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American politics are fucked up and bullshit

Just two years ago, a group of US senators visited Gaddafi in Lybia. Amongst them was Senator John McCain.

Watch the respectful inclination of the head

After the fact McCain was quite impressed with the man. He being the attention whore that he is, had to say something on Twitter.

Very interesting man. Oh, I’m sure he was. He even had his own blog,, and he wrote much more interesting things than McCain has ever said himself.

Well two year later, Gaddafi was beaten up and brutally killed by a bunch of rival thugs.

What did McCain think of the death of such an interesting man?

Watch his full-mouth smile as he says “It is a beautiful day”.

Gaddafi was a thug, a terrorist, and nobody besides his family and tribe will ever miss him much. But this kind of hypocrisy is unbecoming of a western public figure. The US politicians have sunk below the level of Oriental satraps. The French and British politicians that backstabbed Gaddafi are contemptible liars. But at least their duplicity was that typical of international relations. It was standard, high class backstabbing. McCain is just a low class con-man, a contemptible son of a bitch. I’m not American, even less a GOP supporter. But as a westerner I’m ashamed of the turn my civilization has taken. This stinks.


One response to “American politics are fucked up and bullshit

  1. Giovanni Dannato August 31, 2016 at 06:06

    Yet another inept, stupid “intervention” that backfired almost immediately. And now, years later, the secretary of state who orchestrated it may well be president. Sad to say her bungling in Syria has been far worse and Ukraine at least as bad.
    The present elites have more than lost the mandate of heaven by this point.
    I realized McCain was joke when he told the nation he wanted an airhead cheerleader within 1 heartbeat of the presidency and himself promised to be a continuation of his discredited predecessor. I also didn’t see him as a “war hero” because he got shat on in a prison camp. Just one more sign of decay. You’re a hero when you kick ass.

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