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The Chinese 99%

In my last post I talked about how lame porn is creeping everywhere in China. The point being about why has this happened in China, where an ostensibly authoritarian and social conservatism regimes rules the country. Porn in China is more pervasive and quite more lame than even in Japan, which has a huge porn industry.

This post took a lot of time to write, as I struggled to narrow down the focus. Of course the causes of the collapse of traditional morals in China are many. Economic collapse, communism, foreign influence, lack of religion, capitalism, corruption, feminism, you name it. But to make it simple I’ll write about the most inmediate cause. And I think its about class struggle, Roissy style.

Of course Chinese entertainment is tacky and raunchy, with naked babes and celebrity gossip all over the place. The biggest show in Chinese TV is 非诚勿扰, (literally don’t disturb if not sincere), where hot chicks line up in hope to grabbing a rich guy to date, marry, and parasite forever.

Trashy happen all over the world, but what is understood as the entertainment of the lower classes in the West, is literally everywhere in China. Which, using basic logic, just means the chinese lower classes are all over the place.

The mystery of the conversion of the Chinese Communist Party to capitalism is actually no mystery at all. They just adopted Crony Capitalism, American banksta style, but made sure the money is made inside the party structure. Which has caused a very high Gini coefficient, lots of new rich peasants showing off their Ferraris and yachts, and a huge underclass who is underemployed, bored, and what is worse: outpriced off the dating market.

China is a poor country, labor conditions suck, yet people are used to Hollywood movies where they are showed what a normal, decent middle class life should look like. So its not surprise that women just steadfastly refuse to marry a normal guy. In China women demand that you have a house and a car of your property. Which prices out 90% of the men. The fortunate rich dudes have massive leverage to get hot chicks by the dozen. Chinese ousted railway minister famously kept 18 mistresses, all with their own apartments and cars. Believe when I say that a great majority of Chinese rich men are polygamous.  Even if China has a skewed gender ratio because of selective abortion of females, polygamy is back in force. I’d say that in contrast, the American 99% have little to complain of.

So what do all those leftover, poor, beta guys out there? Watch porn of course. What else is there?

American politics are fucked up and bullshit

Just two years ago, a group of US senators visited Gaddafi in Lybia. Amongst them was Senator John McCain.

Watch the respectful inclination of the head

After the fact McCain was quite impressed with the man. He being the attention whore that he is, had to say something on Twitter.

Very interesting man. Oh, I’m sure he was. He even had his own blog,, and he wrote much more interesting things than McCain has ever said himself.

Well two year later, Gaddafi was beaten up and brutally killed by a bunch of rival thugs.

What did McCain think of the death of such an interesting man?

Watch his full-mouth smile as he says “It is a beautiful day”.

Gaddafi was a thug, a terrorist, and nobody besides his family and tribe will ever miss him much. But this kind of hypocrisy is unbecoming of a western public figure. The US politicians have sunk below the level of Oriental satraps. The French and British politicians that backstabbed Gaddafi are contemptible liars. But at least their duplicity was that typical of international relations. It was standard, high class backstabbing. McCain is just a low class con-man, a contemptible son of a bitch. I’m not American, even less a GOP supporter. But as a westerner I’m ashamed of the turn my civilization has taken. This stinks.

Chinese pr0n and the triumph of Capitalism.

Once upon a time the Communist regimes prohibited jazz, rock&roll, action movies and all other Western amenities, as proofs of the decadence of bourgeois and visible signs of the coming fall of Capitalism.

Then came porn. And of course commies saw its as confirmation of the moral decay of Capitalism.

Today we see all that with the scorn of victors. We laugh at how retrograde those regimes were, even as they are still cherished by all progressives. Yeah, yet another one of leftism’s contradictions.

Lately, on the reactionsphere/altright blogosphere, whatever you call it, there is this meme about the old Orthodox world being the last bastion of social conservatism, of the West being the real revolutionaries, while the commies were fighting for Christendom. Well, the funny thing is today Russia has more abortions than births, Hungary is the Mecca of European porn, Prague has more hookers than secretaries, and fellas like Pierre Woodman go around screwing underage Slavic virgins all around. So much for Communist family values.

After the iron curtain fell, the next area to come to Civilization (i.e. American mores) was China. I happen to have lived there, speak the language fluently so I have some insights that may be of interest.

The process of opening up of China has been a very curious matter, not only economically, but also as cultural anthropology (a fascinating discipline sadly hijacked by commies). The Westernization of China started in the 1910s with the fall of the Empire, but it soon came to a halt after the victory of Communism. Of course Communism is also a Western ideology, in a sense. And the CCP made some very western policies, such as abolishing polygamy, arranged marriages, and giving legal equality to women. It also forced women to the workforce.

That was the first wave of westernization, which did change the culture a great deal. Of course it pales in comparison with the second wave, which came with the opening up of the countries economy. And then, the horror, Internet.

China’s government has a total grip on Television and Radio content. There are dozens of TV channels, but they are all state-owned. The amount of censorship depends on the mood of the censors, but in general there is no sex, little teenage rebellion glorifying, and all that scum that we are fed in the west. TV in China is on the whole pretty much wholesome, family-values content.

But you can’t control the internet. Well of course you can (try searching ‘Dalai Lama’ over there) but China has apparently lost one battle on the internet. Porn.

This from the official paper of the Guangdong Communist Party

This is the ‘images’ page of the Nanfang daily, a pretty famous paper in China. It is, by ownership, the official paper of the Guangdong province Communist Party. It is also full of porn. Of course its softcore, just naked girls. Pretty lame on the whole. But striking still, this is a serious, national newspaper. I won’t use more examples but take my word that 80% of news sites in China are like this. This does’t mean of course that they don’t have non-porn content, of course they have.

The fact is newspapers in China can’t really have engaging content, as the threat of censorship is always there. So you can’t do any sociological analysis, or political criticism, without watching very well your back. But you also need content. So what do you do? Unlike TV, Internet news in China is a fiercely competitive business. How can you attract readers?

Well, naked woman. That will get you attention. And clicks. And money! Why doesn’t the government intervene? Well China does forbid hardcore porn, and takes care there’s no nudity on TV. But you need to give the masses some relief, I guess. And its good money.

Chinese sex festival! h/t Chinasmack

The above picture is from some “sex festival” that some dumb officials down at Zhengzhou, Henan province have cooked up, to grab some attention and coveted cash. Well Henan province really needs the cash, but still. Confucius wouldn’t approve of it. Nor Mao.  Yet now it is all over China. Huge festivals of Miss this, Miss that, Secretary auditions where girls must walk on lingerie in public, etc.  Check out the archives at, and despair.

How did this happen? I’ll try to explain in the next post.

1000 arabs for 1 jew

So it seems like the Israeli government has reached a deal with Hamas over the return of their one little captive soldier, Gilad Shalit.

The poor Ashkenazi fella, just 25 this year, was kidnapped 5 years ago by Hamas, in a cross border raid. Of course Hamas used it immediately to negotiate the release of palestinian prisoners held by Israel. Israel always refused.

I don’t know what happened in Israel’s internal politics that made Netanyahu accept a deal right now. Maybe the Israeli youth demonstrations have something to do with it, I don’t know nor care. I don’t also care about the huge media campaign that has been going on in Israel about the kid. I guess the parents of the kid had some money, and there is always lots of sympathy available for a poor kid kidnapped by those Hamas thugs.

What is important, in my opinion, is the deal reached. Israel will release 1000 prisoners in exchange for Gilad Shalit. One damn thousand!

I'm worth more than 1000 arabs all together


Which begs the question: what is so awesome about this kid? Well that’s a fallacy. To say it in economic terms, the utillity for the Israelian government of having back this adorable little nerd is bigger than the potential danger of releasing 1000 run-of-the-mill standard palestinian thugs.

But of course in general terms the questions stands: what is there about this kid that justifies his exchange for 1000 arabs? Israelis, as ethnocentric as they are, are also pretty liberal, and most people will ask themselves the question: is one Gilad Shalit worth more than one thousand arabs?

The answer is: well, yeah. Pretty much. Your random Ashkenazi is smarter, has more productive potential that 1000 random arabs. In IT circles (to which I don’t belong) it is often said that one good programmer is more productive than a thousand average programmers.

Well one white jew is worth more than one thousand palestinians. This is the biggest proof of HBD than any government anywhere has ever given.

Thanks Netanyahu.

Human culture in a nutshell

I published this article some time ago on my pal slittyeye´s blog  I’m quite proud of it so I’ll cross post it over here. 


There’s this question I’ve wondered about forever. We are all told humans are individuals who think independently and are totally creative and unique.

But I grew up and read, travelled, went to museums. And I thought: if all humans are individuals with individual souls and fully capable or whatever,

Why are cultures so uniform? And why do they vary so much? Why do Egyptians cut clitorises? Why do Chinese worship money? Why do Indians worship bullcrap? Why do Moroccans drink mint-tea? Etc.

The answer to cultural diversity between cultures, uniformity inside them; and to the world’s utter dysfunction in the postmodern age is,

Most people are stupid. As individuals, most people are pretty dumb. I won’t show the Bell curves here. But it’s pretty well known. Or it should.

Well dumb people can’t do anything by themselves. They have to be taught. Repeatedly. Drilled mercilessly on their brains until they reach basic competence.

And that’s what most cultures do: the same fucking thing over and over again for generations. Attach some mystical value to the whole thing (some God fucked a sheep and its son invented the technique), some ancestor worship (they came up with doing that on the first place), and over time you have a people who have become very proficient in, say, falcon hunting, horse-archery, cow worship, temple building, oil painting, whatever.

Of course this works at all levels: nation-level, tribe-level, caste-level,  art school level. It’s the only way to really acquire proficiency at anything, to practice forever under people who have practiced forever. Indians took it too far and even force you to marry only other people who have practice the same thing forever. The average human can only do something with an acceptable level of proficiency if he does that and ONLY that for, well, ever. Over time come marginal changes, little evolutionary changes which cause what we call cultural change, i.e. that which we write on history books, or how we arrange museum expositions. Of course cultures have different degrees of change, some are quite fast (post Black-death Europe) some are pretty much static (Eskimos). Different variables influence that rate of change. I remember seeing in the Louvre museum those cylinder seals the ancient Middle-easterners used to decorate their clay tablets. They used those for over 3000 years!  A damn cylinder carved as to print a relief in clay when you turn it forward. I’ m sure it was pretty neat when one Mesopotamian relief artist got fed up with carving every single clay tablet once by one, and invented the thing back in 3500BC. I bet all other artisans were blown away. But when Alexander’s armies 3000 years later went through the area the local artisans were still busy carving their cylinders. Now that’s what I call tradition.

rollin' for 3k years

My hunch is that IQ is the defining factor in the rate of cultural change. Some people just can’t really come up with new stuff. Say Papuans, who have been probably decorating their penis sheaths forever.

Meanwhile Europe was always busy destroying everything the previous generation had left over.

Yet again East Asians are pretty smart, yet aren’t as unfilial as Europeans. The thing is cultural change is not an unmitigated good: it destroys the proficiency-by-drilling thing, i.e. if you stop drilling you stop making good stuff. Japanese artisanship is a good example of what boring practice is capable of. Of course Europeans invented machines so there’s little need for practice-based artisanship, but that has caused widespread misery for those who need to be drilled to make anything useful, not to mention awkwardness for the older generations who can’t keep up with the new stuff.

Well that awkwardness is what Asians will NOT stand. Old people are in charge there, and young people accept the need to wait to be in charge. And when they are in charge they will make sure that the cycle is not broken and they get the respect they waited for so damn long. Cultural change in a sense is a form of disrespect over what was left over by forebears, and breaks the drill cycle (cultural transmission). I’m sure the old man wouldn’t be happy if its son decides to make fishing nets in a different way. Or stop making nets altogether. If you allow kids to stop making nets you may end up without the knowledge to make them and force the whole hamlet to starvation.

Breaking the drill cycle brings good and bad things. Good is it creates progress! You stop teaching something, people stop being able to do it. So you need to come up with something else. Better. Voila, steam machine. Voila, airplanes. Voila, penicilin. Voila, smartphones. It’s pretty cool and we all owe a lot to it.

The bad thing is that it causes the vast majority of the people (those unable to come up with things, those who NEED the drilling to be able to do anything) to become miserable inefficient workbots. The solution is more effective drilling (what we used to call ‘education’) to make them proficient at whatever productive industry there is at the moment. It worked while 1. The rate of change was pretty much generational, i.e. you could expect to use the skills learned in school when you become an adult; 2. Schools drilled kids with merciless efficiency and brutality. So kids actually learned 1. Manners 2. A trade.

But now? We have become so enamored with ‘progress’ (cultural change) that we came up with the fantastic idea that if you stop ALL drilling at all, and just teach instead some abstract nonsense about queer history and democratic values, people will come up with new things all the time! Ain’t that awesome? So there’s some stupid idea out there that the innovation rate is not enough (tell that to Mesopotamians which decorated their houses the same way for 3000 years), so we need to come up with even more new stuff, but people just can’t keep up. Why could that be? Real Answer: people just aren’t that smart. Mainstream answer: Kids get bored at school with drilling, so we need to stop drilling and they’ll become super creative!

This has been done since around the 70s, with the predictable results of a complete breakdown of traditional manners and culture, making dumb people (= left half of the Bell Curve) totally unproductive, ultimately becoming junkie welfare addicts. Smart people still somehow come up with enough things to keep the economy going, but demographics predicts it can’t last much longer. The 3rd worlders we are importing to replace our useless new underclass are even dumber than the natives, and we aren’t educating them either, so we are just creating a doubled up junkie welfare addict plebeian mass. And don’t get me started with Jihad.

So European obsession with change (‘progress’)  made it deny the most basic human way of cultural transmission, that is: focused drilling. Asians are still pretty much for it (too much, as they drill also their smart kids, which become boring workbots), so they’ll probably keep some level of civilization while Europe strives to get its shit together. If it ever does.

Fleeing forward

Well after years of blog reading I think the time has come for me to start a blog. I have been growing up, physically and intellectually (thanks to all those at my blogroll, and many more), and I have reached the state where I believe I may have some original thinking to contribute.

I am a young white male who has never been in America, yet has been raised on American tech, and educated on American blogs. Somewhat in the tradition of Tocqueville it is my impression that America is home to the worst of mankind, and yet also of the best of it.

The funny thing is America is the center of world Liberalism (i.e. evil), yet all alternative thinking also happens only in America. Europe is too hung up with its own dead tradition, so all the rightist thinking that happens there is merely a vague hope for returning to 1913. So I will try also to write about European issues form a modern, American reactionary point of view. Let’s call this scientific-reaction, as opposed to the prevailing utopian-reaction of those Christian nostalgic thinkers.

I am also fairly knowledgeable in East Asian societies, which gives me a, in my opinion, pretty good detachment over Western issues. Let me say on front that I don’t give a damn about individual western nations, and I believe that the insistence on maintaining the present status-quo is counterproductive to the continuity of Western Civilization as a whole.

So consider me a cosmopolitan reactionary. A tad heretical perhaps.  This blog will be about my thinking about random issues that may cross my mind, with the general purpose on thinking how we, the West, and the civilized world in general, will get out of this mess.