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Diversity > Religion

Mormon Mom Arrested For Allegedly Smuggling Drugs During Trip To Mexico

without HBD

The mother, Yannira Maldonado…

with HBD

Reality is boring when you know how things work.

Average Mormon Mom circa 2050


22 responses to “Diversity > Religion

    • spandrell May 28, 2013 at 17:05

      Mother of 7 !!

      What with the 60%? Still not your typical Mormon.

      • Chevalier de Johnstone May 29, 2013 at 00:57

        I didn’t know it was possible to remarry in the Mormon church. She’s not a mother of 7, the kids are from each of their prior marriages.

        Still, it’s impossible for her to have smuggled that much drugs onto the bus without someone else noticing, as it would be very bulky. This is an obvious frame job; at the very least, if she was involved she wasn’t acting alone.

        Many Mexicans are 60% European or more, but Maldonado is the husband’s name. Yanira is either Hawaiian or Hebrew. Since her daughter’s surname is Soto, she’s probably Hawaiian.

        • spandrell May 29, 2013 at 03:44

          I had no idea either. This is getting better every moment.

          She looks Mexican to me though, and there’s plenty of Yaniras in Latin America. I hear Hebrew names are popular these days.

          I don’t care if she did it or not, I just find it funny how a “Mormon mom” goes by herself to Mexico and gets herself in this kind of trouble. And the press get all excited, a Mormon mom!!

          Then she’s a Mexican divorcee. Doh.

  1. name redacted May 28, 2013 at 19:41

    as a former mormon i find the momonfillia in neo-reactionary land funny, albeit somewhat disturbing. a “typical” mormon is only whitebread in america. most mormons don’t live in america, they live in the 3rd world, predomiately latin america. so non-white is actually typical for a mormon.

    source: mormon demographics

    “Aside from the United States, other regions with significant Mormon populations include Mexico and Asia (1 million members each), South America (3 million members), and Central America and Europe (about half a million each). The rapid growth the Church has been experiencing in Africa, where there are already a quarter of a million members, is particularly exciting.

    mormons tacitly support third worldisation. hence my confusion about mormonfillia.

    • Greying Wanderer May 28, 2013 at 20:09

      it highlights adaptive behavior

      • spandrell May 29, 2013 at 03:44

        Why don’t you adapt to Mexicanization then?

        • Greying Wanderer May 29, 2013 at 19:50

          No idea what that means but then again my comment wasn’t very clear either. It was a reply to

          “as a former mormon i find the momonfillia in neo-reactionary land funny”

          It’s not mormonophilia, it’s using Mormons as proof that the 1950s style traditional culture was adaptive.

    • Handle May 29, 2013 at 01:43

      None so zealous as the convert; none so antagonistic as the apostate.

      I can’t speak for any others around these parts, but through some random life circumstances, I’ve had a great deal of exposure to Mormons in my profession over the past five years or so. Sometimes when there’s only one or two, and sometimes when they vastly outnumber everyone else (including myself). All in all, I’d guess it’s a few hundred, ranging from middle-prole to upper middle class with a definite bias in my more intimate interactions towards the upper end of that spectrum. No Romney-level types, but no deep-underclass ones either. I’ll add that almost all the ones I knew were Americans of European stock – mostly Yankee with some German and North European – and at least half with many generations of Mormonism in their families. I’ve only known one Black Mormon, and he was some elite Nigerian price born in America and a very bright fellow.

      And my overall impression is very positive. It’s similar to what I said about the Japanese here several months ago. I try to run a kind of instinctive-analog “regression analysis” in my brain, factoring out inputs like IQ, ethnicity, education, etc. and the Mormon’s I’ve known score markedly higher on personal metrics like “trustworthiness” and markedly lower on “social pathology” metrics that their non-Mormon American “peers”, and most significantly, across a large spectrum of social class.

      I attribute this to the beliefs and sociology of their religion. I’m not sure what else I should attribute it to, but if you’ve got any suggestions I’m open minded about it. Spandrell prefers to draw a hard line between religion-as-content-of-theology and culture as everything else involving patterns of social interaction. I think that as a pragmatic matter – on the level of how they are experienced by adherents – these are less separable and more interwoven.

      In the setting in which I saw them, the problems of the lower-class Mormons were just trivial compared to their analogues in general American society. My position is that if you genuinely care about the position of the poor proles in American society, then you don’t just fake it like the left by thinking caring is only about welfare transfer payments and the corrosive license of a valueless, judgment-free society, and instead you want them to have something like socially-reinforced religion to given them stable family and working lives where they can feel they earn dignity and respect. But that’s just me. Also the entire American upper middle class, not in what they preach (naturally), but in what they actually practice – as per Charles Murray.

      Now, I will note that there is a certain and growing amount of pessimism (or “realism”) both within and without the Latter Day Saints about the sustainability of the positive features I find in Mormon communities given, ahem, certain demographic trends and a certain tendency towards the same things that led to the slide into mere PC-progressivism of the Mainline Protestant Denominations.

      That being said, I’d say the reason this particular reactionary a friend to the Mormons generally, in addition to my positive personal experiences, is that they seem to be a community which had stumbled upon a way of preserving a kind of healthy traditional lifestyle without bubbling themselves off entirely from modernity (like, say, the Amish or the Hasidic Jews). That’s worthy of interest and study, and a certain amount of admiration.

      • spandrell May 29, 2013 at 03:47

        My point is that Mormon culture is more about being whitebread than about being Mormon. At this rate it’ll be some fucked up Mexicanized cult in a couple of decades.

        You think the Mormons are cool because they manage to civilize average White people. I don’t know how average they are, but let’s leave it at that. Well let’s see if they can civilize average Mexican people. I’m not optimistic.

        • Red May 29, 2013 at 09:32

          It also may be that Mormons realizes they have to take the poison that is cathedral. Resisting the cathedral ends in your destruction. Submitting to while resisting the bad parts (Protestant churches) ends up with your people being seduced by the Cathedral and your institution becoming a hollowed out shell. The Mormons consume the Cathedral poison in both it’s left and right wing form, but only enough to make them appear not be a threat and all the while retaining that core that being Mormon comes before being part of the of Cathedral. I’ve read that consuming small doses of poison makes you immune to much larger doses from time to time. I believe that is their strategy. Breed, grow, find niches within the cathedral and consume small amounts of the poison until the day is right to rule.

          Observe their reaction to the boy scouts allowing gays in. Not total condemnation, not out right resistance, but small doses of public acceptance while ensuring that their kids will never be rapped by faggots in a scout tent. Note to that everything the Mormons do is with an eye towards practicality. They’ve retained their power within the scouts. In fact it will probably be magnified now that all the religious groups are leaving. They’ll have access to large amounts of land and the know how to train boys into solders. As the cathedral consumes more and more of the 3ed world they’re going to need intelligent people to oversee, fight for, and protect the elites. What better choice than the Mormons?

          • Handle May 29, 2013 at 12:08

            The most prominent niche the Mormons have found in the Cathedral are those parts of it which require the highest levels of trustworthiness, work-ethic, reliability, loyalty to the country, and few relatives to whom enemy states could put the screws to extort your cooperation. It helps a lot if you have a spotless record, have never done anything wrong your entire life, are a good, selfless team-player, and have been conditioned from birth to be a horrible, obvious liar who gets visibly guilty and distraught about forgetting to pay you back the 25 cents you lent him at the vending machine.

            Those are very coveted and highly-sought-after positions, which require an arduous and lengthy process to meet requirements, and the Mormon representation is wildly disproportionate. For good reason. The Mormons know it too, and they’re proud of it. Also for good reason, in my opinion.

            You know what – now that I think about it – I guess this is as good a metric for “personal and social benefits of religion” as any. Controlling for other factors – does it consistently produce adults who can rightly qualify to be members of these special programs? Mormonism does.

            Another metric would be the one most foreign intelligence services use – which is, essentially, “comparative bribe-ability” or “relative corruptness”. How easy is it to convince a “trusted” person in your country’s system to betray their government with a bribe, and what multiple of their salary does it take to get product?” I’m confident that US-targeting actors have already determined that the Mormons are consistently and particularly hard to bribe. Which is another thing you’d find beneficial in a religion widespread amongst your population.

            And that goes back to my theory that the essence of morality is general trustworthiness – and the sincere and intense internal desire to be trustworthy.

            • Red May 29, 2013 at 19:24

              Mormons are not trust worthy. Mormons are very much like the Jews when it comes to dealing with non Mormons. They don’t a problem screwing you over if it benefits their tribe. This is often missed because unlike the jews, they don’t have a genetic leaning towards using their verbal IQ to scam people outside their tribe. Not scamming you != being trust worthy.

              • Handle May 30, 2013 at 01:34

                1. This is the exact opposite of my experience, so I’m not willing to accept this without support. Maybe they duped me good! Maybe you can provide us all with a well-known example of the Mormons amorally screwing over non-Mormons.
                2. If it’s just about having concentric circles of loyalty that extend reciprocally and preferentially to their coreligionists as opposed to any random human being, well, I’m cool with that. Or are we taking the leftist global universalist position that we’re all perfectly equal and that our loyalties should be uniform to all via common abstract principles instead of dependent on relations of closeness, reliable interdependence, and compelling feelings of duties and obligations? That’s what Yglesias says, anyway.

              • Red May 30, 2013 at 18:49

                I’m talking about my own personal experience with Mormons. If you have a Mormon friend he’s far more likely to screw you over than a regular white non Mormon friend of the same economic class. Where as your white friend will feel some guilt about it, a Mormon is fine by the fact that you are the other. I can’t give you any big examples because the Mormons are practical enough to avoid damaging their reputation. They not bad people, they’re simply a very tribal people.

                Let me put it to you this: If the cathedral asked Mormons to head up the thought police and arrest anyone who disagreed with the cathedral, I’m pretty sure Mormons would happily oppress non Mormons neighbors they’ve known for years. Mormons come first.

  2. Dan May 28, 2013 at 23:22

    The people that arrested her by contrast are 100% Mexican. She claims she didn’t cooperate by paying the bribe. Who do you believe?

    • Chevalier de Johnstone May 29, 2013 at 01:06

      Where did you hear that? What’s been reported is that the husband followed an attorney’s advice and tried to pay the requested bribe, but the wife had already been processed into the system. How would she pay a bribe from a jail cell?

      I believe the statements by Maldonado family and their attorneys. They don’t seem stupid enough to put 12 pounds of weed under their own seats on a commercial bus when it would have been easy to stash it in the luggage compartment. And besides, doing so as passengers without being noticed is pretty much impossible. The bus driver is the obvious suspect, as he’s pretty much the only person who would have had the necessary time and access to transport 12 pounds of pot onto the bus and stash it under a seat. 12 pounds of dried vegetable leaf matter is quite bulky.

  3. Contemplationist May 31, 2013 at 18:47

    In other Burma news, thought you’d find this as a nice affirmation of your previous points.

  4. Handle May 31, 2013 at 23:15

    And she’s been freed.

    Maldonado’s release came hours after court officials reviewed security footage that showed the couple boarding a commercial bus traveling from Mexico to Phoenix with only blankets, bottles of water and her purse in hand.

    U.S. politicians portrayed her as a victim of a corrupt judicial system and demanded her release, with Arizona congressmen saying they were working closely with Mexican authorities.

    Maldonado was arrested by the Mexican military last week after they found nearly 12 lbs. of pot under her seat during a security checkpoint.

    Still naive though

    Maldonado also said at a news conference later that she still loves Mexico, and the experience will not stop her from returning in the future to visit family there.

    “It’s not Mexico’s fault. It’s a few people who did this to me and probably other people, who knows?” Maldonado says in comments aired on KSAZ-TV. “I’m still going to go back.”

    So, maybe Mormonism > Mestizo after all? Then again, the Mexican cops behaved exactly as one would predict.

  5. Dan May 31, 2013 at 23:33

    Most religions are terribly important civilizing forces. The (new) Cathedral knocks down the (old) cathedral at its peril. Whatever Yannira Maldonado’s ethnic background, she seems to be a first rate person in her Mormonism, making Mister M. a lucky man.

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