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Hi there

WordPress just added country information to the stats page. Very fun for geography buffs.  And there’s some interesting patterns about my dear visitors.

Of course this blog being written in English, the bulk of my visitors are from the USA and Canada. About half my visitors are from the US, and 20% from Canada. Surprisingly I have very few readers from Britain. I have more readers from Australia than Britain actually, and I haven’t ever written about Australia. I guess the atheist leftism rampant in the UK makes Brits uninterested in what I say. It happens.

Yesterday I had a flood of readers from Norway. Well, hello there. I hope it’s not Breivik’s templar movement reading me, as they might be bugged by the FBI, and I don’t want that. Anyway welcome to any Nordic reactionaries. I feel your pain.

I also get a lot of visitors from Slovakia and Costa Rica. My guess is that Costa Ricans might be American expats. But Slovakia? I have more visits from Slovakia than from the UK, France and Germany combined. Maybe there’s something to the idea that our salvation rests in Eastern Europe.

Also I have close to none visitors from South Europe. Some Portuguese, but little Spaniards or Italians. And that’s a pity, as I have a lot of respect for writers like Ortega y Gasset, Pareto or Guido Preparata. I guess it’s a language thing. Perhaps I should write in latin?

Not that I am aiming for diversity per se, but unlike immigration policy, a political blog should strive to attain a wider persepective. So please, dear Slovaks, Norwegians and Costa Ricans, don’t hesitate to comment. I’ll be glad to hear your take on things.


2 responses to “Hi there

  1. Erik March 13, 2012 at 21:07

    Nope, nothing to do with Breivik (unless there’s a second flood that happened to coincide with me arriving). This Norwegian reactionary is here by way of Moldbug and the Orthosphere, overclocking your traffic by reading both at home and at work, and linking the sketches from “Try harder” and “On Fairness” to a couple of less reactionary friends who nonetheless laughed heartily at “I think [democracy] is a secret code to make NATO give you bombs and money.”

    AFAIK, Breivik doesn’t even *have* a templar movement. He’s hallucinating it. Police investigation of his ‘confessions’ has turned up a whole lot of nothing.

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