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Freak morality

Nietzsche used to decry the post-Victorian liberal worldview he lived among as the ideology of the weak. He was a Greek scholar, and imbued in the heroic mindset, he couldn’t help hating what he saw around him in the real world. He blamed Christianity, who said Blessed the Poor, who gave hope to the wretched. Slave morality he called it. The idea being that Christianity, by saying all men were equal in the eyes of God, was merely pandering inferior people’s envy of the better men.

Envy is a very powerful force, especially when in big numbers. Riots, rebellions and revolutions all show how vicious commoners can be when they can strike at their status superiors. It’s slave morality, or as recent research says, forager morality. People just don’t like having others rule over them. They like to feel they are better, or failing that, at least that no one else is better. Gaussian distribution of most human traits also gives strength to the average man; they have the numbers.

That viciousness towards the powerful is only surpassed by the commoner’s cruelness towards their inferiors. The dumb, the lazy, the deviant, the crazy, the sick, the indecent, the psychopathic. Shunned, humiliated, bullied for life. Killed in many places. Christ said we are all equal in the eyes of God, but peasant life is harsh and people didn’t have resources to waste in unproductive assets. The fact that being nice to the depraved was cause of sanctification should tell how rare it was.

Not that long ago we used to have freak shows  where people would pay to see weird genetic defects, which no doubt gave visitors reason to feel content with their lot. But not today. We are rich now, rich enough that we can afford to let the left half of the normality Bell Curve to go on with their lives without being shunned. We are all equal now.

But can we? The first manifestation of equality was the idea of the Common Man, the working man who owned a house, a car, a wife, some children, drunk beer and watched sports. There is a socially defined mean of behaviour and achievement, and equality is assumed to mean that everybody can reach it. Even today society is supposed to provide for any man to marry a woman. People cry in outrage when they hear that some Chinese men won’t ever be able to marry. The horror! There is no Chinese Common Man.

The Western cult of normality was mostly based in dragging down the overachievers, taxing them at 91%. But there is also the other half of the revolution: of the abnormal. First it was women. They wanted to be normal too. It makes no real sense, as status was given to men as heads of a household, women attained status as dependent of their husband. Women having independent status is a contradiction in terms. It only makes sense when you see that feminists were lesbians, i.e. men with vaginas. Lesbians had it quite bad in a traditional society. They wanted to be like men, but they were naturally regarded as women. So they used a subterfuge and demanded to rights for all women. Somehow they got it.

In fact when it comes to it, most of the equality cult program is pushed by the dregs of traditional society. Jews, sexual deviants, the ugly, the fat, the weird. Roissy reached this insight a while ago. Traditional Christianity had equality as a dogma, but didn’t really push it really hard. Traditional society is everywhere intolerant of abnormality. It can’t really afford it. Only slowly could equality push its way forward. Once it reached a critical point, the shit hit the fan. If we are all equal, we all deserve to be normal.

There’s two kinds of abnormal, those of the mind and those of the body. Those of the mind don’t really want to be normal, just want to be regarded as such. Thus homos want to be have families, and marry, but in their terms. Pedophiles want the right to bugger boys, sluts want the right to be a vector of disease and misery and still get a man to marry them. Cultists want their wacky beliefs to be respected. Addicts want the state to pay for their kicks.

Those of the body thought just want to be normal. They want the infrastructure to be redesigned for their convenience, they want preferential access to jobs. They want to go to the Olympics. They just want to do whatever a normal person is capable of doing.

But they can’t. Not without assistance. So the point is that if society is to be moral, assistance must be given to make every single disabled person as able to function in society as any other. Living in Japan, it always struck me that you seldom see disabled people on the street. No wheelchairs, no Down syndrome kids. The bureaucracy is trying to implement Cathedral directives, and you often see big banners on the street saying: “We must strive for giving full participation in society for the disabled”.

Well I think we all agree that disability is a bummer, and making life easier for disabled people is a good thing. But equality? Government gives carrots and sticks to businesses to encourage hiring of disabled. Over here we used to have commercials of happy Down Syndrome kids in their factories, talking about how happy they were, “feeling useful”. It would be amusing if unemployment for healthy people weren’t so bad.

And today it’s never about being normal. The threshold for what is considered a normal life is getting higher every day. Everyone must be above average. Once on a time it was a great advance to make paraplegics able to drive a car. Now blind men can climb the Everest, and men with sacral agenesis can climb the Kilimanjaro.

Both of them are listed as “motivational speakers”. Which is just saying that they make money out of telling others how they harness others people’s pity to give then money and attention. They are widely as heroes, the living symbols of the human will. The human will! I wonder what Nietzsche would think about it.


2 responses to “Freak morality

  1. asdf July 9, 2012 at 15:15

    It’s the decision set for the abnormal.

    I’m abnormal myself. I was born diabetic, asthmatic, with lots of other big health problems. Having constant stable access to health insurance thus becomes an overiding issue for me. So even something like Obamacare, which I’m not even sure is a net positive, certainly becomes a net positive for me. Perhaps even a huge net positive. And since its a huge net positive I’m going to advocate for it strongly, while the general population for whom its a tiny negative won’t care enough.

    That might be stealing, but life is “who…whom” for everyone. People backed into a corner have less charity for universalism. I won’t steal to buy an Ipod, but I will advocate for a law to stop insurance companies from screening for pre-existing conditions (which is effectively a subsidy to me) because that is potentially a life/death issue for me. Like all people I follow a decending morality/loyalty system that goes individual/family/clan/community/nation/world. The more resources I have, the more I’m willing to be charitable with the outer groups (more universalist).

    Maybe society would be better off if I was left to die as a baby Spartan style, but that just isn’t the world we live in. In this world I’m here and I make the most of it.

    • spandrell July 9, 2012 at 17:27

      Welfare is bad but there’s a hierarchy of unreasonableness. It’s one thing to provide for medical care with people with bad genetic luck. Another to artificially prop up hundreds of millions of people around the world who can’t feed themselves.

      At least you could do the majority a favor and claim your right for benefits against other leech groups. Say that we should stop racial AA because the money should be better spent for the sick and disabled, who are our kin, and after all can be productive if taken care of.

      It’s one thing to claim assistance to survive genetic bad luck, another to try to defy reality. Diabetics don’t lobby congress for their right to eat chocolate cake. Yet you have mountain climbers without legs, fatty fashion shows, blacks in college.

      Tough luck sucks, I hate being a beta introvert but I don’t claim the government should provide for my right to a threesome with blonde teens.

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