Bloody shovel

Don't call it a spade

Assimilation done right

The ancient way of warfare was kill the men, rape the women and enslave the children. Its an almost perfect strategy: you obliterate the enemy culture, have some fun with the broads, and you also get useful human spoils. Its easy to see how it evolved after millennia of human warfare. It just works.

Yet we moderns are much too sophisticated for that. As Steve Sailer famously said, sane societies used ‘divide and conquer’, yet the modern West uses ‘consolidate and surrender’. We try to avoid killing anyone and even expose ourselves to danger to respect the enemy’s culture, in war and peace, home and abroad.

But of course you can’t when different cultures live together, like in the modern West, conflict happens. Yet our priesthood, the liberals, are in a conundrum. Their mission is to dissolve all cultures into their ideological acid, breaking ties and promoting state-managed individualism; it has mostly worked with the natives, yet those vibrant brown foreigners tend to stick to their ways. Some liberals just surrendered and, with the usual post-facto rationalization, say we should respect their foreign ways.  So you get an individual who digs clan-collectivism;  multiculturalists understand this as the individual choice of lifestyle, which must be respected.

But some liberals are actually serious in their acid dissolving thing: the hardcore progressives in Norway. See this news: Norway takes children away from Indian couple for eating with the hands and sleeping in the same bed. Hah! Poor Indians were just doing what they were drilled to do since infancy, what they understand to be natural. But oh no the Norwegian progressives aren’t having none of that. You must obey. So they took the children, and they aren’t giving them back!

The parents have been told that they can only see their children twice a year, for an hour during each visit until the kids turn 18 when they will no longer be bound by the current restrictions under current Norwegian law. Despite the Indian government’s intervention, Norwegian officials are refusing to meet the request for any further explanation.

 Ouch! 2 hours a year?! That’s harsh. I mean if they are so disgusted by Indian cultures they could just, you know, deport the family. Yet the progressive child slavers won’t even negotiate with a foreign (and quite big) government. They won’t even explain!
Propert of the State
To complete the old adage they should kill the father and rape the mother, but the Norwegians are a modern commercial people, they just want the kids. Lots of kids.

Norway’s Child Protective Service has come under much scrutiny in the past for excessive behaviour in their handling of child cruelty.

Lawyer Svein Kjetil Lode Svendsen said: ‘There has been a report in UN in 2005 which criticized Norway for taking too many children in public care.

‘The amount was 12,500 children and Norway is a small country.’

Thats a lot of kids. I wonder what the ethnic breakup is.

There is something fascinating about naked power. There’s something awe-inspiring about pure unapologetic state agression.. It reminds me of the Kelo vs New London case. And people say that power is not absolute.

Well I can just hope that they go on seizing brown kids and parents around the globe get the message. If the USG went around seizing Mexican kids, you’ll solve the immigration problem in 2 weeks. Blacks would stay though.


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