            • spandrell April 4, 2014 at 13:18

              I always liked Cochran’s theory, but I’ve seen too many Chinese lesbians (while in Japan it’s extremely rare) to not reach the conclusion that it is cultural. It doesn’t make much sense biologically, but all the evidence I have tells me people’s sexual orientations do shift with time and space.

              And there’s plainly weird things, like Thai ladyboys. Actually transvestites of the sort are common to all Southeast Asia, even in Muslim Indonesia, up to India too. All of which are linguistically and religiously different, but do have a common genetic substrate.

              It’s weird.

              • Handle April 4, 2014 at 14:49

                I think the usual gender split applies, where female attitudes and behaviors have heightened sensitivity to social and cultural factors and are more dependent on what everyone else thinks is normal and ok, whereas male activity tends to be relatively more biologically and economically-based, and more independent of social judgment and instead dependent on natural predispositions and questions of resources and sexual access.

                Sometimes Lesbianism is biologically hard coded, some kind of sex hormone problem perhaps, and sometimes it’s soft-coded and more malleable. Like Sailer said, Lesbians aren’t Gay, and the dynamics of what people feel and how they behave and how they get that way are different too.

                So, if this theory were right, it would make sense that you see straight college girls play around with some public displays of bi-curiosity and occasional lesbian experimentation which can, especially if over-intellectualized by feminist ideology, become a constructed comfortable-enough identity. But it takes some pretty extreme sex-deprived circumstances to make mostly straight men swing the other way.

                Or else they didn’t have a choice in their childhood when their pubescent secondary-sexual neural nets were being formed and they were either isolated with only other boys and/or predated upon by pederasts.

                If early childhood formative experiences are important to adult sexual impulses and the genders are separated because most of your institutions are same-sex, then one can see a mechanism whereby homosexual behaviors in men who would be counterfactually heterosexual could be perpetuated.

                Here’s Dawkins kinda sorta defending it:

                Also, since gays have a well-known inclination towards pederasty, it would make sense to be cautious about having them be in unsupervised positions of authority over your sons. But don’t say that!

                Bottom line, culture, biology, and economics all matter, and they affect men and women differently. Believing this makes you an unperson.

              • Alrenous April 4, 2014 at 19:25

                According to genital arousal measurements, all women are bisexual and no men are. That’s how different lesbianism is.

            • spandrell April 4, 2014 at 15:00

              I’m sure you’ve seen videos of Bacha Bazi in Afghanistan.

              What struck me was the genuine look of desire in the men’s faces. They are really turned on. This is not some “hell I’d want to fuck a woman but this is the only way of getting my dick wet”. I don’t know if its the elephant or the hamster, but the Afghan men are deeply in love with the dancing boys.

              I’ve seen the Chinese lesbian thing in China proper, Hong Kong (remember the billionaire’s daughter) and even Malaysia. None of them have the same political culture or feminist movements. So it’s either some cultural dynamic unique to Chinese (especially south-east China) culture, or it’s some genetic leftover of the old local tribes. My hunch is that it’s the unfortunate result of the merger of Chinese polygamist hypergamy and literate culture with western modernity. Northern China’s peasant culture has long been more carefree and there’s less sexual deviancy up there.

              More research is needed! But researching this makes you an unperson. Perhaps we need more unpersons.

              • B April 4, 2014 at 16:13

                No, I haven’t seen videos of that stuff. In Afghanistan, I saw a little bit of questionable stuff, but mostly on the level of joking-typical dude stuff, you know, 40 year old virgin style-“know how I know you’re gay?” Also, the cook once made a joke about a chai boy, saying that his main function was not serving chai but serving the cook, at which point the chai boy blushed with embarrassment. But that might have just been a joke-I didn’t delve further. Iraqis, on the other hand, were gayer than hell.

                I don’t buy the brothel theory. There’s a lot of gay stuff going on with blacks and Filipinos, who have access to women pretty easily. And not a lot of gay stuff going on with Russians, although they are dirt poor and every other dude has done time.

              • Handle April 4, 2014 at 17:42

                @Spandrell: I’ve seen it better than video, alas. Unless you count the live feed from the LRAS3 screen as ‘video’. From similar observations, I think the Iraqis are just as gay if not more so (also bestial, yuck), but it is also something a bit more closeted and taboo, without the overtness of the Afghans and their … colorful cultural institutionalization of all this. To understand the way this kind of desire can become genuine, we probably need to read more Romans and Greeks who had some favorable opinions on their own pederastic practices.

                My larger point is that a person who reads and knows History, and takes a clear-sighted and honest view of the world, will conclude that biology (for which there are probably several overlapping causes, genes, germs, hormones, environmental chemical exposure, etc.), life-experience, culture, and the economics of the sexual marketplace, all present factors which can cause significant deviation in beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors from normal, strict heterosexuality.

                But we are allowed only to believe, “Baby I was born that way”, as if it were 100% like race. Except race does not exist, but genetic-homosexuality somehow does, even though evolution would guarantee the former while suppressing the latter. If you mention any other possible factors besides the ‘born-that-way hypothesis’ theory of homosexual behavior, you are toast.

                This is why homosexual marriage is coming everywhere soon. Life is a PsyOp, and cultural messages and reinforcement without contradiction matter a hell of a lot, especially for kids. But since the idea that government policy might have any actual impact on the prevalence of sexual deviation is an inadmissible and unspeakable hatefact, there is no ability to make any case for rational discrimination, and so it must disappear. Oh, also, all heretics must be submitted to the inquisition to burn at the stake.

                @B: All of this obviously depends on HBD too and one would expect it to vary somewhat by ethnic group.

                I would guess that one factor one would expect to influence sexual inclination and orientation is the normal level of sex hormones within a population. Men and women both have ambient levels of testosterone and estrogen, and both of these can be abnormally high or low, creating 16 possible aberrant conditions.

                For (T,E), normal would be (0,0) and aberrants for each gender could be (+,0), (-,0), (0,+), (0,-), (+,+), (+,-), (-,+), and (-,-).

                (+,-) is probably a ‘good’ alpha male aberrant, and (-,+) a good feminine aberrant, thought maybe it’s (X,+)

                I think I remember from Rushton that Southeast Asian males have the lowest testosterone, and highest estrogen, and so you would expect a higher incidence of ladyboys with inverse-alpha / hyperfeminine (-,+) type profiles than elsewhere.

                For western women (+,0) or (+,+) doesn’t make them gay, it makes them exhibit masculine-style aggressive sexuality. A lot of black women seem to be (+,0). It’s when they also lack estrogen, so (+,-) or (0,-) that they start to look and act like normal dudes, or be butch, bull-dyke lesbians.

                For black homosexuals, you definitely see more (+,+) types, which is why, (or so I hear), that in mixed-race homosexual relationships it is usually the black guy who’s the top and the white guy who’s the bottom. See here for Derb’s take on ‘mentally diseased’ Andrew Sullivan, which I think shows an example.

  4. spandrell April 4, 2014 at 17:30

    Lots of Filipinos homos, or cross-dressing like Thai ladyboys?

    In any case ephebophilia in Japan today is negligible; less than the West. The brothel theory may not apply to others, but I think it applies here. Different peoples may have different sex dynamics.

  5. Toddy Cat April 4, 2014 at 18:50

    So Osaka is the Japanese Chicago, right? That’s interesting…

  6. Bob April 4, 2014 at 18:53

    Regarding prison homosexuality, it seems to be largely a black thing. Not that it doesn’t exist among other populations, but the scale of it seems associated with blacks. The rise of “prison rape” as a cultural trope in the US is associated with the rise of the black prison population over the past few generations.

    There was a young white American who did time in South Korean prison for drugs, and he noted that the level of prison rape and homosexuality associated with American prisons was absent:

    Nothing much happens in prison, but the details are fascinating. As Mr. Thomas describes it, violence is limited to occasional scuffles, and the atmosphere of terror and intimidation in American prisons is absent. Although consensual sex occurs, usually for pay, rape is unknown. It’s no “Midnight Express.” In an unspoken arrangement, gangs keep order in exchange for privileges.

    I imagine all-white prisons would be similarly more restrained with less rape/homosexuality.

    The rise of prison rape/homosexuality as a cultural trope and popular joke has been concomitant with the rise of the black prison population, but because of PC, the racial angle isn’t acknowledged and regular people come to believe that the sheer scale and intensity of it is normal among all populations, even though official studies and reports of the US prison system do mention some of the racial aspects, such as heavy black involvement and black targeting of white inmates, who are obviously outnumbered and often have less gang protection.

  7. Bob April 4, 2014 at 19:08

    Who does get exposure is transvestites, mutilated or not. There are several famous cross dressing dudes, some so famous they are making millions in product promotion! For some reason the Japanese find transexualism amusing, but have a revulsion towards sodomy between men.

    This is not that unusual though. Transvestitism was a common and popular comedy trope in the US before homosexuality was officially accepted and promoted by PC. Famous comedians would dress up as women for their acts on TV.

    Now nobody does it because it wouldn’t be PC. It would be construed as sexist, homophobic, etc. Although some black comedians like Eddie Murphy and Tyler Perry have done it recently.

  8. Bob April 4, 2014 at 19:16

    What about Hard Gay i.e. Razor Ramon Sumitani? He’s from Osaka:

  9. jamesd127 April 5, 2014 at 05:27

    (+,-) is probably a ‘good’ alpha male aberrant, and (-,+) a good feminine aberrant,

    Very low androgen levels are desirable in women, but very low estrogen levels are not necessarily desirable in men.

    Androgens have across the board bad effects on women, pimples, excess hair in the wrong places, manly jaw. smaller boobs, ugly (less feminine) hair. Androgens cause male/gay style sexual promiscuity. They make women look bad and behave badly, though in the ancestral environment bad behavior was Natural Selection’s backup plan for getting pregnant. One can make a good case that every woman everywhere should be given spironolactone to block their androgens except when pregnant with a male fetus or expecting pregnancy. It would probably have a beneficial effect similar to clitoridectomy, hopefully without the horrible side effects of clitoridectomy.

    A woman’s propensity to uncontrollably spread her legs when touched there is pretty much proportional to her androgen levels.

    High female status causes high androgens. Low male status causes low male androgens. Thus females are developing more manly chins, while male sperm counts and musculature are dropping.

    estrogens seem to be necessary to both sexes. High estrogens in males cause overweight, impotence and man boobs, but it is not obvious that normal estrogen levels in males cause effects as harmful as normal androgen level is females. For females, the less androgens the better. For males, not necessarily the case that the less estrogens the better. Very low estrogen values are clearly harmful in men, though body builders target low estrogen values for better muscle definition. Very low androgen values have no apparent harmful effects in women.

    The change in chins suggests that by historic standards, most women in the west are high testosterone aberrants. Falling sperm counts suggest that by historic standards, most men in the west are low testosterone aberrants. By and large, sperm production reflects testosterone production, not because testosterone controls sperm production, but because they are both regulated by the same controller, so anything that up regulates testosterone production tends to up regulate sperm production, and anything that down regulates testosterone production down regulates sperm and seminal fluid production.down)

    We know that sperm production has fallen radically, so can be pretty sure that testosterone production has fallen radically.

    We also have reason to believe that estrogens are rising in both men and women, especially women,, for unknown reasons. Every woman in the modern west is a high testosterone, high estrogen aberrant by historical standards. Every male is low testosterone aberrant by historical standards.

    If modern men seem like unmanly wimps compared to our ancestors, it is because we are.

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  11. Greying Wanderer May 5, 2014 at 00:44

    “What struck me was the genuine look of desire in the men’s faces.”

    If the virus effects visual arousal that would explain it.


    “According to genital arousal measurements, all women are bisexual and no men are.”

    That’s not exactly what the research showed. It showed men reacted *very strongly* to either gay or straight *visual* stimulation but not both. It showed women reacted *moderately* to both straight and lesbian *visual* stimulation.

    So there’s three aspects to the research
    – the level of arousal
    – the specifics of what caused the arousal
    – the assumption that visual stimulation effects women the same as men

    These differences would be useful for testing the gay virus idea (or paraphilia virus imo).

    For example if the virus messed up the part of the brain that effects visual arousal then it could explain all sensory (visual, tactile, smell etc) paraphilias. And if women were sexually less visually driven then that might explain differences in the levels of male and female paraphilias.


    “Regarding prison homosexuality, it seems to be largely a black thing…There was a young white American who did time in South Korean prison for drugs, and he noted that the level of prison rape and homosexuality associated with American prisons was absent:”

    Quite. The idea that it is “normal” for people to become homosexual in prison is just propaganda. The rate is proportional to how promiscuous people are outside prison.


    “I’ve seen the Chinese lesbian thing in China proper”

    If it is a virus and homosexuality has increased as a result then it must come from somewhere else. In China’s case the most likely candidate regions would be places China has had very little contact with historically and which they had sudden massive large-scale contact with over the last 20 or so years especially if those contacts involved a lot of prostitution i.e. very large numbers of Chinese men going abroad for a spell to a particular region, sleeping with prostitutes and then coming home and passing it on to their wives effecting their kids in the womb.

    Did the Chinese billionaire with the lesbian daughter make his money abroad?

    • Greying Wanderer May 7, 2014 at 04:17

      “Did the Chinese billionaire with the lesbian daughter make his money abroad?”

      The father claims to have slept with 10,000 women so if it’s a virus maybe he picked it up off one of them and passed it on to the girl’s mother.

      • spandrell May 7, 2014 at 11:10

        Yet she’s obviously the girl of the couple, with the “girlfriend” being the dyke. If she had a virus that made her attracted to women she wouldn’t be attracted to that frog looking thing.

        Seems to me that hypergamy combined with her situation as a pampered princess with a billionaire father makes her unattracted to any actually existing male, so she ended up with a fantasy creature, the nice guy who doesn’t actually demand to sleep with her.

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