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Old grudges die hard. But they die.

So it is now common knowledge that the Euro is toast, Greece being already well scheduled to go back to a third world currency. The patronage networks are safe! I wonder how they are going to pay for oil and other imports. Perhaps Greeks will start to work. Stranger things have been seen.

The election of Hollande in France signals a change of the zeitgeist. No more creepy austerity, no more spending cuts. Not that there were any spending cuts at all to start with, but the sole mention of balancing the budget is now buried. The Euro is to be saved by killing it through inflation. Oh well.

Now everybody, particularly the British, are shouting their lungs off pointing out how the Euro project was crazy from the start. You can’t have a common currency without political mechanisms to enforce fiscal policy. Well of course. But that’s not the point, the eurocrats knew from the start that the plan wasn’t solid, but nothing in the history of the EU has ever been well planned. There’s an ultimate goal: political integration, and in every summit they agree on the maximum they can get away with. If things then go to hell, then you use the crisis to push for further integration. That’s the strategy, it’s public, they never hid it. That’s why you hear about fiscal union today, and not 10 years ago.

Everyone in Europe understands it, except the Brits. Who are seeing their chance to break the whole project. Well Britain has always been the yank trojan horse here, no surprises about that. See Nigel Farage:

Now I have much respect for Mr Farage’s rhetorical skills. But why is he so angry? So the Euro is killing southern Europe’s economy? Well what’s it to you? Britain is doing mighty well printing those pounds and piling up debt, isn’t it? Enjoy the crash and buy cheap when it’s done.

Of course what Tories (the real ones, not the Cameron weasels) care about is UK independence. See Peter Hitchens again on the Eurogeddon, as Ed West calls it. He deplores the EU legislative activity in Britain. Oh yes the evil Germans are up to it again. Godwin’s law doesn’t apply to the British political discourse. It’s always about those evil Krauts. That’s all that matters. See how Peter despairs:

Our grandchildren will wonder, bitterly, why we were so feeble.

Your grandchildren? Hah! That’s funny. Your grandchildren will be sex slaves of Pakistani geezers and gipsy squatters. Your grandchildren will wonder why did you spend your energy fighting German hegemony instead of the race replacement of your people. And don’t blame the EU for it. You did this to yourselves.


One response to “Old grudges die hard. But they die.

  1. formerly no name May 22, 2012 at 12:42

    Assuming such a thing would not now be illegal in the UK, Fawlty Towers should be remade with Farage in the role of Basil.

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