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Progressive parenting

The history of the decline of Western Civilisation can be summed up as clueless Europeans Intellectuals being fooled by wacky Jewish Theories. Marx fooled Engels, Freud fooled Jung, Levi-Strauss, Boas, they all fooled generations of gullible white students, eager to get an edge over their peers with something unconventional. We all know how that ended.

Wait, it hasn’t. The spell is not over, not at all. See Tom Chivers, the token nihilist at the Daily Telegraph.

I’m smart!! Look at me please

Well Mr Chivers argues here against the British government new initiative of teaching new parents basic parenting skills. He argues that parents instinctively know how to raise a child, it’s like breathing. Evolution has taken care of that. ¬†Well Evolution seems not to be doing a very good job when it comes to reproduction itself, as contraception and abortion have shown that people don’t care much about having babies. Of course once it’s there, people tend to care about it. Then some don’t and throw them into the garbage, some do a lousy job of parenting.

The UK government isn’t trying to teach people to raise children because they don’t know how to feed them. The clueless UK government is trying to combat the effects of the nanny state in producing dysfunctional families where dumb mothers have dumber children by even dumber fathers, and have little social support or pressure to educate their own children. The whole idea is fucked up, but not because mothers know how to raise the children as instinctively as they breath. Of course they can feed the baby. What they can’t do is avoid it becomes yet another retarded thug.

And there comes the second half of the argument: parenting doesn’t matter anyway. 50% of personality is genetic, and the other half is just random shit. He channels the great Jewish intellectual of our times, the great successor of Marx and Freud: Steven Pinker.

Pinker and Harris have a suggestion: that it is children’s differentiation *within* a peer group, not between peer groups, that matters. “Within each group, some become leaders, others foot soldiers, still others jesters, loose cannons, punching bags, or peacemakers, depending on what niche is available, how suited a child is to filling it, and chance,” says Pinker. Once you’ve started acquiring the skills to fit that role, it will be hard to change, because the skills are specialised.

I don’t know if Pinker plays too much MMORPGs or what. So it doesn’t matter what kind of groups he’s on, it’s all about the guild “niche role” he finds for himself. So it’s ok if you grow up with gangsta rappers in LA or hardcore Mormons: if you become the jester, you’ll be a funny guy forever. Good to know! I can now send my beloved son to a 50% black 40% hispanic public school, and simply tell him to become the peacemaker. He might even get a Nobel Prize or something.

Here comes the golden quote:

Decades of studies have shown that, all things being equal, children turn out pretty much the same way whether their mothers work or stay at home, whether they are placed in day care or not, whether they have siblings or are only children, whether their parents have a conventional or an open marriage, whether they grow up in an Ozzie-and-Harriet home or a hippie commune, whether their conceptions were planned, were accidental, or took place in a test tube, or whether they have two parents of the same sex or one of each.

I mean, seriously? Now don’t get me wrong, I’m very much on this side on the Nature vs Nurture debate. But to say that personality is in no way affected by variables which parents decide (what school you go, what friends you have, how often you are allowed to be out of home, etc) is to have a very strange definition of personality.

For straters, I have my doubts that there’s “decades of studies” of the effects of being raised by two sodomites have on a boy. The whole “same sex” experiment is pretty recent and some results are seriously alarming. Then we all know only children and how they uniformly tend to be self-absorbed selfish pricks. But of course that’s all prejudicial nonsense. Children turn out pretty much the same. Chivers quotes this to support his argument that the state shouldn’t involve himself on child rearing. But you could also flip the argument: if children turn out the same, well turn them all over to the state. The whole debate on equality could be easily solved if we abolished differences on child rearing environment. And the long haired Jews says the kids will turn out pretty much the same way. What could possibly go wrong?

3 responses to “Progressive parenting

  1. Leonard May 22, 2012 at 14:47

    If Pinker is plugging Harris, good on him. What Harris says is not so much that parents have no environmental influence — it’s that parents have no direct environmental influence. (And of course she does not deny that parents have large genetic influence.) Harris thinks that the most important environmental factor is the peer group. Obviously parents cannot choose the peer group per se, but they can certainly choose among a large set of possible peer groups to find a satisfactory one.

    So that is the real lesson Harris would teach: don’t let your children be peers with losers, thugs, the underclass, “chavs”, etc. Do whatever it takes to get out of that ghetto you live in and live in the fringe of a rich area so that little Johnny’s peers are well-socialized preppy twits rather than thugs and gangs, and so that little Suzy’s peers are tightly supervised preppy virgins rather than unsupervised sluts.

    Perhaps the British government could teach that to its nation of wards? Ha ha.

  2. Janon May 24, 2012 at 19:46

    Leonard understand what Harris and Pinker are really saying. The Leftist British journalist has filtered them through his Leftist lens, and that is much of what you object to.

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