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On liberal Betas having it coming

Always timely, the Daily Mail has an update on the funny episode of the Goldsmith, the Rothschilds, and the Electronicas.

Seems like he has been mocking his wife over Twitter. Not a very manly thing to do, is it?

I checked myself his Twitter feed (how in hell did he get 6000 followers??) , and couldn’t find any post about his vibrancy-loving wife. But I did find some other stuff.

First of all he is just talking politics all the damn time. Of course leftist nonsense about how Assad eat Syrian babies for breakfast. How we must fight climate change before it’s too late! And how industrial farming is evil.

What’s it to you, Ben? Can’t you just shut up, enjoy your billions and use your time to tame your horny wife? Then I see his description on the top:

Founder of green investment business,

Oh well. Climate change huh. You wish there was. I’m not really against alternative energy per se, but I dislike loudmouthed deceptive PR. Lying is bad. But that’s the least problematic issue he has.

Just below his green investment interests:

and executive producer of

So the guy has put some dough into some movie too? Now go and look at that website. Some bullcrap documentary, worshipping some West Indies negros playing cricket. See the PR:

Fire In Babylon is the breathtaking story of how the West Indies triumphed over its colonial masters through the achievements of one of the most gifted teams in sporting history.

In a turbulent era of apartheid in South Africa; race riots in England and civil unrest in the Caribbean, the West Indian cricketers, led by the enigmatic Viv Richards, struck a defiant blow at the forces of white prejudice worldwide. Their undisputed skill, combined with a fearless spirit, allowed them to dominate the genteel game at the highest level, replaying it on their own terms.

This is their story, told in their own words.

My bolding.

So the Goldsmith dude is spending his money into promoting the awareness of skillful, fearless and dominating Blacks striking blows at white prejudice. How exciting. I’m feeling the heat. As surely his wife did too when she opened her fiery redhead legs to Jay Electronica. Who struck a defiant blow at the forces of white prejudice by screwing her while you waited at home with your three kids.

Serves you right, dude.

PS: If we had a gold standard, i.e. no inflation, wouldn’t this billionaire aristocrats stop shouting shit to promote their businesses? They wouldn’t be desperate for return from their investments, would they? It’s the best argument for sound money I can think of.


8 responses to “On liberal Betas having it coming

  1. asdf June 4, 2012 at 20:08

    Billions can’t solve beta.

    Meanwhile I treat my women like a pimp and got at least a half dozen blowjobs over the weekend.

  2. Janon June 5, 2012 at 00:35

    Sir James Goldsmith’s brother Edward is a prominent environmentalist, and his influence over his nephews has probably played some role in their selection of careers.

    Neither Kate Rothschild nor Ben Goldsmith have billions. Kate’s grandfather Victor de Rothschild basically handed control of NM Rothschild & Co. to his cousin Evelyn (a guy) rather than to one of his own children. His children weren’t disinherited, but they didn’t have access to as much money as they otherwise would have had. Victor’s older son Jacob went on to found his own business and married a Canadian heiress from the Dunn family. Victor’s younger son by a different wife, Amschel (Kate’s father) had some role in the family banks but committed suicide at a relatively young age. Kate was left “only” £18 million in his will, although she probably stands to inherit more when her mother dies. Still, that’s a far cry from billions. Likewise, Ben Goldsmith inherited trusts valued in the vicinity of £300 million from his father. James Goldsmith was a billionaire, but he had a lot of exes and children among whom his money was divided. Incidentally, the Goldsmith money is so tied up in trusts that it will take years for any divorce settlement to work itself out. Ben’s older brother divorced his wife in the last couple of years, and if I recall, the final settlement is still in process because of the trusts. Kate won’t get much if anything for quite a while, which is good because she is still in the wrong in this situation, no matter what you think of Goldsmith.

  3. _B_ June 5, 2012 at 02:26

    These poor fuckers. Their ancestors pushed the party line in a highly nuanced attempt to consolidate their power and secure it forever, without the necessity of paying for that power in each generation. But as time went on, every subsequent generation forgot the subtext and took the Goodthink at face value more and more, until you got…well, this.

    I don’t even feel bad for them anymore-I just wish they would get off the damn stage already and free the space for people who know their lines.

    • Janon June 5, 2012 at 02:50

      You might like Jacob Rothschild’s son “Nat” (Nathaniel Philip) better. He has built up significant holdings in precious metals and mining interests and has a reported billion-dollar net worth. He at least doesn’t appear to have been bitten by the crazy “green bug” and has done well despite not being part of the original family firm. Unfortunately, he has a history of links to unsavory people (e.g. Saif al-Islam Qadaffi), which probably comes with the territory, and he formerly had a reputation as a dissolute playboy. The playboy reputation seems to be dissipating.

      • _B_ June 5, 2012 at 02:58

        Yeah, Nat might be alright, Cecil Rhodes-style.

        I’ve been known to hang out with dudes who would make Saif their chai boys here and there :) Usually, the guys who rise to the top in that kind of environment are the ones who have something of substance to their soul and identity. They are easier for me to get along with than faceless weasels.

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