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Future time orientation

I’ve spent the whole week battling with the local bureaucracy during the day, and playing Civ 4 during the night. Time flies when you’re annoyed.

Still as annoying as the bureaucracy is, and notwithstanding the pressures to the public sector that austerity measures are forcing on them…

They’re aren’t going anywhere. See how German judicial bureaucrats mandate that their academic colleagues must earn a good salary. By force (H/T Walter Russell). Now the courts can determine salaries too.

In the new polarized society that will rise out of the ashes of the Recession, all interest groups will fight each other to get a hold on the new Privileged class that will monopolize the goodies. Many groups are positioning themselves to get themselves a cut of the pie. Many won’t get it. Worker unions? Hah.

But the bureaucracy will surely keep its privileges, and then some. They don’t monopolize power for nothing. I’m afraid that contrary to what The Economist and its banksta editors wish, China isn’t getting closer to us. We are getting closer to their mandarinate sovereignty. If you want a cute wife, you might need to get in the civil service.

You have been warned.

4 responses to “Future time orientation

  1. rightsaidfred February 17, 2012 at 21:19

    all interest groups will fight each other to get a hold on the new Privileged class that will monopolize the goodies.

    I think the problem includes that the Privileged class is madly bribing the interests groups to stay in power. Thus they are ceding land and jobs to immigrant groups, and running ever bigger deficits to keep the good times flowing for the other groups, including unions (GM, e.g.), women, farmers, state and local gov’t, etc; a kind of “space for time” retreat, but the end appears to be a fortress existence. Maybe they have read the tea leaves and figured that is the best that can be expected.

    • spandrell February 18, 2012 at 15:09

      Pandering to interest groups is the sophisticated way of buying votes. As long as we have elections there’s little way to avoid running deficits to pay them off.
      But WTSHTF and there’s a choice between bureaucracy and democracy… I don’t think the demotists are going to win. Look at the EU.

  2. Sam September 16, 2013 at 00:29

    Speaking of Judicial irregularities. One of the most flagrant in America always seemed to me to be the judge in Kansas city. He ruled the schools were discriminating against blacks. He then raised taxes to build new schools, ruled on what was materially in the schools and how they were to be run. Why bother to vote if the judicial branch can run the legislative and executive branches themselves. The main problem with this is not only wasn’t he impeached but I’ve never heard any one mention the idea that he needed to be.

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