Bloody shovel

We shall drown, and nobody will save us


I wonder what Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamization of the West (PEGIDA) are going to say when 100 million Christian Nigerians come to Europe saying that they need refuge from the evil Boko Haram Muslims from the North.

The Nigerians probably go to Church more than we do.




Screen Shot 2016-02-07 at 23.16.40

Data from

Don’t know if “Total Population” here includes Muslims too or not. If it does, we’re busted.
Note how all those “success stories” about fertility rates, France and Scandinavia, all are under replacement, except Muslims.

All those Patriotic European Warriors (PEW): Surely you’ve been doing your patriotic duty and producing lots of white babies. Have you?


In 1927, the young Chinese Communist Party was having a meeting, and all those young Chinese Communists were doing their thing, discussing stuff using arcane Marxist jargon. Mao Zedong cut the discussion short, telling them: “People, cut the crap. We gotta focus on the military stuff. Governments are born out of the barrel of a gun.”


History proved him right, and his comrades know it. They know it so well that even after the Cultural Revolution killed and maimed most of his old comrades, his successors never disowned Mao or tarnished his legacy, the way Kruschov publicly said Stalin was an evil bastard. During the Cultural Revolution Deng was purged three times, his whole family imprisoned, sent away. His brother was forced to commit suicide. His son was thrown out of the window of his college dorm and became a paraplegic for life. Even then, after Mao was dead, Deng Xiaoping refused to criticize him. Why? “The only reason all of us are here is because Mao won the war”. Damn straight.

Now of course Mao’s quote isn’t completely correct. He didn’t grab a gun and win the war by being the best shot in the country. No, he won the war by having the best army. That means having a lot of guns, and having people willing the guns under your orders. So more precisely, power isn’t born out of the barrel of a gun. Power is born out of the ability to have people with guns do what you tell them.

Let’s apply this dictum to the present situation in Western countries. PEGIDA just run a series of protests against the Islamization of Europe. I’ve been writing about that these days. Well, what happened during those protests? A commenter was nice enough to post a link from the Daily Mail:


Plainclothes police officers wrestle a man to the ground during the PEGIDA demonstration held in Amsterdam, Holland, today


A man sticks his tongue out at the camera as he is led away from the demonstration by plainclothes police officers



Police officers in Calais, northern France, detain a man taking party in the demonstrations near the town’s railway station



This guy up here is a General of the French army. Leader of men. Alpha of Alphas. Kissing the ground.

If you want to get anything done, if you want to win, you gotta read about people who have won in the past. Like Mao. You need to own the guys with the guns. The police. The army. As long as those guys are against you, as long as those guys are willing to grab an awarded General and make him kiss the ground, all you’re doing is LARPing. Which has its place, of course it’s important to show that people are angry, and provoking the state gives us iconic images such as poor old General Piquemal. But let’s not kid ourselves. LARPing isn’t going to solve anything. Leftists don’t win because they are masters at protesting and PR. Leftists win because the guys with guns obey them. When General Piquemal goes to protest, he gets arrested and humiliated on national TV. When Antifas trash a whole commercial street, the police make a wall to protect them. When Blacks burnt Ferguson, the police went out to arrest the shopowners who wanted to defend themselves. When Somalis rape Swedish children, the police doesn’t answer the phone.

This state of affairs is often called Anarcho-tyranny, a coining of Sam Francis. It’s funny because there’s no word for that in most languages. Fish don’t know what is water; the Chinese don’t know what anarcho-tyranny is. Anarcho-tyranny is the natural state of affairs. The word only makes sense if you assume that the state is a social contract made for the defense of the rights of the citizens. But that’s a myth. A state is what comes out of the barrel of a gun. In simple evolutionary terms, the state will protect those that the state needs to protect to survive in its present form. You and I don’t want the state to survive in its present form, we very much want it to change forms. Well, they won’t protect you then.

You wanna get something done? You want to have influence? Then you gotta join those who get things done. Pull a Gramsci and join the police. They’re going to be expanding a lot in the next decades.

Means, goals and signaling

As I said in a recent post, the euphoria caused by the Donald Trump candidacy and the recent breakdown of public order in Western Europe has given renewed energy to white nationalism in both sides of the Atlantic. Now it seems like the time is ripe for revolution. Surely when Ivy League universities are openly staging rallies saying white people are evil by definition, and when white women are being openly assaulted by Middle Eastern migrants in the streets of Sweden and Germany, now white people in all sides can unite and fight back!

… Have they? Haven’t seen that. All I see is the left using the overwhelming power of the state to push back with ruthless efficiency. I see German mayors not even bothering to pretend that they care that 9 year old german girls are being harassed on his streets


I see the Christian Church in Sweden building mosques adjacent to empty churches



And we recently saw like the neomasculine King Roosh was cowed into submission by the overwhelming force of leftist media.



And not only was Roosh was beaten so badly that he’s fearing for his own life. The progressive establishment is now using him and his followers as scapegoats for the epidemic of sexual assault by Muslim immigrants.


Ms Champion added: “Rape of women has increased by 41 per cent in the last year. I’m appalled that the Government are sitting idly by whilst a group who believe women are pieces of meat without any rights are allowed to spread their poisonous ideology in the UK.”How can the Government allow disgusting “meet-ups” led by a man and a group that have promoted rape to take place in the UK at a time when sex crimes against women are going through the roof?

People, you can’t win. If you had half a brain, and knew how popular movements are run, you’d know you’re doing it wrong. You can’t openly call for rebellion and expect for it to work. Rebellions are crushed. That’s what states are for. The State isn’t a social contract for the protection of property rights. The State is a bunch of thugs assembled for the extermination of opposition to their power.

But of course men being men, when you get a bunch of dumb guys getting together, the first thing they do is signal their masculinity, and the signaling spiral devolves into everybody bragging about who is more macho, brave and reckless, and they go on Twitter rambling about how White Men should behead all the traitors. I posted a humble thought experiment about how perhaps we should do a collective Flight from White to troll the progressives into allowing us to survive, and I get nazi hotheads calling for my murder in my own fucking blog. And I’m supposed to publish that. Right.

Not a few people lament that Hitler had it right all along, and if Germany had won WW2 we wouldn’t have to face the likely death of white nations across the world. And there’s a point to that. But you know, there are no ifs in history. Hitler was a white supremacist, running the most populous and advanced white nation in Europe. And he lost. He lost the war, Germany lost half its territory, millions dead, 12 million Germans exiled from across all Europe. It not only didn’t work, it was a complete disaster. Hitler wanted the German race to be supreme. His temerity caused the likely death of the German nation 100 years later. Some great leader.

Look, this is a blog. A small, inconsequential blog. I’m not running a political party, an army, a band of brothers, or any kind of organization. I’m not running an advocacy program. I just write, using my brains to come out with ideas that none of you have thought of. I’m not personally converting to Islam. I’m not saying you should. But given the situation for most white people, I do think odds are the white race as a race has a better chance of surviving if whites converted to Islam, than if whites kept on being progressive, let alone if whites went nazi and openly rebelled against the state.

What do you care about? The survival of your people? Or signaling how edgy and manly you are on the internet? If Roosh had actually walked the walk and converted to his father’s religion, he wouldn’t be a semi-depressed lonely expat drifting around the second world looking for a woman that accepts his authority. Alas, he chose not to, he chose to get his dopamine kicks by signaling how manly and edgy he is on Twitter by openly confronting the progressive state. And all he achieved with that is putting his family in danger, and becoming a convenient scapegoat for the actual crime wave of brown and black people assaulting white people in Europe. Thanks dude. Now every time I say anything marginally red-pill, people will associate me with a hairy rape-apologist.

Now I may be wrong about Flight from White being a good strategy, and I may be wrong about Islam being the best place to flee to. But one thing I know, chances of survival are way higher than by going Nazi. White converts get to be shown as heroes in TV shows. While nationalists are still shown as the epitome of all evil. Muslims breed, nazis go to their soccer matches, drink a lot, have their fun, and then fail to have children.

Now of course I’d prefer that whites collectively converted to Mormonism, started pumping white babies, and put all Africans and Middle Easterners in a fleet of boats bound to Liberia, to be taken care by General Butt Naked. But then again I have my doubts about the resilience of Mormons as a people. Defection rates of Mormons into progressivism are way higher than those for Muslims.


So again, I’m not converting. I don’t give a shit if you do. But I think it’s a fun idea to contemplate. Houellebecq seems pretty sold to the idea, and he’s a sharp guy. The best for this idea would be for some small group of whites to convert en masse. Like the Subbotnik Jews. See what happens. Maybe some Parisian banlieu. Or some enterprising American prophet in Michigan. If there’s some smart Muslim out there, stop putting lame bombs, and go proselitizing. It could be fun.

I do understand this post suffers of severely bad timing. Trump still looks like he could win the election, and a complete moratory on Muslim immigration would be a massive victory for the alt-right. This post would be more suited for early 2018, when people start to notice that Trump was full of shit, that Muslim immigration hasn’t stopped, and that half of the 20 year old cohort in Germany is already Muslim. If that happens, I’ll repost this article to say I told you so. If it doesn’t, and I dearly hope so, it will remain as historical proof of how bad things were back in 2016.


I hadn’t thought about it, but my last post on Whites converting to Islam has a somewhat similar theme to a very famous episode in Chinese history. It’s been a while since I write another Chinese history tale, and this is one of my favorites. So let’s talk about Wu Sangui 吳三桂.

The year is 1644. The Ming Dynasty is in ruins. It is actually in ruins; a peasant rebellion led by a man called Li Zicheng 李自成 has been ravishing the country for a decade, conquering and utterly destroying much of the central and western areas of the country. The rebel leader had already conquered the largest city in the west, Xi’an 西安, and had proclaimed himself as the king of the Shun 順 Dynasty. The Shun army raced from Xi’An up through the province of Shanxi 山西, where most of the cities openly surrendered to him without bloodshed. In no time he crossed the western passes close to Beijing, and on May 26, the capital fell. The emperor of the Ming Dynasty stabbed his wives and daughters with his own hand, and then hanged himself on a nearby hill.

A resistance had formed in the south, where several imperial princes were proclaimed as emperors in different provinces. The north though was completely in control of the rebels of the Shun Dynasty. They felt safe, and spent 10 days sacking Beijing, raping the wives and daughters of the mandarins and merchants, and torturing them to extort untold quantities of gold and silver. Then one advisor to the rebel army came with news: we haven’t completely conquered the north. There is still Wu Sangui.

Most maps you can see of the Ming Dynasty are complete bullshit, because they throw in every place where the Ming ever had a garrison during its 270 years of life. And this guys had lots of garrisons around at first, but they soon abandoned most of them. For all purposes, the effective northern borders of the Ming Dynasty were the Great Wall, which they built. Here’s an accurate map of the north.


By this time, May 1644, mostly everything south of the wall and north of Yang-tze river has fallen to the Shun rebels, and most Ming generals in the area had surrendered and joined the fun. All except the most important. You’ll see in this map that there’s a weird discontinuous piece of wall up in the Northeast. That’s Liaodong 遼東. That used to be firm Ming territory, settled with Han farmers, but since the 1600s a nearby tribal people, the Manchus (Jurchens back then) had built a very strong state, and conquered most of the Ming settlements in the area. The Manchus were extremely good fighters, they had managed to beat the Mongols and put them in their army, and had been raiding inside China for decades, doing massive damage. By 1644 there was only one fortress left in Liaodong, the castle of Ningyuan 寧遠. And Wu Sangui was its commander.

Weeks before Beijing fell to the rebels, the Ming emperor had sent an edict to Wu Sangui, ordering him to abandon the fortress and come with his troops to defend the capital. He was actually on his way, not far from Beijing, when the city fell and the emperor killed himself. Unsure what to do, Wu Sangui got his army and moved back to the Northeast, and set camp at Shanhaiguan 山海關, the last fortress of the continuous Great Wall, where the wall meets the sea. The fortress was very strong, and he decided to hold up there.

Soon the rebels having fun at Beijing decided that all Ming generals had surrendered, surely this one would surrender too. What is he going to do, fight us? The conquerors of the capital? Good luck with that. The rebels soon found that Wu Sangui’s family was all in Beijing, 38 persons in all, led by his father, who had been chief of the capital’s garrison at the time. They… persuaded the man to write a letter to his son, saying how virtuous and sagely the rebels were, that the game was over, and his duty as a filial son was to obey and surrender to the rebels. He’ll be given a title of nobility and treated with all the honor he deserves.

The letter gets to the fortress, alongside shitloads of gold and silver for his soldiers. Wu Sangui sees that this is a pretty good deal, gets his army and marches towards Beijing in order to formally surrender to his new lord. On his second journey to Beijing in a few days, he suddenly bumps into two servants of his household. “What are you doing here?”

﹣Oh you have no idea, young lord.
– What happened? How is my father?
– They got him, my lord.
– Who got him? What happened to him?
– One rebel general came to father, and asked him for your concubine, Chen Yuan. Your father refused, said she wasn’t there, that she was with you, but they refused to believe, and they tortured him. They tortured all of us, it was awful, only we two were able to escape. Father Lord was tortured so badly that he’s likely to be dead by now. You should prepare yourself, young master.

Not good. Not good at all. These rebel bastards were scamming him. They didn’t want him to surrender and join their army as a general. No, they wanted to lure him to the capital to kill him and get rid of a problem. That they didn’t wait to steal my women and torture my father is proof that nothing good expected him at Beijing. Oh, this won’t do. Wu Sangui again got his army and led them back to the Great Wall fortress.

What could he do, though. His army was perhaps the best in the empire. Tough, hardly men from the Northeast frontier, seasoned by constant war with the fierce Manchus. He had a sizable army, but could he beat the rebels? All of them? Soon he heard that Li Zicheng, the rebel emperor himself was personally leading a 100k strong army to kill him. And behind his back, on the other side of the Great Wall, Dorgon, the effective king of the Manchus had departed from their capital with two thirds of the fierce Manchu army. He obviously knew that his Chinese enemies had collapsed and he wanted part of the fun.

So there he is, our famed general, holding the strongest fortress on the Chinese empire, facing a 100,000 rebel army on his front, and another 100,000 army of Manchu riders on his back. What can he do now? The Manchus are on his back. His uncle are with them; he was captured years ago, and had surrendered to the Manchus. He was now a very high status nobleman in the Manchu state, and he sent letters to his nephew to surrender. These are good people too, manly, virtuous, just men, not like the corrupt and decadent mandarins who used to rule over us. You cannot trust them, nephew. They maybe Chinese like you and us, share our culture and language. But they are evil, false men, and you know that. Join the Manchu army, they know of you, admire your martial skills, they’ll make you into a prince and give you untold riches and honor.

The rebel leader though has brought Wu Sangui’s father with him. He tells him it has all been a misunderstanding. One of the top rebel generals got a bit carried away. But the Shun emperor guarantees his safety, and he seems to mean it. He calls him to fulfill his duty towards his father and his country. The Mandate of Heaven has changed, the Shun now has it. His duty as a general is to follow him, and start a new glorious dynasty. Once the old corrupt mandarins of the Ming Dynasty are dealt with, the new, vigorous armies of the Chinese nation will come back north, where he can take part on the glorious retaking of the Northeast from the evil barbarians. Do the right thing, general. Your family and your nation need you.

Guess what he did? 2 days later his father alongside the 38 members of his family were killed. 2 days later he was made a prince. The Manchus ruled China until 1911.


The Easy Way Out

A modest proposal. Don’t take it too seriously.

Western elites are hell-bent in allowing unrestricted immigration into Europe and America. Even if they’re all ISIS operatives. Muslims are not deemed to be a threat to the progressive establishment the same way that white-nationalism is, and they’re mostly right about that.

Given present demographic trends, at this rate large swathes of the West will be Muslim in 20 years time; and again the progressive establishment will do nothing about that; because doing something about that would strengthen the hand of white-nationalists, and that directly threatens the power of the progressive establishment. So odds are for a Brazil – Mexico style situation, where a white-ish progressive elite rules over a mixed demographic of various shades of brown. Living standards plummet on average, but the elites still do great, and a white middle class which keeps the lights on still manages to make a tolerable living. But note that progressivism is still the state religion, and that means a large proportion of white people will still buy the whole package, i.e. hedonism, low fertility, feminism, the whole thing. That means dysgenic fertility goes on forever; the end of that road is South Africa.

The only way out is for whites to stop being progressive. And that means whites to stop being white. This means whites must stop being distinctly white, i.e. they must join non-whites at something so that the state can’t just point at some group (besides progressivism), find it’s white, and crack down on it because non-progressive whites are traitors and thus evil. The easy way out, as Houellebecq recently found out, is for whites to convert to Islam.

You don’t have to be good Muslims. Just tolerably good ones. Islam sucks in many ways, but on the whole it’s preferable to progressivism. Muslims get married and can control their wives. Muslims breed, and the influence of polygamy is way overhyped. Polygamy just formalizes what happens everywhere; some married men get poon on the side. Big deal. I’d rather they take a second wife rather than bang someone else’s. Still very few do so. Being a second wife is way less glamorous than being a sexy mistress who has some hope of getting the first wife dumped and replace her. Being a second wife is a sign of poverty and shame. Chinese literature is full of women lamenting having to become second wives because their parents couldn’t afford to sustain them.

Any obviously white group is going to be targeted by progressivism as being the obvious threat that it is. And, like it or not, the progressive state has the capability of crushing any attempt at subversion, and is going to have it for the foreseeable future. The only way to avoid detection is to join a non-white group, a group that the progressive state just can’t attack. Islam is much less vulnerable to progressive attack. There’s a reason it’s been around for so long. While it sucks to join a group formed by smelly Arabs and inbred South Asians; eventually the cream rises to the top. And Islam needn’t suck as badly as it does. Wahabbism is a modern fad. Muslims historically also used to drink and be merry. Once whites get some weight in Islam, naturally it’d evolve into White Islam. And the examples we have of White Islam in the Balkans are a joke. Who the hell is going to bother learn Arabic? Oh yeah praise Allah. Friday’s off. Big deal. At least we could cover up our women and tell them to stop being such sluts.

A characteristic of Islam is that it requires of the faithful to take power once it has the numbers to achieve it. A 50% Muslim country, let alone a 80% one, wouldn’t remain progressive for long. Eventually the Muslims will take over. The question is who is going to be part of that. You could remain defiant, and become a jizya paying white minority, to be squeezed and bullied forever. Or you can convert early and join the fun before the Arabs get to uppity. Ever seen the pictures of the Ottoman sultans? They’re whiter than me. Ever seen the Istanbul elite? They’re whiter than you.

So think about it. I’d certainly do so if I were 18.


Blood is thicker than water

Donald Trump has swept the American political establishment by promising to kick out 10 million immigrants and forbidding Muslims from entering the US. The refugee crisis in Europe has turned awry so fast and so dramatically (assaulting young women in New Years has to be the worst PR ever in leftist history), that nativists all over the West are ecstatic and full of energy. The time has come, it almost appears. Everybody is running to Twitter and making small scale demonstrations all over the West, to take advantage of the momentum.

Some of this outburst of energy has reach this blog. Now I’ve been critical of white nationalism for quite some time. I just don’t see it working out, and I have good reasons for it. I know my history, I know what nationalism is, how it was born, how it died, and what would it take to bring it back to life. And I just don’t see it working out. Some people accuse me of being a bourgeois snob looking down at working class whites. Others have called me a rootless cosmopolitan who just doesn’t have skin in the game.

Well, guilty as charged. But that’s putting the cart before the horses. I took my skin out of the game because I didn’t see how we’re going to win this game. So I bailed. It happened that I had a good way out. And yes, I think working class whites are retarded. But I think that of high class whites too. I’m not into sports, which makes it hard to build rapport with working class people. But I’m not into charity, or homos, or any other bourgeois signaling crap either, so I find it even harder to build rapport with most upper-middle class people. I don’t get along with anyone; it’s nothing personal. That’s why I have a fucking blog.

All that said, it’s not that I don’t understand white nationalism, or that I don’t think it’s a good idea. Stuff like this does get me excited:




It probably shouldn’t though. In the remote case that the nativist opposition won, then a nativist signaling spiral would get started in order to get to the top of the new power vacuum, and I’d probably be branded an evil rootless cosmopolitan, a rice-niger fifth columnist, a bourgeois dilettante who has belittled our glorious religion and racial theories. I’ve little to gain short term by a victory of nativism, and lots to lose.

But I can’t help rooting for a group of white thugs attacking a bunch of smelly dumb Muslims. Those guys look like me. And decades after victory, perhaps after I’m dead, when the nativist signaling spiral settles down, Europe would be free of barbarians insulting our men and assaulting our women. Imagine that.

In all honestly, I don’t see it happening. But I wish them the best of luck. Don’t listen to me fellas. Keep on fighting.

The case for voting for Clinton

Yes, Trump is lots of fun. Having Mexico build a wall makes me giggle too. Shitting on Saudi princes on Twitter is priceless. But, but, Trump may not be all that cracked up when he gets the presidency. He’s doing lots of stupid stuff too. Bombing ISIS? Come on. Pandering to conservakin voters has its backside too.

Take this:

WATCH: Planned Parenthood Capitalizes on Zika Tragedy to Promote Abortion in Latin America

Fuck yeah. That’s exactly that they should be doing. That’s perhaps the best, the most important single policy that any country on earth can be pursuing. Go promote abortion in the third world. Go limit their fertility. Don’t liberals like to talk about root causes? Well folks, the root causes of third world immigration into Europe and America is overpopulation in the third world. Wanna fix that? Then send Obama’s minions and go tell them about grrl rights and abortion. Great stuff. Please, fund Planned Parenthood. Fund it lavishly. Give it tons of money. And staff. Lots of staff. Diverse stuff. Whatever. Just send them away to preach their mission.

Having planned parenthood go to poor countries is even more important than stopping the rapefugee crisis in Europe. I’ll sign a treaty allowing 2 million refugees a year in exchange for Planned Parenthood having full authority in any refugee-sending country. In 20 years you get their TFR to 0.9. Then after they have a demographic crisis, you can send the rapefugees from Europe back home. Win-win.

So hey, vote Clinton. Shit is fubar already, Trump probably ain’t gonna help much. Crushing anti-abortion activism though could actually save the day.

What to do about Censorship

I sometimes get asked if learning foreign languages is worth it, especially if you don’t make money from them, or actually have a need for them. It’s a though question. Learning Chinese was hard. I don’t live there now, I did for a while, but most likely will never do again. Chinese upper-middle class people are leaving the country in droves, especially people with children. It certainly isn’t a very comfortable place to live with a family.

Was it a waste then? I personally don’t think so. There’s always books and movies to make it worthwhile. And China in particular is a very interesting place, which is very worth knowing about. First of all it was the first modern state in many ways. Centralized government, meritocratic bureaucracy, universal education, state-run economy. All of that was invented in China, they run it for thousands of years, and it’s not that different from what modern liberal democracies have become. I strongly think that understanding the political dynamics of ancient China is very useful to understand how Western states work today, even more so than understanding the history of the West itself. Our bureaucracies in many ways have more in common with the mandarinate in the Song Dynasty that they have to a 17th century European kingdom.

And this convergence is actually increasing. Look at this:

Facebook, Twitter, Google Collude With German Government To Censor Discussion On Immigration

As Western states give up with the pretence of democracy, representative government and free speech; as radical ideology dominates all the media and academic world, what is the West going to resemble? China, of course. Before everybody started talking about censoring “hate speech” in the Internet, the Chinese were running the Great Firewall. Before SJWs started “doxxing” people on Twitter and Tumblr, the Chinese internet was doing “human searches” and getting people shamed in public. Before Twitter became the most important place for political speech in the Internet, Weibo had 500 million users, and all sorts of political agitation was going on there.

As you’ll imagine the Communist Party wasn’t very happy with party members being shown on Weibo every other day naked with their mistresses, or drinking too much, or with solid gold watches. They also weren’t happy with extreme Maoists saying we need a new Cultural Revolution, or which Cathedral-spies talking about human rights and about how backward China is in comparison to Great America. So what the government did was a huge crackdown on political speech on the Internet.  Massive censorship, banned accounts, and finally a real-name registration system. To get on Weibo or any big forum (imagine Reddit), you need to use your real name and ID number.

Given that Twitter and Facebook will soon start to censor everything white males say as racist and evil, you may be worried about what to do. Well what did the Chinese do? Leave Weibo in droves. And where did they go? To WeChat.

WeChat is a chat app, not that different from WhatsApp or many others. You may have heard of it; it’s available out of China too, they’re promoting all around the world, and it’s translated to any language. How can a chat service supplant Weibo? Well, first of all WeChat has a “moments” tab where you can post stuff like you would on Facebook. You can also run open-accounts, where people follow celebrities who post regularly.

The point is that Chinese now keep to themselves. There is no public speech. If you wanna shit on the government, you can. Everybody does it, all the time. Hell, they won’t shut up about it. But not in public. You do it with your friends, or people you can trust. WeChat gets censored too, if you start planning about how much you love the Dalai Lama, your “moment” will get deleted and police will knock to your door. But as long as you’re discrete and shit on Oobama instead of Obama, or on Seerian refugees instead of Syrians, you are safe.

So now you know: learn from the Chinese, and leave the public sphere. The government is going to kick you out anyway. All you can do is retreat to the private sphere and do what you have to do, share what you have to share. It’s OK, in many ways it’s actually better. A good video will get shared anyway. Interesting news will get passed down too. All you need is put more skin in the game.

New Years

2015 has been a pretty interesting year, in the Chinese proverb sense of the word. And it’ll only get… more interesting this year.

I opened an account a while ago, and I get a lot of questions about Japan. I guess there’s demand for news about Japanese politics, which I seldom discuss in this blog. I still don’t want to write about Japanese politics, even though there’s pretty interesting stuff. The recent diplomatic coup of Abe in Korea has been completely epic.

But I don’t want to discuss Japanese politics because I don’t want anybody to discuss Japanese politics. For any country which is not completely owned by the Cathedral, all publicity is bad publicity. Anything you say about Japan will make some SJW notice Japan and start arguing to convert them to progressivism. It’s bad enough already with the mainstream media and clowns like Noah Smith writing about Japan as if they knew anything. Leave Japan alone. Japan is not an example of how nice a country can be if it doesn’t obey the Cathedral. Not at all. Japan is the most progressive country on Earth, happy member of the international community. The women are feminist, trannies are free, and everybody eats a big spoonful of social justice before breakfast. So let’s stop looking at Japan, please. Hey look, a squirrel!

That said, it’s New Year. I have more readers than I used to, so here’s a repost of my 2014 New Year’s post:

A female relative called from Europe to wish me a Happy New Year.

F: “What do you do out there for New Year’s Eve?”

S: “Buckwheat noodles.”

F: “Oh. And then? Any party after count down?”

S: “Not really. Actually no count down at all.”

F: “How can you not do count down!”

S: “Count downs come from the European custom of having churches in every town with huge bells to mark the time. No churches here, so no bells. They didn’t even have clocks until recently.”

F: “That’s sad.”

S: “Actually tomorrow is the big day here. Fancy food, visit to the temple to pray for good fortune, visiting relatives, etc. What will you do tomorrow.”

F: “Oh we’ll all be horribly hangover unable to move.”

S: “That’s sad.”

One of the hardest intellectual challenges of living abroad is learning to do cultural relativism right. Probably cultural relativism started with actually knowledgeable explorers paying attention and being reasonable about what they learned: that different peoples do things in different ways, and sometimes there’s no particularly superior way. Which should be obvious. But bizarrely the idea was appropriated by the sanctimonious left as a way to stick it to their domestic rivals. Of course they deprived it of all nuance. But it shows how their brains are wired that talking about different cultures, when the context is not signaling ones enlightened tolerance in contrast to the nasty nativists, leftist just default to their real zealot selves, where everybody who is not doing the same thing they are is sad, oppressed or just nasty.

Slightly more knowledgeable people ask better questions: “do you celebrate New Years there? Isn’t it like in China?”.

Well actually it should be. Japan used to follow the Chinese calendar, which is lunar and usually starts around our early February. They also followed most of the Chinese festivals, which are set to coincide with usual agricultural events, which suited a nation of almost exclusive rice peasants. I knew that the Meiji government had abolished the Chinese calendar and adopted the Western quite early on, and the history is normally told as just one more of the Westernizing measures of the Meiji, and never gave it further thought. But on being asked again, I started thinking about it. And changing a calendar used for millennia must have been quite something. People organized their year around that calendar and its seasonal events, which were more or less fixed every year. All that changed with the new calendar. And amusingly enough, the government didn’t change the dates of the festivals to their seasonal equivalent. The Gregorian calendar runs approximately one month earlier than the Chinese equivalent, so all the festivals were suddenly done one month earlier. Now even China, and even Taiwan today use the Gregorian calendar, as they have to do business with Western countries. But they keep count of the old calendar and every year the government sets holidays to match the old calendar festivals, to avoid breaking the tradition.

Japan is often regarded as a staunchly conservative country which protects its traditions very well. One thinks the basis of time-keeping of their people would be worthy of protection too. But hey it was also important to catch up with the Western industrial powers. Maybe the Japanese elite found it necessary to go all the way, and little by little convinced their people of the need to reform, for the glory of the nation. Right?

Wrong. The Calendar was changed in January 1st 1873. But the law was only announced in December 9th 1872. And that’s in a preindustrial society without radio or modern means of communication. The people had less than a month to adapt to a wholly new calendar system. Traditionally the calendar guild used to distribute the calendars for the next year in October 1st, which means that when the new law passed, the old-style calendars for 1873 had already been made and distributed, and their production schedule had no way of producing new-style calendars on time. All their stocks were all of a sudden worth nothing. Bankruptcies and misery ensued.

OK so a whole guild was destroyed by the government, but it was for good reason, right? For the common good? Not a chance. Thankfully one of the oligarchs of the time, Okuma Shigenobu was kind enough to explain the process in his later memoirs. Usually civil servants in Japan had their salary paid annually. But in 1872 the Meiji government changed it to monthly payment. However the Chinese calendar is lunar, with 12 months. So it only has 354 days, less than a full circle around the sun. What they do is add a whole intercalary month so the calendar doesn’t drift too much from the seasons. As it happens 1873 in the old calendar had an intercalary month, so 13 months in total. That means 13 salaries for the Japanese civil service. And that’s something that the recently established Meiji government couldn’t afford. By adopting whitey’s calendar, the next year would only have 12 months. And the new calendar was to start in January 1st 1873, which coincided with December 2 of the old calendar. By changing the calendar, the month of December would disappear, so that’s another month worth of salaries they could save! 2 months in one strike, imagine that. The government loved the idea, published the law in a hurry, probably promoted the guy who came up with it. And fucked everyone else.

One piece of evidence showing that Japan didn’t really care about Westernization is that they never adopted the way Christian era to count years. Japan traditionally uses the Chinese way of counting years, the 年号, or regnal era. Say what you say about Christianity, but counting the years after his birth make an awesome Schelling point which facilitates tracking events in time. When were you born? 1980? So that’s 34 years ago. Well the ancients didn’t believe that some guy in Judaea was the son of the only one God. So how did they count their years? Well in the absence of Jesus Christ, you have to use the next awesome guy. In China, the Kings. So it was “in the 5th year of King something of Zhou…”, which isn’t as easy but it’s still manageable. Then came the unified Empire, and the martial emperor of the Han Dynasty had this great idea of naming the years himself. So every 5 years or so he would decree that from day on we are in the era of Great Start, or Awesome Light, or whatever cheesy title worthy of a teenage diary he could come up with. And all official documents were to be dated using the regnal era. It’s hard enough to remember all the rulers in the thousands of years of Chinese history. Imagine every ruler changing the era name every time he had a mood change. It’s hard to be a Chinese historian. No wonder their histories are so good.

With the Ming Dynasty the custom of randomly changing era name was abolished, and each emperor set only one era during his whole reign, and emperors are named after their era. One of the few smart policies the Ming ever made. After Imperial rule was ostensibly restored in Meiji Japan, they adopted the same rule. So Mutsuhito set the Meiji 明治 era 1868–1912, for which he is named, his son ruled over the Taisho 大正 era 1912–1926, and his grandson Hirohito ruled over the Showa 昭和 era 1926–1989. 2014 is year 26 of the Heisei 平成 era, and all official documents in Japan must be dated thus. Official forms in Japan’s date format isn’t __/__/20__. It’s H__/__/__. H for Heisei.

What’s interesting is that not only documents are dated according to government decrees. People actually have a concept of “era” and attribute things to them. Like, to refer to something old-fashioned in Japan you say “That’s so Showa”. And when complaining about the kids of today, people say “Kids born in Heisei just don’t have any respect”. I’ve heard people born in the last year of Showa (1988) talk about kids born in Heisei (1989-) like there was an impenetrable wall of difference between them. Now I can understand that in China, in the old days of the Empire, the regnal era made some sense. Say you get a really bad emperor who orders the mobilization of all food reserves and one son of every household to start a war. The war is lost and the economy devastated. Now in that situation talking about “Year 10 of the Emperor X” is quite meaningful because all years of that emperor had the common theme of general misery. A new emperor was likely to change the whole thing and usher in a new era of relatively less misery.

But as I wrote before, Japanese Emperors don’t rule, and using era names is just traditionalist signalling, and reluctance to abandon a good old Schelling point. But an era name encompassing all years from 1926-1989 can’t possibly be a useful concept. For starters Showa includes WW2, which was terrible for Japan. And even ignoring the war, as the Japanese are apt to do, Japan in 1945 has little in common with 1989. But they are all referred to as the good old Showa days. Says a lot about just how obedient the Japanese are to political power.

There’s a lot of fun in looking at the intersection of HBD, Tip O’Neill and calendars. The Islamic calendar is similar to the Chinese, with 12 lunar months, totaling 354 days. But they don’t have intercalary months, so the calendar just goes on drifting away from the seasons, 10 days every year. Which means that in every generation New Year falls in every season of the year. And yet the Egyptians had figured out a working solar calendar thousands of years ago. The Persian calendar is also quite accurate. Shows you the marvels of Islamic innovation.

Also I found amusing that India doesn’t have a common New Year. It’s not that they have different festivals, they can’t even agree on the date. Each region has its own calendar with its own starting date. And nobody gives a shit about it.

I always found it strange that the Western New Year fell in January 1st. Which is 10 days after the Winter solstice, i.e. cold as fuck. The body wants to hibernate, not to party. The Persian New Year starts in March 21, the beginning of Spring, which makes much sense. Even Chinese New Year is understandable, as it usually falls around the peak of Winter. It can’t get any colder, i.e. it’s only getting warmer afterwards. That’s a cause of celebration. But January 1st?

That comes from the old Roman calendar, which has also a quite amusing history. It seems that in the old days the calendar had only 10 months, staring in the spring equinox, and running for 304 days. Means that the 60 days before spring weren’t even counted. It’s just cold misery, so why even keep count? Stay home and drink wine, there’s nothing to do anyway.

Still not late after the founding of the city, the months of January and February were added after December. The calendar still started in March, as can be seen by the fact that September comes from Septem (7), and so on until December, from Decem (10). Now Romans seem to have counted their years by the consuls of the year. So to refer to years past you said “in the year of consul X and Y”, in a similar fashion to Chinese regnal years, except Consul’s only lasted one year. Must have been really hard to be a Roman historian. Which again explains why they were so good. That is until they came up with Ab Urbe Condita timing. Then it all went to hell.

Anyway it seems it was customary for consuls to assume their consulate with the New Year in March. Then in 153 BC they changed it to January. Now why would they do that? March makes a lot of sense, January doesn’t. Hell they didn’t even count January back in the old days. Why would they make their consuls assume office in the winter cold? To remind them of their mortality? Nothing of the sort. As always the reasoning behind the change was quite spurious. In 154 BC the Celtiberians in Spain started a revolt against Roman rule. Thing is Romans had the habit of waiting to start a war until the new consul had assumed office. Quintus Fulvius Nobilior had already been elected and was preparing the war, but he could only start it in March 153. The rebellion was looking bad, and by March it might have already been unstoppable. So what did the Romans do? Did they discard their old Schelling Point about having waiting for the new consul to start a war, forget partisanship and just send a competent general? Of course not. They changed the ancient start of the year to January 1st, so Mr. Nobilior could lead an army earlier and squash the uppity Celtiberians. All the calendars in Rome were redone to show January on top, and that was it. New Year stayed in January until the end of Rome.

Medieval Europe went its own way, and every kingdom set its own date for New Year.  Byzantium had September from a tradition that the world was created in September 1 5509 BC. Some Western countries had March 25 (the beginning of Spring, and conveniently, the Annunciation). Other chose Christmas, which makes sense when you’re actually counting the years after Christ’s birth. But most people still used the old reliable Roman calendars, and they said January 1st was New Year’s, so a party was still had. The Church kept trying to push Christian holidays as New Year until Pope Gregory XIII in his holy wisdom set up the new Gregorian calendar, starting in January 1st.

And so we are here, celebrating a new circle around the sun in this dark, cold date, because a Roman consul couldn’t wait 2 months to send an army to kill Celtiberians. O tempora, O Schelling points.

Happy New Year everyone.