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Sola fide 2: The Enforcers

Liberals have been in power for over 100 years already, and we are more than used to their insanity. We dissenters have spent a long time thinking about their positions, have written long texts analyzing their creed, and since Tocqueville at least, have concluded that liberalism is a suicide cult, and that it cannot last. Equality as Paradise and Man as God is simply too detached from reality. Liberalism eventually must perish.

And so we still believe, but it’s been some time already, and Liberalism still hasn’t collapsed. The question is why a worldview with denies the most basic facts about reality is still around. There’s basically two factors: one that technological progress has made engineering the world to make it safe for Equality easier than it would otherwise be. The other that Liberals are very capable of accepting reality when they have to; but they don’t know it themselves. Larry Auster calls them ‘unprincipled exceptions’, and he’s mostly right. Of course all religions function in the basis of unprincipled exceptions: Christians don’t always give the other cheek. And Muslims aren’t constantly looking behind the rocks for Jews to kill.

Reality always has a way of asserting itself. But dogma keeps the hold over people’s brains. So while people keep doing exceptions to make life possible, the creed advances through correction events. That is when some smart true-believer uses some logic and sees that people are doing exceptions to the creed. And that’s not good. He must do something about it. At the very least he must tell people about it.

That’s what modern academics do. They analyze reality, compare it with the creed, and detect those ways where people’s behaviour contradict the creed, usually to make life possible and even a tad pleasant. But of course the academic is trained to enforce the creed, not to think about human life in holistic terms. So he (and recently more often she) won’t give a shit about the pleasantness of your life. Oh no. He is the thought police and he has a job to do. Life in Florence was very much fun until Savonarola spoiled everything. Monks were having a blast until Luther and his minions closed them down. Beirut and Cairo used to be so nice. Poor Arab liberals.

This correction events happen in a certain cycle, which I guess depends in the ability of the average human to accept bullshit. But somehow, today, the cycle is accelerating. In fact there’s no cycle at all. The thought police has gone berserk and is correcting every single piece of reality that contradicts the creed. See what has happened only in the last few months.

Ethicist argues for infanticide on feminism grounds

– Bioethicist argues for engineering the human body to be smaller so as to stall Global Warming (Dude’s chinese, so much for Asians having common sense)

California will sue City Councils which don’t reflect the population’s racial makeup

UN argues for forbidding all Pre UN literature (The world starts in 1945)

Another Aussie ethicist argues that pregnancy should be abolished on feminism grounds

Savonarola at least stopped in burning paintings and making people stay home. Progressives want to kill your womb and reengineer your body. All in name of the faith But what else can they do? The faith is all they have, it’s what put them where they are, what feeds and houses them. Through faith comes salvation. And their paycheck. But there’s many enforces such as them, and paychecks take you only so far these days. With the ruling class expanded more than ever before, the competition is harsh. And the easiest way for upward mobility is through ever harsher enforcement of the faith. And upward mobility is the real force the drives the universe. It’s the Ding an Sich. The Will of Schopenhauer.

The economy is bad, and will only get worse. The enforcers have to come up with further ways to advance the faith in order to advance their paychecks. A vicious cycle in which a bad economy forces  progressives to get busy and come up with shit to become notorious, and that shit they came up fucks the economy even more, which again feeds the cycle of madness. It has just started. It will get worse.


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