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Sola fide

Charles Murray has been going around saying that the elite is smarter than ever before. That the difference between the top and the bottom is getting bigger and bigger. I myself wrote I saw nothing wrong with that development. Societies are supposed to sort out the best and give them advantages so as to disseminate those traits. Evolution accelerated by human agency. I’m all for it.

But that was assuming the premise. I am guilty of wishful thinking, perhaps. Jim A Donald thinks the premise is false. He says the elite is getting dumber, and you need only see the results of their rule in the recent decades. It’s really not a pretty picture, with slowing technological progress, wacky economic theory and pure madness in the social realm.

I think what’s happening is that the elite is getting bigger. As Murray says, the educational system is filtering smart, as defined by high IQ, people better than before. Murray makes his case in Coming Apart, and the data is solid. Jim’s argument talks about smarts as a function of results. And he makes his case that the quality of the results of the elite’s output has been decreasing dramatically. That’s also solid.

But the real result of the filtering of high IQ people is not that the elite gets smarter as in the average IQ of the decision makers got higher. It’s smarter because the middle and lower class have suffered a massive brain drain to the elite. Anyone with a middling IQ (say 115+) which has a good work ethic and swallows the party line, will go to what we call elite professions. The bureaucracy has expandid greatly, academia is also an order of magnitude bigger. Add journalists, activists, businessmen, and all the orbiters who now get a voice in public policy, and you have an ‘elite’ which is probably 100x as big as the old elite was. Democracy is a sham, but the ruling class has indeed expanded. The middle class never got to rule itself, but it saw its members rise up in the social ladder. Meritocracy did come, but merit changed its meaning.

But of course as Jim points out, IQ was just a necessary condition for joining the elite, never sufficient. The real hurdle was Faith. Buying into progressivism, the Equality cult, in its various manifestations. Feminism, Atheism, NAM empowerment, the Holocaust myth, Global Warming, Open Borders, Free Trade. The Cathedral’s pet causes are many, and new ones appear from nothing all the time. As Jim said in his probably most brilliant article, the elite today has to be dumb, not because it has biologically poor cognitive power, but because its belief system basically consists in refusing to see patterns in reality, so progressives must be dumb to still belong to the elite. They aren’t allowed to use their brains to anything other than rationalize whatever insanity the elite is working on.

Of course many geniuses are part of the elite, and in general terms, the elite has even probably raised its average IQ. But once inside the elite, the internal hierarchy doesn’t depend on smarts, but on licking ass, political skills, and Faith. So you see 120 IQs overseeing 150s. You see Matthew Yglesias badmouthing James Watson. You see dykes pushing Lawrence Summers. You see a blue eyed black woman directing Paul Krugman.

The path to heaven is not through results, but through belief in the Cathedral’s cause. Justification through faith. I’ll elaborate this line of thought in further posts this week.

On Altruism

Plausible explanations:

hbd1: People are too inbred? Or too outbred? see hbdchick

hbd2: Asians are neotenic egocentric sobs

hbd3: Agricultural societies select for cold, heartless people see agnostic

Culturalism1: urban life´s anonimity free people from having to give a shit

cult2: Commercialism makes people self absorbed

cult3: Americanisation broke the spirit of Japan see Mishima Yukio

cult4: The economy is bad, people are busy


Add your explanation if you can think of one.

My two cents: high population density sucks.

News from Barbaria

It’s not there’s a lack of fucked up news in our civilised countries, but its always fun to take a look at what our brothers at the left half of the global Bell Curve are doing.

– It certainly seems that our good pal Bashar Al Assad is winning the civil war in Syria. The never ending uprisings by the Syrian rebels, helped by the PR assistance of the whole Western media (this includes Al Jazeera), were supposed to topple the regime. Yet Assad stands, playing whack-a-Sunni, and winning! So the agitators are getting a bit desperate. There must be something else they can do. They need some new allies perhaps. And they found the perfect weapon: they leaked emails saying that Assad is cheating on his wife. I don’t know if their aim is to harness the power of western housewives. Or make the Allawites desert their leader. I just think they’ll be relieved he’s not into dudes. His taste could be better, though.

I'm a girl. Srsly

– An Indian religious organization from Bihar (the poorest in India) has decided to build a copy of Cambodia’s iconic Angkor Wat in their home state.  The old Khmer empire was sort of Hindu, and Angkor Wat is without doubt inspired by Indian architecture. So it’s not a stretch to think that Indians may be entitled to copy it in their own land. See how China is copying whole European cities in subtropical provinces. These Indians at least have a point. Nevertheless, the Cambodians are mightly pissed. Angkor Wat is pretty much the only thing worth seeing in Cambodia, and a source of lots of nice foreign currency. I wouldn’t be worried though. Cambodia is close to Thailand and Vietnam, which are nice places. But who wants to go to Bihar?

– Coptic Christians mourn the death of their Patriarch by… stomping 3 believers to death. The 88 year old Patriarch died after 40 years as head of the Coptic church. Rest in peace. It’s always nice to see the copts so… many. And united. They will need the cohesion when the Salafists come with the swords trying to do Allah’s bid. Actually Egypt would be a really nice place if there were nothing but Copts there. If only because there’s only 8 million of them.

Our natural allies. Right.

– 4 whales get stranded in a Chinese beach. Relevant authorities start the process of removing them into the sea. Not so fast. On the night of the 17th, someone cut the meat off the 4 huge whales. Faster than Japanese whale ships.

Monkey brains

Japan’s newspapers are full of crime reports. You could take that as meaning that Japan has a high crime rate. But of course it’s the opposite: Japan has so few crimes that the ones that do happen are so notorious they get into national newspapers. Crimes are rare enough that people don’t get bored reading about them.

Of course some of the crimes that happen in Japan are so notorious they would be news anywhere in the world. See this recent news where a 23 year old mother of 2 left her children 50 days locked at their room, unattended. Eventually she came back home, and saw the children, ages 3 and 1, dead. She then left the house without telling anyone, as she had a date. She had sex the same night.

Awful story. The media is awash of stories about how the kids slowly starved to death while shouting their lungs out for their mom. The neighbours did report the shouting, but were ignored. Of course the real interesting parts are in the mother’s background. Her age says a lot: 23 years old and already mother of two? Here’s her picture.

Well, she’s reasonably hot. I would have made her 2 babies myself, if I didn’t know better. Which the father of the kids of course didn’t. Father… that reminds me of something. Where’s the father of the children? Of course he wasn’t there. Shimomura Sanae (the woman) had married in 2006 a then college student, in what seems was a shotgun wedding. In Japan, still today, out of wedlock births are unheard of. Doesn’t matter how trashy the couple is (and this case is classic prole), when she gets pregnant, they will get married. The father stuck with his woman and kids for 3 years, and was doing an ok living for all of them. But then she cheated on him with some old school friend. The dude filed for divorce and fled. He now owns an Audi and reportedly is married again.

Well little Sanae found herself with 2 kids and little money. She moved to a big city, Nagoya,  and started working at what they call in Japan a Cabaret Club (kyabakura) which is a place where men go to drink and nice women chat you up. It’s awfully expensive and you can’t take the chicks home, or even touch them. Still it’s widely popular, and it’s the default workplace for single prole girls. Still it seems that chatting wasn’t her strong suit, and she moved to a bigger city, Osaka, and started working in a brothel. The pics above are from the brothel’s website. By the way prostitution is illegal in Japan.

This was in January 2010. Working at a brothel is not very nice, and who could she blame? Well her kids. She started telling her workmates that if her kids weren’t there she would have it so much easier. By June 2010, her kids were dead.

My first reaction,  wasn’t pity or grief for the poor children who suffered such a horrible death. I know, I’m a heartless man. My first reaction was recalling this article on how female monkeys spontaneously abort their own children when a new male comes up. The new male will kill other males’ children anyway so females get the message and kill them themselves. I just thought how natural it is that human proles behave like monkeys. Satoshi Kanazawa would be amused.

Genetic determinism is unpopular with the public, and my reaction wasn’t shared by anyone. Still the defence attorneys did insinuate that genetic determinism had something to do with the whole thing. They argued that her childhood determined her psychological outlook. And her family background is almost a monument for genetic determinism.

One could argue that the whole tragedy started when Shimomura cheated on his husband, who found her with another guy in their bed. Well, Shimomura’s father is a fairly well known Rugby coach, several times champion of the national Rugby league. He was a busy man, training his boys, and one day he found his first wife, Shimomura’s mother, with another guy in the marital bed.  He divorced, the kids went with her mother, who often didn’t come back home, and left the kids alone with a dog, whose feces littered the whole home. The father eventually took the children back.

The trial has been going on for some weeks, and yesterday came the sentence: 30 years. I find it full of wisdom. Japan has the death penalty, but it’s seldom used in women. And Shimomura was just a dumb prole who hardly seemed responsible for her actions. But whatever it takes she must be prevented from breeding again. Locking her up until she’s 54 is pure eugenic wisdom.

On Whores

The Social Pathologist has been doing a series of great posts on the recent best seller, Mimi Alford’s biography. Mimi Alford being the 19 year old girl from a good family who went to work as an intern in the White House in JFK’s time. Kennedy being Kennedy, he couldn’t pass up the chance of shagging a good ol’ WASP virgin, which he did. Alford loved every bit of it, and kept on shagging with him even after getting engaged. She liked it so much that 50 years later she wrote this book about the thing, and she remembers every detail.

Besides the anecdotes about JFK and friends’ sexual life, the book is a good window in the psychology of women. Alford writes her story very frankly, without artifice, saying plainly how she felt in every moment of her life. As a psychological drama the most interesting part of the book is when, on learning about JFK’s assassination, she burst up crying, and her fiancé asks her why is she taking it so personally. Then she confesses about her affair with Kennedy. Her poor old boyfriend, who hadn’t touched her by then, loses his head. He never forgave her, but kept the engagement. Their marriage was a lousy, cold and sad affair. Poor fella. Imagine if she had told him about her giving a blowjob to David Powers in front of JFK.

The Social Pathologist is amazed and appalled. Appalled at the utter lack of remorse or repentance by Alford. And amazed at how this biography by a pretty and smart woman almost completely maps with modern Game theory. It’s almost as if Roissy had written the book. She openly says how when Kennedy first started undressing her (just like that), she didn’t feel overpowered by him physically, but by herself internally. She couldn’t resist not because Kennedy was pressuring her, but because her alpha-seeking instincts ordered her to open her legs. She couldn’t oppose the gina tingles. And she kept mementos of JFK for decades, even after marrying.

Now, I am appalled too at the heartless bitch. But I am not amazed. Not slightly. Don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t born with a natural insight in women’s mind. I used to be a dumb pedestalizing beta too. But after reading Game, after getting Roissy in my RSS feed, I learned. And I also observed around me, reassessed every single interaction of the women around me using my new found knowledge. And of course it all made sense. I ceased being surprised at chicks digging jerks, at hypergamy, at 5 minutes of alpha, at gina tingling, at shit tests, all that. I always assume that a woman who isn’t leashed by a patriarchal man will be a whore. And reality never stops proving me right. Of course some women behave properly without much of a leash. But those are the exceptions.

I talked with my woman the story of JFK, Alford, and the poor fiancé. She didn’t find it amusing at all. Just said in a cold tone “she’s a whore, and he’s stupid”.  SP took exception to this, arguing that the fiancé wasn’t stupid, he just was raised as a gentleman, a pedestalizing beta. He thought women were pure and angelical. He just didn’t know what to do when confronted with the reality of 5 minutes of alpha. And he loved Alford, so while he was enraged at her being a whore, some part of his pedestalizing beta mind thought that either he would forget, or she would repent and become the pure and angelical thing that women are supposed to be. Of course neither happened. He miscalculated. SP feels for the guy.

When my woman said that he’s stupid, she didn’t mean that he ought to have known better. She wasn’t being rational. She was full of contempt for the guy. Because he enabled her. Here is this whore, who goes around sucking alpha dick while engaged to a respectable man. He learns about it and yet does nothing. He gives her the big prize, marriage. You don’t do that. You don’t marry whores.

You see, my woman speaks as a woman who’s out of the market. She’s taken. And what do taken women fear most? Whores, of course. Whores being the natural state of women, they are the nemesis of taken women. Because they destabilize monogamy. Monogamy is a bad deal for men, no doubt about that. If lucky you get a young, nice woman and you enjoy her for quite some time. But then she ages miserably while you’re still good, and you have zillions of genes telling you to go chase poon and spend all those billions of sperm inside your balls. Chances are if a good looking slut comes around, an otherwise exemplary husband will screw her.

That’s why whores have been hated for ages. Says the Bible, Book of Sirach, chapter 26:


The fornication of a woman shall be known by the haughtiness of her eyes, and by her eyelids.


On a daughter that turneth not away herself, set a strict watch: lest finding an opportunity she abuse herself.


Take heed of the impudence of her eyes, and wonder not if she slight thee.


She will open her mouth as a thirsty traveller to the fountain, and will drink of every water near her, and will sit down by every hedge, and open her quiver against every arrow, until she fail.

Now you may say that Alford’s husband isn’t responsible of his wife being a whore. Well of course not. But if society is to enforce monogamy, then society has to punish whores, and the responsibility of the punishing depends on those close to the woman. An extreme version of this rule is honor killings. See how mothers kill their own daughters in India for being whores. You see the typical reaction in the West to these news is typical moral outrage. Poor daughters who were killed for falling in love.

Wait a damn second. People in Muslim communities know that they are not allowed to fuck non muslims, period. Penalty is death. They know it. Yet every once in a while you see a girl who just goes around and elopes with a Hindu or a Christian or whatever. Well I don’t think they should be killed.  But the chicks have got some bloody nerve to risk death for the taste of some Hindu dick.

South Asian hotties such as this one are in short supply, so it’s a pity. But that’s my dick talking. The rationale for honor killings is that a whore in the family spreads the word around, and soon the whole village knows about your family who raised a whore. And people have been warned about that, at least since the Book of Sirach. If your family is dishonored, it’s not just your whore daughter’s problem, it’s the whole family’s daughters who are going to be ostracized. So killing one (they’ve got plenty anyway) is a reasonable measure.

Well for better or worse the Catholic Church in Europe forced western families to allow women to elope with whom they fancy (Ask hbdchick for details on the various consequences of this and other measures). So whores can go around knowing they won’t be murdered.  But one thing is not to be killed, another thing is to be able to fuck a married alpha, suck his pal’s dick, and still get married to an upper class kid. That’s not fair. And the dude is responsible. Because he knew. Even if he didn’t, a man should be able to know the moral character of his woman. OK, that’s not easy. But Alford’s fiancé knew, knew his girlfriend was fucking JFK. And yet he married her.

Men, don’t marry whores. They won’t just make you miserable. It’s bad for society.

Hi there

WordPress just added country information to the stats page. Very fun for geography buffs.  And there’s some interesting patterns about my dear visitors.

Of course this blog being written in English, the bulk of my visitors are from the USA and Canada. About half my visitors are from the US, and 20% from Canada. Surprisingly I have very few readers from Britain. I have more readers from Australia than Britain actually, and I haven’t ever written about Australia. I guess the atheist leftism rampant in the UK makes Brits uninterested in what I say. It happens.

Yesterday I had a flood of readers from Norway. Well, hello there. I hope it’s not Breivik’s templar movement reading me, as they might be bugged by the FBI, and I don’t want that. Anyway welcome to any Nordic reactionaries. I feel your pain.

I also get a lot of visitors from Slovakia and Costa Rica. My guess is that Costa Ricans might be American expats. But Slovakia? I have more visits from Slovakia than from the UK, France and Germany combined. Maybe there’s something to the idea that our salvation rests in Eastern Europe.

Also I have close to none visitors from South Europe. Some Portuguese, but little Spaniards or Italians. And that’s a pity, as I have a lot of respect for writers like Ortega y Gasset, Pareto or Guido Preparata. I guess it’s a language thing. Perhaps I should write in latin?

Not that I am aiming for diversity per se, but unlike immigration policy, a political blog should strive to attain a wider persepective. So please, dear Slovaks, Norwegians and Costa Ricans, don’t hesitate to comment. I’ll be glad to hear your take on things.

Two Singularities

I just finished Mass Effect 3, which I heartily recommend. Hell of a game. The ending was quite lame,  sort of a cross between Contact and Terminator, but still. I imagine it must be hard to come up with an ending for a story of this scale.

For those unaware of it, Mass Effect is a series of games set in space in the 22nd century. One of the most interesting parts of the script is how it portrays artificial intelligence in this sci-fi universe. There´s some robots around (they call them ‘mechs’), but of course that’s hardware, which is unimportant. What’s important is software, and in ME there’s two kinds of intelligent software. There’s VIs, virtual intelligences, which are human-like interfaces programmed for some task in particular. They speak and respond to language, but they are limited to whatever task they are programmed to do. It might be as complex as running a ship or controlling a factory by itself. But it’s still a program.

Then there is AIs, artificial intelligences, which are self-aware, self-modifiable, fully sentient intelligences. What we normally think of as an AI. Those are generally deemed to be dangerous, as they tend to go rogue, but you can still find them now and then. In this fictitious world both VIs and AIs are incredibly advanced, yet people aren’t much different from real life humans. ‘Organics’ are also said to have lots of enhancements, genetic engineering and whatnot; but it really doesn’t show in the casting. Yours is no team of uber-geniuses.

But somebody has to code that software. Today we have made great progress in programming, but we aren’t anywhere close to a functional AI. Much less a self-programming, singularity-inducing super AI. We simply don’t have the skills, and won’t have them for at least decades to come. I mean Google can’t even design a proper email layout. And they’re pretty good, relatively speaking.

Which takes me to the most likely scenario before we get a Singularity. Before we reach the point in which we can code a sort of  human brain into a computer, we’ll get complete knowledge on the genetic basis of intelligence. And we will be able to act upon that knowledge. Genetic engineering. Steve Hsu says it’s easy. It certainly sounds so.

After we get that right, then we can go on with coding AIs and making fancy robots. I think we would need a 130 average IQ or so before we can have FTL travel and all that. But listening to the hype you would think it’s just around the corner. We just need to wait. Meanwhile the 90% of software innovation today is spent on tracking people’s browsing to sell them targeted ads. Or Groupon.

No, we’re aren’t going anywhere with software. The Singularity will be biological.


UPDATE: Greg Cochran seems to agree. If Cochran and Hsu say so, I’m in.

Leftism is the mind killer

I remember as a kid reading about Congenital Analgesia. That’s a rare genetic disorder that renders people unable to feel pain. How cool is that? You could play around, burn myself, jump off buildings, get in fights, all without fear of getting hurt. Awesome!

Then I thought it better. Why does pain exist anyway? It must serve a purpose. And then I realised that are supposed to be afraid of pain, because pain is proxy for other nasty problems like burning yourself (tissue gets burned), jump off buildings (bones get broken), etc. In fact, the unfortunate kids with this condition all end up having all kinds of problems, for example they get severe eye damage because they are  unable to feel foreign objects inside them.

So you see, pain is bad, nobody likes it, but it’s useful. It serves a purpose, which makes it good for you. But how can that be? Bad things are bad, aren’t they? They can’t be bad and good at the same time. Bad things are nasty and unacceptable, and must be made away with. Preferably with pills of some sort.

That’s the kind of reasoning modern leftists do. You can see that I as a kid was more perceptive and profound than modern leftist. I’m not bragging, it’s true. See this:

Heart disease drug ‘combats racism’

“Implicit racial bias can occur even in people with a sincere belief in equality. Given the key role that such implicit attitudes appear to play in discrimination against other ethnic groups, and the widespread use of propranolol for medical purposes, our findings are also of considerable ethical interest.”

So says Experimental psychologist Dr Sylvia Terbeck, from Oxford University. Another women working in some university ethics department. Well, now that I think about it, the infant me being smarter than a female academic is not much a feat.

The reasoning goes that the drug lowers the heart rate, which lowers the fear reflex. Which of course lowers racism. Watch how she notes that racism qua fear reflex “can occur even in people with a sincere belief in equality”. Meaning that it’s a deeper instinct. That’s a bad thing in the leftist zealot’s book, but it’s a good thing in ours. If fear of blacks depends on the same mechanism as fear of lions; well maybe we do have good reason to be afraid.

But that’s not how leftists think. Fear is bad. Fear is the mind killer, as the (also female) Bene Gesserit taught the young Atreides. There’s this universal vice of mankind of thinking that everything is in the mind. Reality doesn’t exist. It’s all about feelings. Control the feelings, and everything will be alright. Extinguish fear! Fear prevents you from being happy. Fear also prevents you from setting a stand and drawing Muhammad in the streets of Cairo. It also prevents you from letting your daughter date a drug dealer from the ghetto and have her gang-raped in the process. You see, fear is not bad. Fear saves lives. Fear is not the mind killer. Leftism is.

On Fairness

  You are a bad person

Huh? What have I done.

 You don’t let me buy up your country’s assets.


Advisor: Mr Soros stay to the script please.

 Yeah sorry. I mean you are an autocrat. Yours is not an Open Society™

Hey hey. I just won an election, mind you.  

Oh, but that doesn’t count.

What’s that supposed to mean. I don’t enjoy this, you know? I spent a helluva lot of money organizing this whole election thing, and I didn’t even rig it this time. No ballot stuffing, all clean. Damn, I even put cameras in every booth.

 Still not fair.

Why not? Surkov told me that democracy is about people voting freely for their leaders. Well, we have that. What else do I have to do for you to shut up?

Oh, we will never shut up until you release my co-ethnic ex-mafia oligarch who you put in jail.

 Mr Soros, the script!!!

 Oh yes sorry. Russia is not a democracy because you control the media, and that’s not fair.
But somebody has to control the media. Before I cleaned it up it was a whole mess, with each billionaire owning a station and promoting their own shit. It subverts the power of the state. I can’t allow that.
We call that the Free Marketplace of Ideas. The media must be free of government interference.
But then somebody might buy the media and use it to promote its own interests.
 No shit.
With enough money you can manipulate the populace into believing
whatever piece of bullshit you come up with, and play  the people against the government.
The media is a business like any other, ruled by supply and demand. The stations will broadcast whatever the people demand. And the people’s demand is supreme.
Yeah right, that’s why the American media promotes
mass immigration and fag lib while the people are consistently against it.
 That’s raciss.
You will even demand that I open Russia’s media market to foreign capital, right?
 But of course. Protectionism is bad for you.
So foreign billionaires can buy up Russian media and use it to promote their interests.
So after all this money and effort spent on election campaigns,  
I’m an autocrat because my control of the media gives my candidacy an advantage over the others.
Yes. You see, it’s not fair. You get more coverage.
So what I’m supposed to do?  
Oh well, it’s obvious. Abolish all media controls and let the market decide.
So let me get this straight. If I, the Russian government,
use the force of the state to control the media, I’m an autocrat.
If foreign financiers use their money to control the media, it’s real democracy.
 Exactly! You’re a bright fellow.
Go to hell.  
 Soon enough sonny, soon enough.

Try harder

Liberals dominate the West, and Japan sort of, but they are small minorities in all other countries. And that’s harsh. Because being a liberal in any country, you see how cool the West is, with human rights and fancy cars and women in mini skirts, yet your own country sucks. But what can you do? Well let’s look case by case.

Case 1

Egyptian liberal A: Damn, this country sucks.

Egyptian liberal B: It’s all that damn Mubarak prick, we should kill him.

Egyptian liberal A: Yeah, but how?

Egyptian liberal B: Let’s go out on the streets and ask for democracy. People dig that.

3 months later: Mubarak is dying inside a cage, the Salafists own Parliament.

Case 2:

Libyan tribesman A: Man, that damn Gaddafi is bringing chinks and niggers to work in here while we got no jobs.

Libyan tribesman B: Yeah we should just put a knife in his ass and beat him to death.

Libyan tribesman A: Wait, I have an idea.

Libyan tribesman B: What?

Libyan tribesman A: Let’s go out on the streets and ask for democracy.

Libyan tribesman B: WTF is that?

Libyan tribesman A: I don’t know. I think it’s a secret code to make NATO give you bombs and money. I got a cousin in Egypt and he tell’s me it works.

Libyan tribesman B: Ok let’s do it.

6 months later, Gaddafi got a knife in his ass and died.

Case 3

Moscow hipster A: Damn, it’s cold.

Moscos hipster B: Yeah I know. It’s Moscow.

Moscow hipster A: Damn. Life sucks anyway. It’s all Putin’s fault. That corrupt sob.

Moscow hipster B: Yeah well. Btw did you hear? My cousin Sonya just got fucked by some swarthy dude, he was called Roosh I think.

Moscow hipster A: I can’t take it any longer. We should go out on the streets and ask for democracy.

Moscow hipster B: But we have elections here.

Moscow hipster A: You believe that? It’s a sham. Come on, everybody knows that with free and fair elections, Obama would win the presidency and Moscow would stop being cold.

Moscow hipster B: Well ok, let’s go out on the streets and ask for democracy.

3 months later…

I won, suckers

Let me be clear and say that I consider Russia to be a corrupt hellhole. Putin is exporting whores and scientists while his kleptocratic patronage machine sucks up whatever resources the country still has. Russia is suffering both brain drain and dysgenics. And that’s bad, especially when you have lots of Muslims inside and outside your borders, ready to take over in due time. For details on how fucked up Russia is, read this.

Still you have to admit the brilliance of Vladimir Surkov. Because Russia sucks in any parameter you look at. But it is a democracy. A full fledged democracy. Yeah well you don’t have foreign press agencies and QUANGOs operating freely. But people vote. All evidence points to the fact that this last elections were free and fair. Putin didn’t need to cheat. He just needed to control the propaganda, and push hard. Most of Russia outside Moscow being a quasi-rural land of poorly educated vodka addicts, it really doesn’t take much to convince them to vote for you. Just get some hotties on TV.

So now you have all the Western media grinding their teeth, wanting to hate Russia. But they can’t. It is a democracy. And in today’s West, the only thing you can use to attack your enemies is their lack of democracy. Democracy is not only the supreme good, it’s the only good. So if you make Democracy, and you do it right, you needn’t fear for the integrity if your regime. Nobody can attack you.  Business connoisseurs say that corruption is just a transaction cost; you add it to your project costs and that’s it. Well, for a political machine, Democracy is just a transaction cost. You spend a little money in TV ads and speeches and whatnot, and you got yourself a shield against Cathedral meddling.

It’s about time that the West, particularly the EU, which is doing great progress in effectively dismantling democracy in Europe, to change its discourse. Democracy isn’t important. Thanks to Russia we may get to a point in which Democracy loses its power to influence foreign countries, and once that happens, Democracy will lose its importance in the home turf too.  Let’s drop the issue altogether.